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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > New Series > The Guardian of the Lost Desert: Part One

The Guardian of the Lost Desert: Part One

by siriusvapor7

I am the Sand Faerie, guardian of the Lost Desert. You’ve never heard of me have you? I didn’t think so. I live in the Lost Desert and I protect the NeoPets that live there. I’m going to tell you what really happened in Sakhmet. You already know the part about about Brucey B, but now you’ll hear rest….

You know that all Faeries appear where they’re supposed to be. Most Faeries appear in Faerieland. Some like the Snow Faerie appear in different places. I was one of those. I appeared in the middle of the Lost Desert. I didn’t know what to do when I got there. I mean, Water Faeries are supposed to heal hurt NeoPets and Light Faeries are supposed to protect the light and fight evil, but what’s a Sand Faerie supposed to do? I didn’t know either. So I wandered about aimlessly for a long time. Then one day I saw a bunch of other Faeries flying overhead.

“Wait!” I said, “ Where are you going?”

"To the city of Sakhmet!" replied one. “We have to help the NeoPets that are fighting Dr. Sloth!” And then they were gone.

“Dr. Sloth?” I said I had never heard of him. I decided to go in the direction they went to see what was going on. A few hours later, I saw something running toward me at full speed. Whatever it was, it was wailing terribly. As it came closer I saw it was a desert Aisha and I definitely knew why she was crying like that. Where her eyes were supposed to be her ears were instead. She wasn’t watching where she was going and she ran right into me. She started crying even louder.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. (As if I didn’t already know.)

“Dr. Sloth Grundos came and they shot a laser and did this to me….and then I was trapped under rubble for three hours…And then everyone was staring at me…And…and…WAAAHHHH!!!!”

“You poor thing,” I said. “Don’t worry, I’m sure that if I took you to Faerieland the Faerie Queen would fix it.”

“Really?” she said hopefully.

“I’m sure of it,” I replied. “What’s your name?”

“Isfet," she replied.

“Isfet,” I said, “What a pretty name.”

She smiled. “Who are you?” she asked.

“I am the Sand Faerie, guardian of the Lost Desert. And I'm going to Sakhmet to try and stop Sloth. You want to come?”

To Sakhmet

Isfet and I had been walking for a long time. Suddenly, she stopped. “I can't go anymore,” she panted.

“All right, we’ll take a break,” I said. “How far are we from Sakhmet?”

“A day, maybe,” she replied. “Of course flying it wouldn t take as long. I wish I could fly.”

“Hmmm…” I said. Suddenly I burst into laughter. “I’m so stupid! I can fly!”

Isfet joined in my laughter. “I guess I forgot you were a Faerie.”

So I picked her up and off we flew. We flew for about an hour or so and then we spotted the edge of the battlefield.

“But I thought the battle was in Sakhmet?” I said as we landed in the midst of the battling.

“It is,” she replied. "But a whole bunch of NeoPets from Neopia came and cut off a bunch of Sloth’s troops. So the battling’s all spread out.”

An enormous boom made us turn around. A red Cybunny had just been hit by a huge fire attack. He struggled to stand up. He pulled out a professional bow and aimed at the Grundo Commander he was fighting. But before he could hit it, the Grundo hit him with another fire attack. The Cybunny crumpled to the ground. The Grundo Commander gave him one last look, chuckled, and left. Someone screamed, “Lance!” We turned around. A green Usul was running toward us.

She knelt down next to Lance and said, ”I told you that you weren’t strong enough, you idiot.” She used a couple of healing potions on him and he sat up.

“I’ll get him next time,” he growled.

“No you won’t,” said the Usul.

“Ursula," he groaned.

“No! Siriusvapor7 said this was the last time. You’re hurt badly enough as it is.”

Then a blue Eyrie landed next to us and said, “Ursula! Lance! Have you guys seen Acara?”

“Acara?” said Lance.

“She didn’t?!”

“She did,” the Eyrie nodded his head sadly.

“Oh, Buckbeak, I thought she was with you and siriusvapor7?” said Ursula.

“She was, but then we went to the guild and we turned our backs for a few seconds and then she was gone. And you know how much she wanted to fight…..”

“Oh no!” gasped Ursula. “Knowing her, she’ll go for the strongest ones.”

“You guys go look for her,” said Lance.

“And leave you here?” said Ursula. “No way! You’re too stupid to not try and fight them again.”

He glared at her. She glared back.

“We’ll stay with him,” said Isfet.

“Ummm…” Ursula seemed a bit taken aback by Isfet’s appearance. Buckbeak and Lance, however, didn’t seem to be paying attention. “Uhh…” faltered Ursula. “All right. C’mon, Buckbeak, let’s go find that little rat.” She jumped on Buckbeak’s back and they flew away.

Lance said, "Hi, I’m Lance.”

Isfet introduced us. I’m Isfet of Sakhmet and this is the Sand Faerie. We’re going to Sakhmet to help stop Sloth. Wanna come?”

Lance smiled.

To be continued...

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