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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 95 > New Series > Vierna: Part One

Vierna: Part One

by forgotten_realms_

This story is one of five series/short stories that I will be writing on my pets. This one tells of my coming to Neopia, and when I truly started playing. This story is set in Year One, so Faerieland hadn't been discovered quite yet at the beginning of the story.

I walked around Neopia Central, trying to get my bearings. I had been in this… place… for about three weeks now, with no pets, no home, no friends to speak of, and no Neopoints. I had spent a lot on a map when I had first come-only to find out it was worth two hundred NP less than the guy sold it to me for. The only thing that kept people from trying to rob me-other than that other guy, that is--was the way I wore that sword on my waist. I figured that with disbelief; I didn't have one in real life.

     I strode by, quite sure of myself to anyone who couldn't read minds, going anywhere at all. I didn't quite know my way around, but I was starting to get the hang of it. To the West was the Neopian Bazaar, Northeast was Terror Mountain, East was Tyrannia, and South and west somewhere was the Haunted Woods and Lost Desert. Other than that, I was completely lost.

     I sighed. I didn't have enough Neopoints to buy a house, and I was not going to get a pet until I at least had a one-room sturdy NeoHome, four toys, a fridge full of food, and some sleeping bags. I could always bring the stuff from home, I thought idly. Be a lot cheaper.

     No, I decided firmly. I can't cheat like that.

     "Hey," I called to a passer-by. "Which way to the gameroom?"

     "That way," he told me, pointing.

     "Thanks!" I went in the direction she pointed, weaving my way through the crowd. I caught my reflection in a store window. Tall, slim, and muscular, my hair was a different shade from back home. Nothing drastic, just a bit redder, and more shine. I still had the same color eyes, though. Maybe a touch bluer, but too subtle to tell. I had fewer freckles, thank the Grove--I chuckled at that, as I had never said that before I had started writing a story about Elves--I hated having all but dark brown skin. Actually, my skin was, if anything, fairer. Joy. Not for the first time, I wished desperately that you could pick your appearance, not have it chosen for you when you came here. I had met a wacko that said it was destiny, though he had admitted he was 3'9" in the real world, with buckteeth and glasses. Not at all like his tall, handsome appearance here. Then again, maybe it was; I was definitely the only one who had markings on their wrists that looked like black swans.

     Upon arriving at the Gameroom, I headed over to the only game I was any good at; Destruct-O-Match. I managed to make four hundred NP, an all-time high.

     "Excuse me, sir, but could you tell me which way to the Bank?" I had to figure out how to get around before someone pasted a 'six months and still lost' sign on my forehead. I acted like I'd been here six months, at least, except for when I had to ask directions.

     "That way," he told me, pointing the opposite direction I had thought it was. Grumbling to myself, I walked away, not really seeing where I was going. Which was no wonder why I managed to find myself tripping over three bumps in the path and a large tree root, landing smack-dab in the middle of a pile of dung.

     When I set out again, I didn't realize I had taken the wrong path. I stumbled along, not knowing where I was, until I found myself somewhere else entirely. Not the wild overgrown forest I had just been lost in, but a beautiful city.

     "Uh, miss, do you know where I am?" I asked a girl with fairy wings.

     "In Faerieland."

     The girl darted off before I could ask her where Faerieland was. I had been here three weeks and never heard of it. I stomped off towards I don't know where, tripping once on the smooth pavement, bumping into people who didn't comment when they saw the sword I didn't know how to use, before finally falling with a splash into a pool of water. I rolled over onto my back and lay there for a while, staring up at the lace-like glass roof of the Springs. A few Faeries stared at me, but I ignored them. I couldn't wait until I had enough money to afford a pet; they seemed to know where to go instinctively.

     "Er, excuse me, miss, are you okay?" I leaned my head back and looked at the blonde-haired, pointy-eared woman looking down at me. A woman that glowed and had a mermaid's tail.

     "Oh, I'm just fine, lying here thinking of how stupid I must look to everyone."

     "Bad day?"

     "You have no idea."

     "What happened?"

     "Oh, nothing much. A zillion people think I'm a newbie just because I don't have a pet, I tripped a million times and landed in dung once, and I hate not having more than a few NP."

     "And once you landed in my Springs."

     I nodded.

     "Why don't you have a pet?" she asked me as she reached out a hand to help me up.

     "I don't want to have a pet without a home. It's bad enough that I sleep in a cardboard box in the Homeless Square behind the Toy Shop without having a pet there, too. I want to have a home, a shop, some toys, and some sleeping bags before I get one. What is it?"

     The Water Faerie had gasped and dropped my hand, and now she was covering her mouth with one hand, her eyes wide.

     "Your-your wrists, they-have the swans!"

     "Yeah, I know. I wish I didn't have them--they draw far too much attention to me."

     "No! These are very important! They-" the Water Faerie took a deep breath and continued on calmly. "They are a mark of a mage. None but the Faeries can work magic here, with the exception of a few Neopet mages in games like NeoQuest. The closest thing to working magic a human can come to is learning their special abilities. Everyone has special abilities, some more powerful than others. You have more than a special ability, you have magic within you."

