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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Short Stories > Oputuk Takes on The Fungus Balls

Oputuk Takes on The Fungus Balls

by blueberry13579

Chomby raised his paws to the roaring crowd as he once again defeated the likes of the Fungus Balls. He walked out the stadium, raising his yellow sunglasses to his forehead.

"There's nothing like another victory to get your spirits up!" He smiled as he walked into his locker room. "And that will be your last victory," a Cloud Chomby said. The Chomby was standing in the middle of the locker room, smiling. He wore sunglasses like Chombys, but they were pale blue. His cloud covered body shone in the light.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my locker room!?" Chomby roared. "My name's Oputuk, and next time you'll have a challenge. It'll be me, and I'm gonna roll you, and then the Fungus Balls, into the ground."

With that Oputuk walked cooly around Chomby and out the door, closing it with his tail. "Stupid fans," Chomby muttered, "always trying to be me."


"And we have an injury!" the announcer boomed from the sky box in the stadium, "Chomby has been hit by one of the Fungus Balls and we'll have to cancel this game!"

The whole stadium booed as Chomby was carried off the field in a stretcher. "We're sorry folks but Chomby should be-" He stopped as a Cloud Chomby walked onto the field. It was Oputuk. "Well, folks it looks as if the game will go on! There is a new challenger and his name is..." The was a moment of silence and the rustling of papers, "Oputuk!" There were a few claps as Oputuk pulled down his shades and jumped into the maze. At the blast of a gun Oputuk took off and so did the Fungus Balls. He ran at full speed through the maze, flying past all the Fungus Balls, which had to backtrack to see if it was in fact Oputuk or just a gust of wind. After a half hour all the Fungus Balls were panting, as the last one fell to the ground Oputuk stopped and smiled. The crowd was silent and then they erupted in a great applause. The stadium shook with all the screaming and stamping of feet and hooves. Oputuk jumped out of the maze, not even the least bit worn out. He lifted his sunglasses and walked cooly out of the stadium.

"I can't believe he beat my best time!" Chomby yelled from his bed, "My time was a World Record and he beat it by 20 minutes!!" Chomby was enraged! How could this newcomer make him look like he had just hatched from his egg! He was the master of the Fungus Balls! He had been playing since he was only one week old!! "I'll show this clouded freak who he's messing with! I'm gonna pound him into the ground at next weeks Fungus Balls Championship!!" Chomby slammed his foot on the bedside table, cracking it in two.


"And here we are folks! The Fungus Balls Championship where the best Chombys from all over the world come to compete! There are 24 challengers, among them Chomby, the master of the game, and Oputuk, the new world record holder!! Let the Fungus Balls roll!!" And at that the games had begun.

Over the next week Chomby and Oputuk had defeated the Fungus Balls each time they faced off. The challengers were knocked out one by one until there were only three left: Chomby, Oputuk, and Fiver. Fiver was a female Fire Chomby, and a very beautiful one at that.

"And here we are at the Final Round! Fiver, with 980 point will challenge first, then Chomby with 1120 will go second, and Oputuk with a whopping 2400 will go last! The points make no difference now folks! It's how fast these Chombys can run! The fastest time will win, if a player is hit buy a Fungus Ball there will be a one minute error added onto their time, if they are hit as so they cannot continue, they will be disqualified. May the fastest Chomby win!"

Fiver walked out onto the field to a roaring crowd. She pulled her red shades down over her eyes and jumped into the maze. When the gun sounded she took off. She raced through the maze, the Fungus Balls missing her each time. After about ten minutes she smiled to herself, as the Fungus Balls began to tire. But in all her glory she didn't see one coming from the side, it hit her side on and sent her sailing into the wall.

"And Fiver seems to be down!" the announcer yelled. Fiver squinted as a burning pain seared through her body. She opened her eyes to see the Fungus Balls closing in on her. She hoisted herself to her feet, but weak from the attack couldn't jump out off the maze. She backed up against the wall, the Fungus Balls getting closer. Then all of a sudden she saw a mass of clouds in front of her, it was Oputuk! He batted the balls away with his tail, then he turned to her, "Are you all right?" he asked, his eyes showing concern through his pale blue sunglasses.

"Yea, I think so. But I can't get out of here." She looked at the red scratch on her side.

"No matter, I'll get you out!" He smiled and hoisted her onto his back. He jumped out with ease and set her down on the ground,

"You sure your okay?" he asked again as the Gelerts crowded around her, hoisting her up onto a stretcher.

"I am now, thanks to you," she smiled as he blushed.

"Ahh it was no problem!" he laughed.

"Win this one for me!" she called as they carried her away. "I will," he said to himself.

"Well, Oputuk, you may have won the girl, but the trophy is mine!" Chomby growled, as he pulled his shades down and jumped into the maze. The gun sounded and the crowd cheered, but all Oputuk could here was the anger inside of himself, "That's where your wrong Chomby, that's where your wrong!" he said through gritted teeth.

Chomby had finished his run, and in 35 minutes!! He had to have been training. Oputuk had to be cool and finish in his normal time, 30 minutes. The crowd roared and the stadium shook as Oputuk jumped into the maze. He heard the gun and took off. He had been working hard at the Training School on his agility and strength, it was paying off. He ran faster than he ever had before, his legs were flying and he didn't feel tired! He was gonna win this, not for himself, but for Fiver. He sped up and zoomed through the maze. Then he saw the worst, a Fungus Ball was barreling towards him and there was one behind. He thought as the balls got closer, then he smiled. He stopped dead in his tracks and waited. He leapt into the air and the Fungus Balls collided! He landed on the heap and took off once again.

"And he's done it!!" the announcer roared, "Oputuk is the winner with a time of 29 minutes! A new Neopian Record!" Oputuk leapt out of the maze, a smile plastered all over his face.

"You did it!" Fiver ran out and threw her herself into him, knocking them both to the ground.

They both laughed as Chomby walked up to them. "You got lucky that time, next time you won't be so lucky!" he yelled.

"Hey guys!" Oputuk called, "Get him!"

The Fungus Balls leapt out of the maze and headed towards Chomby, his jaw dropped and he ran out of the stadium. Oputuk and Fiver continued to laugh in each others arms.

The End

Author's Note: I know that's not how Chomby and The Fungus Balls is played but I just thought I'd spice it up. Fiver is also made up but Oputuk is mine. Hope you enjoyed the story!

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