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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Short Stories > In a Pickle

In a Pickle

by tinybutterfly

Once upon a time, in a very, very faraway land,
Lived an Elephante and his friends.
The name of the land was Neopia
A land full of peace, beauty, respect and love.

This Elephante was named Pickles,
And he was very kind and funny.
But there was something that made him sad
It was something that his friends had and he didn't.
It was wings, they could fly! Even the Kois and Jetsams,
Everyone but him!

One sunny day when there was no cloud in sight, Pickles and his two friends, Cassie the Korbat and Skippy the Poogle were swimming in the lake. Pickles was too sad. Cassie came over and said, "Pickles is something wrong? After all you are our friend and your not swimming with us!"

"Well," said Pickles, "I really, really wish I could fly, just like you."

"Well Pickles," answered Cassie, "There is a way."

"Really?!" said Pickles surprised, "How?"

Cassie and Skippy smiled at each other.

"Follow us," said Skippy.

Pickles followed them for a long time. They walked and walked and walked until they reached the edge of Neopia and into the Haunted Forest.

"Okay," said Cassie, "if we follow this trail through the Haunted Woods we will reach the Faerieland, the high castle, then we'll nicely ask the Faerie Queen to give you, your wings."

"That's n-n-nice" said pickles nervously, "b-b-but the Haunted Woods is very scary and..."

"And what about the Mynci monkey minions and Dr. Sloth and..." interrupted Skippy.

"What about the monkey minions and Doctor sloth and the rest of freaks?" asked Cassie.

"They are mean and scary monkeys that help the monkey king do mean things, and they have been transmogrified with the help of Dr. Sloth and his evil partner Mynci Monkey King!" said Pickles.

"Pickles you've got to earn your wings and this is the only way," Cassie replied.

So the next day when the sun came up, Pickles, Cassie and Skippy started walking Along their way to the wonderful Faerieland through the Dark forest, they also sang a Cheerful song through the way to help them be courageous:

'Pickles, oh Pickles,
He doesn't have his wings,
He's gonna get them very soon,
So this is the song he sings!'

As they were walking through the Dark forest they heard strange and scary noises; Weird and ugly animals, and mushy and disgusting swamps. But at the same time a Mynci monkey minion dressed in suspenders saw them so he quickly turned around and went Back to the dark castle to tell Grungeon, the evil Mynci monkey king, what he had seen.

Now Grungeon was as mean and ferocious as a monster but outside he was as cute as A little baby monkey. If you ever called him cute, let's say he would throw you To "Grungeon dungeon"!

So the Mynci monkey minion told Grungeon what he had seen. "Hmmm," murmured Grungeon, " We can't let him get his wings!" Grungeon looked back at his minions and said, "go and warn them to go back And if they didn't," Grungeon howled an evil laughter and continued, "Neonap one of them."

So the monkey minions came to the Neofriends and said what exactly Grungeon had said. But Pickles and Skippy and Cassie said they wouldn't give up, So they quickly grabbed and Neonapped Cassie and started running after Pickles and Skippy until they were at the dark forest and then they lost them.

It was night and all the stars were shining brightly. Skippy and Pickles Made a little Camp. Then Skippy started crying. "Oh dear," said pickles "What is the matter Skippy?"

"Everything, We are lost, Cassie's gone, We're all alone and scared and you Don't still have your wings."

"But Skippy," said Pickles, "remember what Cassie said, we have each other" And they both smiled and slept soundly. The next morning they woke up early And decided to follow the river. It was still kind of foggy so they couldn't Really see anything.

Really see anything. After a while they heard a sound: "Scratch, Scratch, Screech!!!" Something was following them fast, and then they saw it, two glittering red eyes! They screamed, the thing leaped forward and said:

"Geez guys, it's okay, it's only me," laughed the thing, "Cassie." All of them burst into laughs.

"But how did you escape?" asked Skippy and Pickles.

"Let's just say, I have my own tricks," Cassie winked at them. So they still didn't have a clue to where they were going but one thing they knew, the fog was getting thicker.

They still kept following the river and after a while they thought it was hopeless. They were getting nowhere. But then the fog started to go away, they saw the most beautiful thing: a field full of colored flowers and bushes especially rose bushes, they had made it; it was The Faerieland.

They ran, jumped and happily laughed through the field but Pickles had to be extra careful not to squish any of the flowers. After a while of walking they were all tired but then they heard a little voice that sounded just like a little girl's. They looked but they couldn't find anything so Skippy flew up to take a look over the field.

He saw something. "Hey guys, look over there!"

They ran. Then they saw a little Faerie so bright but so sad, she was crying.

"Little Faerie," said Pickles, "Why are you crying? What is your name?"

