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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Short Stories > Operation: Moltenore II - The Transmogrification

Operation: Moltenore II - The Transmogrification

by dragonshark173

Most of you may know me as Sydney--a disturbingly rare Moltenore. Those were the days, my little spoilt self sitting on a velvet pillow and dining on grapes. I rarely went with my owner, Griffin the fire-cowboy Lupe on adventures as water would hurt me very badly and I hated getting dirty. I preferred sitting my wealth.

I was rescued from an evil PetPet collector by my now heroic owner. I had no idea that he was an explorer, let alone a cowboy and a Chia protector, and a pack leader. I thought he had been a Lupe of wealth, as he did have enough money to buy me a Faerie PetPet paint brush and other various cutesy little PetPet items. I was dirt spoiled, and I liked it, too.

So what am I now? You don't want to know, but it's logical if I tell you at the end. You see, it started one day while I was basking in my owner's praise...

Griffin had bought me a box of chocolates and brought them over to my pillow in MY room. The room was the biggest in the house, made of solid gold. Red velvet furniture sculpted for Moltenores and Moltenores only were set neatly throughout the room. A desert made from native Lost Desert Chias lied on the ground, and was soft and beautiful. An ivory TV set stood in one corner, set with satellite cable so I could see almost any channel from across the world of Neopia. A chandelier hung from the ceiling and gave off a warming light. Various other pieces of furniture and comfort sat around the room, perfectly in position. I liked all of these things. I wanted more.

Griffin opened the box of French chocolates and offered them to me. I looked at the box, took a bite out of one of them and looked back up at my owner, a look of disgust on my face. I hissed violently and threw the chocolate in his face, then hit the box so that all the chocolates splattered on his fur.

"Sydney! These are high-quality chocolates. Do you know how much I spent on these?" Griffin shouted at me. I looked at him and stuck my tongue out arrogantly, then reached for my remote control. He glared at me for a while and padded off silently to take a shower.

Ugh, nine hundred channels and nothing to watch. The Flizzardos on NTV were ugly and the cartoons on another favourite channel were old episodes. I snorted arrogantly and made my way downstairs to see what everybody else was up to. I wrapped myself in my purple silk robe and slipped my matching slippers on.

Little did I know that at the same time, Griffin's little brother, Draco, had been busy trying to invent a new cologne for himself. He was a bit of a stud and had a date that night, therefore he would be preparing for it the entire day--as usual. He really, really needed a hobby. Well, anyway, Draco was making this new cologne for himself on the kitchen table, adding various good-smelling items into it--herbs, flowers, mint, toothpaste, dung--wait, not dung. It seemed like it, however, as ALL of Draco's little experiments turned out as duds.

I brushed by the table and swiped the table leg with my paw. "Sydney, you little snob--" Draco began to say. The table shuddered, and his concoction began to shake. It crashed on my head, wetting my fur and covering me in slime.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, angry for the smelly... stuff to get to me. It would take hours and hours of shampooing to rid of the smell, I just knew it! Little did I know that the smell shouldn't have been what I was worrying about. My skin began to bubble and change, and my fiery fur began diminishing. There was a sudden POP!, and my entire body had changed.

I flopped to the ground, all hooves spread out. A tuft of orange fur covered my eyes, so I couldn't see what was going on. Griffin, his other brothers and Sharky, his owner, had entered the room. Griffin gasped and picked me up, holding me closely to his body.

"Sydney!" He shouted. "Sydney, what happened?" All I did as a reply was to snort, in a frightened and upset manner. Tears, big watery tears streamed down my face. I was a monster, I just knew it.

He held a mirror towards my face and brushed the orange fur away from it. I looked at the mirror in ultimate horror. I was a mutant Hornsby.

A MUTANT! A MUTATED PIG! It was bad enough being a Hornsby, a constantly crying, know-it-all Hornsby, but I was also a mutant! I felt terrible to be degraded to this form. Griffin would surely abandon me. He wanted a cute little fire lizard, not an ugly mutated hog.

"Sydney, you're a mutant Hornsby now..." Griffin said, looking at me as he held me out at arm's length. I winced, knowing what would happen next. "...And I like it. No, I love it. I love pigs, Sydney! And you look so original."

I gave a quizzical expression. What did he mean, I looked just fine? Things weren't fine! He noticed my expression and continued. "Looks will never matter for me. Let this be a lesson to you."

I smiled, then licked his paws excitedly, my tail wagging furiously. I understood. What I jerk I had been acting earlier! I had to stop. It was like Griffin read my mind. "Let's get rid of those velvet furnishings, the TV set, and everything," he said. "And let's have you be my companion, my partner in my travels."

I nodded in agreement. Things were to change. I had a feeling that I would like these changes, these changes in my attitude, my room, my looks. I didn't need to be a cute little fire lizard. No, I was a short, fat, mutated pig--and I liked it.

From that day on, Griffin and I did become partners. I followed him about, always at his heels, ready to help him in times of need. I left the past behind. It was like continuing in a new life. I liked my new life. I liked my owner even better, and looked at him in a different way. I became a friend to him rather than a hassle. And I loved that.

The End

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