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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Short Stories > And That Was All There Was To It

And That Was All There Was To It

by pacificpet_preventor

It was a weird day when I was created. All I remember was sitting on a velvet cushion, pieces of eggshell scattered around me. It was so bright…and strange.

"He's so cute. Hi there little guy."

Huh? Who is that?

"C'mere. I love you already."

Where is that voice coming from?

"Masuya, look up!"

Masuya? I looked up to see a smiling face with big blue eyes. The thing was so strange, and almost scary. But it wasn't, because the creature held me with such tenderness, I knew I could trust her. I squealed in delight and the creature laughed and hugged me. The hug was so sincere. She wrapped me up in a soft blanket and cuddled me.

"Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm your owner. Masuya, you will be really happy, I promise."

Masuya, so that is what I was. I was a Masuya, and she was a Sarah. And that was all there is too it. And I was tired. With a long and satisfied yawn, I fell asleep. I was happy too.

"Masuya, breakfast!!" Sarah called. I was sitting in my room playing with my favourite toy, a deck of cards and a basketball. I played Jubjub blackjack for a while while bouncing the basketball with my tail. I dropped everything and flew downstairs. I was starved. On my plate was an apple, and some orange juice. This was a big meal for me. I munched on the apple happily.

Sarah sat at the opposite end with my sister, cheekypie238, a pink Kacheek. Cheekypie and I got along fine, and we shared a room together. We shared our toys except our diaries. Those were private. Even though I life was a bit deprived, we were very happy. I wouldn't have changed it for the world. She was going though the bank statements with a worried look on her face.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" Cheekypie asked, a bit worried herself. Sarah looked up and smiled.

"Nothing guys, but you two better hurry or you'll be late for school." Sarah said. Cheekypie and me scarfed our breakfast down and grabbed our backpacks. Sarah gave us both 10 NP for the lunchline and we hopped on our bikes to go to school.

On the way cheekypie looked over at me, her adorable beady eyes were troubled.

"Masuya, something is wrong with Sarah. Every time she looks at those bank statements, she gets even more depressed. Do you think?"

"No, Sarah wouldn't send us to school if we were in a tight spot financially."

"I guess you're right."

We arrived at school and the day went normal. When we got home, something wasn't right. Our home was empty. Sarah sat on a wooden box, her face buried in her hands. I glided over to her.


She looked up; her eyes were red from crying. Then it was clear to me, we had gone bankrupt and that means no money, not even for food. She managed a smile.

"Hey guys. What's up?"

"Why ya crying Sarah?" cheekypie asked cautiously. Sarah stood up, about 200 NP in her hand, the NP she must have gotten selling our possessions.

"Hey guys, let's go for a walk. Okay?"

We walked though Neopian Central, chatting as if nothing was wrong. I thought we might be going to the world's gate. But we took an unexpected turn. We headed down a road I've never been down before. At the end was a large building with people going in with pets and with people going out. Some with pets, some without any. A chill ran up my spine.

"Uh Sarah? Where are we?"

She didn't answer and urged us though the doors. On the far side of the room was a Techo in a lab coat and a pink Uni. Instead of talking to the friendly Uni, Sarah rang the bell on the side of the mean old Techo man. He growled then spoke.

"May I help you in anyway?"

I looked at the sign above his head. It read "Disown." I knew why we were here. Cheekypie was starting to cry. I looked at Sarah frantically.

"You aren't going to get rid of us are you Sarah? Huh?!" I shrieked.

Sarah looked down at us, crying her eyes out.

"I'm not getting rid of you, I'm giving you the chance at a better life. I lost everything guys. The stock market crashed and they took our house. They took everything. You deserve a better life."

She picked up Cheekypie and handed her to the Techo He took some NP from her and walked into the back room. Cheekypie reached for Sarah frantically.

"SARAH!!!!!" Then she disappeared with a slam of a cage door. I looked back up at Sarah.

"Why Sarah, we would have been happy anyway." She picked me up and handed me over to the Techo I sobbed as he placed me in a cell not far away from my sister. Cheekypie was crying, her cage-mate, a Nimmo, comforted her tenderly. I was locked in with a Kau and a Lupe. But I just watched my sister sob. The door on the other side of the room opened and a young girl skipped in. She looked around the cages. She stopped at me.

"You're a cutie! I'll ta…" I stopped her and pointed to cheekypie. The girl took one look at Cheekypie and squealed. The Uni let her out and I watched as my very sister was whisked away by a young child. I yelled to the girl before she left.

"Take care of her!!!" The girl never heard me.

In the morning I sat in the corner, depressed. My cagemates were adopted, leaving me alone. I wanted to stay at the pound for as long as possible, so there would b a chance that Sarah could get me back. But days past and Sarah never came.

A few days later, the usual flood of Neopians filtered through the pound. They didn't notice me. I wasn't surprised. I curled up and close my eyes. As I lay there, I had the strange felling I was being watched. I opened one eye to see a big brown human eye watching me. I opened both eyes and say two brown eyes watching me. It was a young girl, early teen years. Her tiny face was framed in long wavy brown hair. She sat on her haunches, studying me. I ignored her, knowing she would walk away. Then it happened.

The cage door was slowly opened. The girl still sat in front of me. I started to shake. She reached towards me. I flinched as those warm comforting…warm and comforting? Only Sarah had that touch. But this wasn't Sarah.

"Hey little guy. You'll be okay. You can come home with me," she said.

"No! Sarah will come for me!! Go AWAY!!!" I wailed. She was stubborn though. She reached in and picked me up. I couldn't shake the feeling of love and protection I felt in her arms. It was like she was my mother. I was like she was…Sarah.

"Masuya, I'm Erica. Would you like to come home with me?"

I thought a moment, then, with tears in my eyes, threw my arms around her neck and sobbed. She paid for me and took me home. I live happily ever after. And one thought sticks with me, about or co-existence. She is an Erica, and I am a Masuya, and that is all there is too it.

The End

*Note: Sarah and Cheekypie238 are fictional characters

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