"Hope," replied the little Faerie; "my name is Hope"

"I am lost and far away from home," continued the little Faerie, "I don't know where my mummy is."

"Oh, no!" said pickles, "where do you live?"

"I live at the Faerie Castle," said Hope. "I'm not sure where that is right now."

"You mean you are the princess?!?" blurted out Skippy, "Oh Boy, Oh boy! We can help you find your way home. We are going there ourselves to help our friend Pickles here get his wings!"

"Really?" replied Hope. "Oh, Thank you so much!"

"I have a map with me," Cassie said. "This will help us find our way there."

Pickles helped Hope up and they started on their journey through the beautiful Faerieland. As they walked through the flowers and bushes they saw an amazing Peophin fly up and dive back in the water. Since the map was a little confusing they asked the Peophin where to go. She replied, "just follow the river and you will know where to go from there."

They thanked her and followed the river.

Back at the Grungeon Dungeon, King Grungeon was just told that the Minions had failed to stop the animals on their journey.

"WHAT!" screamed king Grungeon, "you couldn't stop a few little NeoPets from getting to Faerieland!?" What are you? Mynci Monkeys or mice?"

"We are sorry!" they said, "the snake got out of the dungeon and then they all disappeared," whined the Minions. Grungeon decided that he would have to think of a new plan. He ran to his chariot and started to search for Pickles.

After a while:

"Wow," said Cassie, "I can see the castle now."

"Yeah, so can I," said Hope, "let's hurry, it's so close."

Suddenly they heard a booming voice say, "Throw the bananas!"

Bananas started flying from the banana cannons and hitting them. They bombarded them with bananas from every direction. Grungeon and his minions were laughing as the friends were being covered with them. Mystique, Hopes Mum, heard the monkeys and came out to see what was going on. As soon as Grungeon saw her he got worried and threw a load of bananas at her. She couldn't move!

Pickles suddenly thought of something. He told Hope, Cassie and Skippy to fly to the castle while they could and he would stay. "No!" cried Hope, "we can't leave you here."

"It's okay," said Pickles, "I will be fine." (Knowing in his head that he wouldn't.)

They quickly flew away while they could but stayed close enough to try and help Pickles. Hope got really worried. She was too young to do magic but she had to try! She quickly said:

"Leave now you evil Myncis
For all you are is a bunch of banana junkies!"

They monkey's quickly left, to where Hope had no clue. All she knew was that they were gone.

Hope turned all of the bananas to flowers and Pickles climbed out. Hope ran and hugged him, thanking everyone that he was okay. Then her mom climbed out from the flowers and Hope ran and told her mom what had happened. She thanked Pickles for saving her daughter and bringing her home. He asked her very shyly if she could help him with his wings.

She smiled and brought a mirror forward and said, "You have had your wings the whole time. You just had to prove his friendship and loyalty."

Pickles looked shocked. He then asked where they were. She said, "they are invisible but once you proved that he was courageous they appeared."

Pickles looked in the mirror and saw his beautiful wings. He smiled and tried to fly. What was wrong with him? He couldn't fly! Mystique said that to fly she would have to help him. She beautifully chanted:

"Wings, which helps all fly
Here is a rhyme to help you touch the sky."

Pickles felt a tingling feeling and then he magically rose of the ground. He could fly!

Out of the corner of her eye Mystique saw a small figure in the bushes. She walked over knowing what it was and grabbed its tail. It was Grungeon. She quickly used her magic to make him disappear and go away. Then she saw all of the Minions. Before she could use her magic on the they said, "Wait! We want to be good too. We don't want to be with Grungeon anymore."

Mystique saw that they truly did want to leave Grungeon so she gave them wings too and told them to be good. They all cheered and thanked her.

The Mynci Monkeys went to live in the Island now instead of with Grungeon. That night Pickles, Hope, Cassie and Skippy and the Faerie family and the Faerie maids had a good-bye campfire outside and flew under the stars together. And flied happily ever after.

This story is not a lie, For inside ourselves we all have a little magic. And if we act nice and be kind, We too someday can fly!


It is a bond that held us together
through the hardships of time

And we will always know
have each other to count on

Friends forever
Can fly.

Remember every step path?
The fear unknown, wrath

we never gave up neither should you
Because you can fly, you got the magic in you

Wings are what you have and you can fly
Higher than sky.

Let your imagination take you on a wild ride
Soaring along all the way.

And you won't be alone
in the end you will reach your highest desires

You will reach your dreams
You will fly with or without wings


The End

Author's note: Do you Like this story? Well, I hope you do because this story is very important to me, because it brings out a lot of memories from my childhood... from when I used to pretend I have met some Faeries and now I can fly... or go on spooky mysterious quests :P

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