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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 95 > Continuing Series > The Game is Neohockey: Part Two

The Game is Neohockey: Part Two

by too_kule


     EmeraldBlitz seemed to wake up suddenly to the ring of the class bell. He wasn't usually the daydreaming type, but the boring rants of math class managed to put the fire Krawk asleep faster than any sedative.

     "Hurry up Blitz, our Coach Bridge will have your head!" exclaimed Laeyan the orange Aisha as she ran out of the classroom.

     The fire Krawk got out of his seat and followed his friend towards the gymnasium. He ran in where Zeggaro the purple Blumaroo, Kai_Hawittari the yellow Gelert, FleurDelacour67 and Kyrogi the fire Draik were running laps. An adult skunk Kyrii with a whistle was watching them intently.

     "Come on, let's join in," Laeyan said as she began to run around the gym.

     After several minutes Coach Bridge blew his whistle signalling the six Neopets come in. They gathered around him. "Team, I saw the way you practiced yesterday and it's obvious you've got potential. But simple potential isn't good enough, you have to know what you're doing. We're going to practice all week until the Kaus come home, and then you're in. You're going to represent Light Faerie Elementary School in the Annual Polarchuck NeoHockey Tournament way up in Happy Valley," Coach Bridge proclaimed.

     "WHAT?!" the six pets exclaimed.

     "I beg your pardon sir," Zeggaro whimpered, "But we are indeed not talented enough! That is a national tournament with elementary skills from across the globe. How could we possibly stand a chance?"

     "I told you before, you all have potential. Now, time for the team name. Our--"

     "The Lipsticks!" Fleur exclaimed.

     "The Boxers!" Laeyan laughed as she punched the air.

     "THE HONOUR STUDENTS!" Zeggaro cried as he ran around in circles.

     Coach Bridge let out a grunt that stopped all the pets. "As I was saying before the yelling, our principal decided our school name would be the team. We are the Light Faeries," Coach Bridge said to the moans of the team. By the looks the Kyrii's face, he didn't seem to like it anymore than the students.

     "Even the geek's suggestion was better than the Light Faeries," Laeyan roared with outrage as she pointed to Zeggaro. The Blumaroo nodded his head.

     Fleur laughed. "I think it's a pretty name," the Usul sighed with a funny smile.


     Suddenly, Laeyan stopped her yelling to the whistle of the coach. "Listen, I know our name isn't the most macho, but it doesn't reflect on our team at all. It doesn't reflect on how we play. It doesn't reflect on how we look--oh wait, it does. I present to you, the jerseys," he proclaimed as he held up a pink NeoHockey jersey with yellow lace. The number '00' was on the back in italic yellow letters. In cursive yellow letters, the word 'Kai' was written.

     "Oh dear lord," EmeraldBlitz as he rested his head on his hand.

     "Listen, we'll show all of the other teams who we are at the tournament. Kai, this is your jersey. You're going to be goalie." The yellow Gelert walked up to the coach and grabbed the jersey. With a moan, he slipped it over his head and poked his head through the top. He looked like he was going to cry. "Blitz, you're going to be centre. Laeyan will be right wing, Kyrogi will be left wing, Fleur will be right defence and Zeggaro, you're going to be left defence," Coach Bridge announced as he passed out the hideous uniforms to all the team.

     "Okay guys, let the practice commence! I've found a team you can play against in practice. There's no other NeoHockey team in the school except this team. I present to you, the Tykes!"

     Suddenly, the doors to the gym opened and in walked six Neopets. Six, baby Neopets. The kindergarteners entered the gym. The Light Faerie's jaws dropped as the saw the six Neopets enter. They all had funny little amused smiles on their faces. They were led by an elderly Cybunny wearing black and white striped clothing. She was going to be the referee.

     "We're pwaying againtht the big kids!" a tiny baby Lupe exclaimed.

     "It shouldn't be hard creaming these babies," Laeyan whispered to EmeraldBlitz. The Krawk laughed.

     "I'M TELLING!" a baby Skeith who overheard exclaimed. She ran over to the coach. "Coach Bwidge, Coach Bwidge! They were naughty," the Skeith exclaimed as she pointed to the Aisha.

     Coach Bridge calmed the Skeith down and escorted her over to her position opposite Kyrogi. The fire Draik looked down upon the baby Skeith who could barely hold her NeoHockey stick.

     "Okay, here we go!" the Kyrii exclaimed as he got ready to toss the puck down on the ice.

     EmeraldBlitz was opposite a baby Poogle. The Poogle smiled at EmeraldBlitz and began to blow spit bubbles. The fire Neopet had to fight to stifle his laughter. This was going to be as easy as taking candy from a baby!

     "Three... two... one... COMMENCE!" Coach Bridge yelled as he dropped the puck in between the two players.

     Suddenly, the nice little Poogle instantly changed to a vicious monster. She ran up, fangs bared, and made a loud hissing noise at EmeraldBlitz, scaring the poor Krawk entirely. Although she wasn't talented at NeoHockey, she managed to get the puck well enough away from the team's star player.

     Fleur ran up to the Poogle to take the puck from her, but a baby Grundo cut in and belched right in the Usul's face. Tears welled up in Fleur's eyes as she ran off into the corner. She pulled out some blush and began applying it to her face.

     "I'll defeat thee!" Zeggaro cried with some scary sort of bravery. Using the courage he had when he played Dungeons and Draiks, the Blumaroo bounced over to the Poogle to stop her, but suddenly the other winger came along. He was an innocent looking baby Zafara.

     "Hiya, me is called Billy!" the Zafara cried.

     Zeggaro shook his head. "That sentence was a grammatical nightmare! First of all, 'hiya' is not a word. Second--"

     "ZEGGARO!" Coach Bridge bellowed from the sidelines. "GET BACK IN THE GAME!"

     Zeggaro turned around to face the coach. "Educating a child is more important than some game!"

     With Fleur and Zeggaro out of action, EmeraldBlitz knew it was up to him. He ran across the ceramic floor and as the Poogle raised her stick for a slapshot, he whisked the puck away from her and up to the other end.

     Kyrogi got the puck and turned to the net. He had a perfect shot on net. He raised his stick to shoot and... "YIKES!" the Draik cried as he felt a sharp pain in his tail. He turned his head to see the baby Lupe had his maw clamped down on his tail.

     "Uh... could you let go?" Kyrogi asked politely. This caused the Lupe the bite down even harder.

     "That's it!" Laeyan cried. She ran over and picked up the Lupe. Suddenly the whistle blew.

     "PENALTY!" the old Cybunny cried as she ran up and grabbed her student away from the Aisha. "Never do that again! Now Chester, you can take a shot on net."

     The baby Lupe grabbed the puck and his stick and ran over opposite Kai in net. He set the puck on the ground and stared the Gelert in the eye. Chester growled and Kai returned it, equally fierce. Slowly the Lupe walked down over to the net. Suddenly, he fell on the ground "OUCHIE! MY LEG HURTH!" he cried.

     Kai ran over to Chester to see if he was okay, but then the Lupe snickered. He hit the puck and it slid across the floor into the net.

     "GOAL!" the old Cybunny yelled. "AND THE TYKES WIN!"

     The Light Faeries walked over to Coach Bridge where he eyed them up. "You're going to need some work."

To be continued...

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