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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Short Stories > Mount Usulin High

Mount Usulin High

by pretty_pink_pajamas

"I know I'm not that smart....but at least I look great!! Teehee," Cherry_Swirll said to her best friend babys_face01. Cherry_Swirll let out a girly giggle and twirled her long fluffy laid out hair around her paw.

"Yeah, but you're never going to pass at Mount Usulin if you don't have a good education," babys_face01 said seriously.

Cherry_Swirll looked at her friend and said, "Whatever!"

Just then the bell rang and Cherry_Swirll walked over to her locker without looking at her friend.

Cherry_Swirll is the prettiest Usul to walk Mount Usulin High's halls. She had all the looks, but not the brains. Last term she scored an ugly "D-" in Math and an even uglier "F" in History. Nothing gets any lower than an "F," Cherry_Swirll said unhappily that term. Now it's Term 3 and Cherry_Swirll pretended it didn't even matter if she passed or not. That's where our story begins....

It was a, well let's cut to the chase... it was a rather bleak and ugly day... rain began to pour. The weirdest weather they had so far. Cherry_Swirll was late but just in time for history class. She was pulling everything out of her locker looking for her history book on Usul's.

"Bummer!" she kept looking even though she knew somehow that she wouldn't find her book. When she shoved over her purple sweater she found a Magical Hair Usuki. "Huh? What's this doing here??" She picked it up and ZAP!!

She was thrown down into a chair from nowhere. "Wh-Where am I??" she said still clutching the Usuki.

"Hun you're at Mount Usulin High....You've been going here since I can remember," a young Usul said at the front. The other Usul's giggled.

A series of questions were asking away in her head....What? My teacher is like 100 years old and this Usul is like 16? How come every Usul in my class is a girl? Why does everyone look perfect? Why is the classroom pink? Why is my desk purple? Why does my book say History of Hair?? Why am I here? This isn't Mount Usulin High??

"Umm hunny, did you hear what I said? I asked you How do you make a Light shade of lip gloss shine???" the teacher said with a smile.

The teacher had on a big red boa...platform eyeshadow and shiny pink lip gloss....and her hair was up in a curly ponytail. All the other Usul's had perfect cool hairdos and make-up. " you....Put Lip Shine over it?" Cherry_Swirll said.

"Of course not. You buy Lip shine's lip gloss!!" the other Usul's clapped and smiled showing there shiny lip gloss.

"Wait a sec...this is the perfect school...No history of inventions...or math....just good beauty tips and dim-witted teachers!!" Cherry_Swirll thought to herself.

Another Usul raised her hand...."Umm it's like when you like totally put like hair spray in you like add like gel and like sparkly stuff Teehee!!"

"That is Correct babys_face01!!"

"babys_face01!! That's my friend," Cherry_Swirll said out loud.

"Like duh," she said.... everyone laughed...showing white teeth and giggling. How come babys_face01 had been dumb now??

The next day Cherry_Swirll Hopped out of bed and looked happy to go to school. She dressed the exact way she wanted to and did everything she wanted to do at the old Mount Usulin High but couldn't. She somehow knew the Magical Hair Usuki had to do with the great luck she possessed.

She arrived at school and sat through the most exciting lessen on applying lunch she and her friend babys_face01 ate their lunch of lettuce with no sauce on top or anything on it.

"Ummm, why don't they have like donuts for dessert an..." babys_face01 interrupted her, "DESSERT? We don't have that; it causes us to get fat and then we are not beautiful anymore."

"Right....whatever" Cherry_Swirll said unhappily.

Back at class they began a lessen on modeling, and how to walk up and down the isle. Cherry_Swirll raised her hand and said..."Oh oh and when you walk down the aisle make sure to do a 1/4 turn pivot step to the right and a 3/4 step PIVOT to the left the a full turn and heel toe back down!!"

The teacher walked right up beside Cherry_Swirll and said, "Don't be so smart, if you're ever going to be a model you have to be clueless and dumb."

"WHAT?" Cherry_Swirll said to herself. That's not true some models are very smart. The teacher stared at her and said, "You need to curl your eyelashes more."

Then it was brush up time where the teacher talked but nobody listened and they took out there mirrors and just look at there selves and fix there lip gloss. "OK! Modeling time!" the teacher said happily and wittingly.

The Usuls were chattering at each other and screaming, "Ohhh, I love your hair!!"

It came time for Cherry_Swirll to walk down the isle. "Here wear this!" the Schorchio handed Cherry_Swirll a short pink dress size 0000000.1!!!

"ARRRRGGGG I've reached the pinnacle of my anger. You Usuls don't know anything and and I can't even fit in that dress!!!"

The teacher looked at her and took her to a dark room with a big mirror where they sat her in front of it. "Usuls are not smart they're pretty... and stress gives you wrinkles..... models aren't smart and blah blah blah blah blah.....BLAH!...blah blah blah blah!"

Cherry_Swirll wasn't listening anymore and she was lost in the teachers voice thinking to herself.... I am smart and pretty but I'm not dumb or a model. I'm too young to where all these foundations and make-up....

"I've had it with you and this school... I am not going to allow you to treat me like a Usuki," Cherry_Swirll pulled the hair out of the magical hair Usuki's head and...

ZAP! She was thrown back into her chair. The male Usul teacher Mr. Uksuk babbled away about Ursula Usul at The top of Mount Usulin and Chad Usul the Proud inventor of Usuki dolls. Cherry_Swirll cringed at the word Usuki and for the first time listened to her teacher. That term Cherry_Swirll got "A's B's and even C's". She passed and even went to Usul Law School.

The End

WARNING: Usukis don't actually do that and babys_face01 is a fictional character. If you're a model don't think that I was making fun of you because that's not true... models can be pretty smart!! :)

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