     "Great," I muttered. "So, lemme guess, I'm gonna save the world with these special powers, right?"

     She laughed. "Someone's been watching too many movies, lately. No, right now all you need to do is train. Come." The Water Faerie led me into this small house, down a flight of fluffy white stairs, and into a brightly lit room full of jars and bowls, all full of different things.

     "What would you like to learn first?" she asked me, her hand on a ball of cloud she had gathered together and set on the table.

     "How about…" I racked my brain, unconsciously fingering my sword as I thought. What did I want to learn first? "Why not healing?"

     "Excellent! I haven't had an apprentice for years! Okay, let's start by testing your magic. Come here." She motioned me to come over to where she was standing and lifted up the piece of cloud. "Put your hand inside this," she told me.

     Slowly, I pushed my hand through the cloud, until my fingers hit against something hard. Curious, I put my hand in further, until I could close my hand on it. It was a stone of some sort, smooth, warm, and very, very hard. It was about the size of my fist, round, and from what I could see through the dense cloud, glowing a soft blue light.

     "Take it out," she told me, and I did. It was a blue diamond, pulsing with a light from the center of the stone.

     "You are very powerful," she told me. "I only got a sapphire." I only then noticed that she had a simple necklace on-nothing much, just a gold chain with, sure enough, a sapphire. It had no light and was only about the size of an average strawberry.

     "The rarity of the stone tells how powerful you are. The last apprentice I had only got an amethyst, and very small. Light also tells how powerful you are. Now, I haven't seen a stone like that since the Faerie Queen herself!"

     I stared at the large stone. "Is this really a sign of how powerful I am?"

     "Yes. Keep it close; it is the sign of your using magic. None who can work magic will doubt you, if you have it. But, best not to show it yet, huh?" I nodded. "Okay, I think I've got something around here… Whoops!" The Water Faerie disappeared under a pile of what I could only describe as 'junk,' before crawling out with something brown in her hand, muttering about cleaning the place up. "Here you go. It's a pouch you can slip around your neck."

     "Thank you," I said. I was kind of unsure about this. Magic? Me?

     "When do you want to start learning?"

     Of that I was sure. If I was going to learn, I might as well start now. "Right now, Water Faerie."

     She laughed. "Just call me Kelra, all my friends do."

     "All right, Kelra. Can I begin to learn now?"

     "Correct language! It's may you begin to learn now. I can't stand incorrect speakers."

     "So, what can I do first?" I asked her.

     "See those bottles over there? Grab them and follow me."

     I got the bottles she had pointed to and followed her up the steps to the main Healing Springs, where a large group of Faeries were waiting, some sick and most nursing wounds.

     "Go and manage the shop. I'll be over in a minute," she whispered to me. I nodded and went over to where a bunch of Faeries were waiting by the counter, holding items of healing.

     "Okay, bring up the items, and hand over the Neopoints. Come on," I told them impatiently. This was not my idea of a lesson.

     It was pretty easy to know how much each thing cost-they all had the price tags taped on them. The hardest part was getting them to hand over the NP, since I wasn't Kelra. They gave me the NP eventually, though, when I started fingering my sword. That or they left without the healing item. I watched Faeries come and go, looking at all the different Elemental Faeries… taking Neopoints and handing over items became automatic as the sun dipped below the horizon. When it got dark, Kelra put up a 'closed' sign and went inside with me.

     "Sorry if I kept you a bit too long, but I had to take care of all those Faeries before teaching you. Do you mind?"

     I shook my head, yawning widely.

     "Maybe you should get some sleep. If you don't have a real home to go to, you can stay here. I have a few spare rooms, for guests. Even a simple Water Faerie gets company, you know."

     "Thanks, that would be fine. Oh! Here's your money from the shop," I told her as I held out the money.

     "Thanks. Now, you worked about four hours…" Kelra dropped two thousand NP into my palm. "You've earned it, working for so long. I'll give you your first lesson in the morning."

     She led me through the cloud, twisting and turning for a long time, before finally reaching a room with a large bed, a night table, a closet across from the bed, a dresser, a desk beside it, and a small bathroom off the main room. There was another door, but I couldn't tell what it led to.

     "Now, I think that it looks a bit bare. Ah!" she snapped her fingers, and a candle in a golden holder appeared on the wall, a silver brush on the table, a few changes of clothes in the closet-mostly dresses-and a soft wool nightgown spread out on the bed. "You can add anything you like, but I think that this is a good start. There's a kitchen through that door, if you feel like doing your own cooking, a pantry leading off there, and a storage room as well, for your herbs and things when we get into that. I'll wake you in the morning, at sunrise. Good night." She smiled and left, closing the door softly behind her.

     I went over to the closet to investigate the clothes. Dresses, all of them. They were all different colors and cuts, ranging from pure white to dark gray, though my favorite was pale lavender with a 'wrap' top and skirts wide enough to get good movement from them. I set it aside to wear tomorrow, got into the nightgown, climbed into bed, and blew out the candle.

To be continued...

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