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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Short Stories > Battle On, Seanchai

Battle On, Seanchai

by Willowdream13

This story is dedicated to all the brave NeoPets that fought for the freedom of Sakhmet. We'll always remember you.

I am a Cloud Gelert called Seanchai. My owner used to say that my bravery and single-mindedness would get me in trouble one day. She never realised how right she would turn out to be…

It all started a week ago, with a rumour that Dr. Sloth was back. Willowdream13, my owner, got very worried. We were taking a vacation in Neopia Central at that time. (Our NeoHome is in the Lost Desert). The day she first heard the rumour was the day she went out and bought a Secret Laboratory Map, and started taking me daily to the Lab. I was Ok with this, because, like Willow, I wanted my stats a bit higher incase war broke out and the mad Doctor was back. Less then a week later, we received news that Dr. Sloth had been spotted in the Desert, along with many Grundos, and was headed towards the city of Sakhmet. Instantly, Willow and I packed a few bags filled with food and Healing Potions, and caught the next flight back to the Desert. It was the last airplane flight that would be flying there for a while.

When we got there, it was chaos. Grundos were everywhere, destroying anything and everything in their path. Many NeoPets were fighting bravely, but at least half were being over-run. Occasionally there was a victory and the Grundo would fall. Beyond, I could see the city of Sakhmet in ruin. There was a huge hole in its wall, and numerous other bits of destruction could be seen. In shock, my owner and I walked to our NeoHome. That is, the remains of our NeoHome. It had been reduced to a pile of wood, scrap metal and ripped pieces of furniture. We just looked at everything, and Willow said, “Sean? What are we going to do?”

I looked at her, and replied, “I don’t know exactly. But I’m going to fight.”

And fight I did. Although we had left Neopia Central rather suddenly, I still had my weapons: a Gelert Wand, Stripped Hammer, Accelerator Helmet, Fire Bomb, Bag of Infinite Neggs, and a Fire Mask. Armed, I walked towards the Grundos. They just laughed at me, thinking I wouldn’t stand a chance. For a while, though, it looked like they were right. Even though I was stronger then I had been, I couldn’t defeat even the weakest Grundo. Willow kept trying to talk me out of fighting. “Sean, please, I’m worried about you. This is becoming an obsession. You fight for hours, come back here exhausted, and you haven’t even managed to defeat one Grundo!”

“But Willow,” I said, “I have to keep trying. I’ll defeat someone, just you wait and see.”

“Ok, but be careful.” She had always been over protective, and now she was more so then ever.

Finally, after three or four losses, I managed to defeat a Grundo. It was extremely close, and I had only 2 hit points left, but I won. Exhilarated, I tried to take on one of the Evil Clones that had just started to appear. The Clone beat me in 5 seconds flat. Laughing, my owner told me not to get too sure of myself next time. I nodded, but I wasn’t really listening.

Two days passed. All the Grundo troops were gone, leaving only the commanders and clones. Hour by hour, the Desert dwellers were winning. For some reason, Willow didn’t seem to be happy about the victories like everyone else. I asked her what’s wrong.

“I don’t truthfully know, Sean. I guess I’m anxious, waiting for whatever else Sloth will dish out. I mean, it just can’t be this easy.”

“Easy? You think this is easy?”

“Yes, at least compared to the other times something evil had happened.”

Her answer surprised me, but she had a point. What was Sloth planning? No one knew.

Another day passed. The majority of the remaining enemies were the Evil Clones. Almost all of the Grundos were gone. I woke up early, and watched the sunrise. “He’s almost gone,” I said to myself. Somehow, I just know that the Desert was almost free. But this morning’s sunrise had an ominous feel to it, like a sense of dread.

I poked Willow. “Hey, wake up.”

She rolled over and said, “What is it?”

“I want to go to Sakhmet.”

Willow blinked, “Are you crazy? Sloth is there!”

“I know! That’s why I want to go. Please?”

“Oh, all right. Give me a minute to pack everything up.”

We had put up a tent to sleep in the first night we came back. And an hour later, we were off to Sakhmet. We avoided most of the Evil Clones, because I wasn’t strong enough to beat one in a battle. So we were halfway to Sakhmet when it happened.

Suddenly, the ground rumbled and shook. In the direction of the city, I saw an enormous figure rise from the ground. That’s when the shouting started. NeoPets screaming in terror, NeoPets yelling war cries, and all other sounds were mixed into one. I froze, as did Willow. The shape started tearing up the walls, and bashing NeoPets like they were flies. I could faintly see a speck of light in its right hand.

Then the thing, whatever it was, started east, out of the city. Unfortunately, Willow and I were east of the city. The shape moved slowly, but it had extremely long legs, so it covered the distance pretty fast. Soon I had a view of the Rock Creature. Never in my life had I felt terror like I felt at that moment. It was colossal! Gigantic! Made entirely of stone, with no weak points to be seen. Somehow I knew I could never defeat it. And yet, for some reason, I did the only thing my petrified mind could think of doing. I charged.

“No, don’t! Stop!” cried Willow. But it was too late. I was off and running, and she was sprinting after me. It only took a minute for me to reach the Rock Creature, because it had traveled so far so quickly. I froze as I looked up at it. My owner stopped several feet behind me. The thing looked down at me. And laughed. It laughed! At ME! I was shocked. And then I got angry. Using all my strength, I hit its foot with the Striped Hammer. It wasn’t even fazed. In it’s right hand, the creature raised a glowing thing that looked like a staff. It glowed bright and brighter. Willow screamed, and ran towards me, trying to get me out of the way. It took me a second longer then her to recognize what the thing was: a Rod of Supernova. It was too late for any action. Before I had a chance to move, the Rod of Supernova shot out a hot, streaming light at me.

Around me circled three sad looking supernova motes from the Rod. I was burned, and hurt badly. I felt my owner’s arms around me as she picked me up. It was a good thing she did, after being hit with that much power I could hardly think straight, let alone walk. She started running away from that Rock Creature, holding me in her arms. Willow managed to gasp out a few words between breaths as she ran, “So, my little superhero. What are we gonna do now?”

I thought for a moment. I wasn’t just about to quit and give up, I was going to help in every way I could to stop this thing. Yet I no longer knew how to help. I whispered, “I don’t know anymore, but we’ll find a way to help, somehow.”

Epilogue: I don’t remember much about what happened afterwards. All I know is that my owner stopped a good distance from the Rock Creature so we could rest. Then we had seen three small shapes converge on the Creature. Why they did, I don’t know. But later I found out that it was a Quiggle, a Shoyru, and a Lupe. Together, the three battled and achieved what one alone could not: victory over that thing. It took only minutes, but then the Rock Creature crumbled to dust under their attacks. It was amazing. I know that I’m going to remember that day for the rest of my life. The Creature was defeated. Sakhmet was freed.

The End

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