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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 97 > Continuing Series > The Game is Neohockey: Part Three

The Game is Neohockey: Part Three

by too_kule

The Light Faeries skated onto the ice. Kai_Hawittari the yellow Gelert skated into the net while the other five started doing laps. FleurDelacour67 the skunk Usul and Zeggaro the purple Blumaroo tried to ignore the laughter from the crowd as they wobbled down the ice.

     "This is like, so embarrassing!" Fleur exclaimed. She suddenly lost balance and landed on the ground.

     "I can't believe this," the orange Aisha muttered to the Krawk skating next to her. "This is so embarrassing! Our defence can't skate."

     "Don't worry Laeyan," EmeraldBlitz responded reassuringly. "We'll win. And I don't think the crowd is laughing at their skating abilities. More likely... uh... their jerseys."

     The fire Krawk was right. Their pink jerseys with yellow lace proved to be an eyesore. The crowd as well as the opposing team doing laps were laughing.

     "Hey, great clothes!" a Scorchio laughed as he pointed at Kyrogi. "You look like a girl!" The fire Draik tried to ignore the Predator's laugh.

     "I'm should beat the stuffing out of that Scorchio," Laeyan muttered but was stopped by the blow of the whistle.

     The teams took places. Kyrogi, Laeyan and EmeraldBlitz were forward, Fleur and Zeggaro managed to make their way over to defence while Kai remained as goalie. The referee skated up.

     "Okay," the Chia said, "I want a fair game. Predators... er... and the Light Faeries, a clean game. Here we go!" He dropped the puck and there was a mad scramble to get it. The Scorchio who had insulted Kyrogi faced off against EmeraldBlitz. The Krawk managed to get it first though and skated down the ice. He dodged past the opposing offence and down to the defence. He raised the stick in the air, and sent a slapshot straight toward the net.

     "GOAL!" the referee Chia yelled as the sirens went off. The crowd on one side of the arena cheered like mad while the crowd on the other side remained silent.

     "All we have to do is keep our offence up and they won't even have a chance to get to defence! That way Fleur and Zeggaro won't have to do any skating," EmeraldBlitz explained as he skated back to Laeyan and Kyrogi. The two nodded with determined smiles on their faces.

     EmeraldBlitz skated back to face-off again, but the Scorchio wasn't there. He was in a huddle whispering with to other Predators. Finally the Scorchio skated back with a glint of anticipation in his eye, something EmeraldBlitz didn't like. All of a sudden, the Scorchio made a quiet snorting sound when his head was pointed towards EmeraldBlitz's skates. EmeraldBlitz could fell his skates stick to the ice. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't unstick his skates.

     The referee skated up and dropped the puck. The Scorchio got the puck easily and skated down the ice. Down the ice he skates, easily making his way past Zeggaro and Fleur who could barely stand up let alone stop the juggernaut. The Scorchio shot the puck at the net. Kai's eyes narrowed in determination. The Gelert saw the puck streak through the air in his direction. Suddenly, with a dazzling movement, Kai managed to catch the puck... in his ear! Kai's yellow ribbon-like ear was wrapped around the puck.

     "Hold onto the puck!" EmeraldBlitz yelled in Kai's direction. The Gelert transferred the puck from his ribbon-like ears to his catcher and waited. The referee's whistle stopped the game.

     EmeraldBlitz pulled with all his strength and pulled his skate out. He saw that it had frozen to the ice! He looked at the Scorchio. He must have used a Frost ability and frozen the Krawk to the ice!

     "Here we go again," the Chia said as he dropped the puck on the ice between the two players.

     Again, the Scorchio blew a Frost attack at EmeraldBlitz, but he was ready. One well-aimed Scorch technique melted the airbourne Frost attack in the blink of an eye. The fire Krawk smiled and got the puck. He skated down the ice toward the net. He raised the stick into the air to shoot the puck. But the Quiggle in net blew a mist of Frost at EmeraldBlitz. He stood there, shivering, covered in a sheet of ice.

     The Scorchio skated up to him and took the puck away. EmeraldBlitz shook of the cold and chased after him. "I can't believe the referee isn't calling penalties!" EmeraldBlitz grunted as he skated up the rink. But he was too late, all his efforts could beat the Scorchio to the net. With a quick wristshot he sent the puck towards the net. Kai used his ear again to catch the puck. But the Gelert felt a searing pain and dropped the puck, nursing his ear. The puck rolled right into the net.

     "NO!" EmeraldBlitz yelled, suddenly enraged. "He used a Scorch technique on the puck so Kai couldn't hold onto it!"

     After a few more minutes of game play, the Chia blew the whistle signalling the end of the first period. The forlorn Light Faeries skated up to the bench where Coach Bridge sat. The skunk Kyrii had his eyes closed and was apparently deep in thought.

     "Are you watching this?" Laeyan cried. "That Scorchio is cheating! He's using battle techniques in a Neohockey!"

     "I know," muttered the coach.

     "Hey, I've got an idea!" Kai said as he skated up. "Why don't you use techniques to counter their techniques?"

     "No!" he grunted, "I don't care! It's cheating, and two wrongs don't make a right! And Blitz, if I catch you using your Scorch technique to negate that player's Frost, I'll bench you so fast you won't know what hit you!"

     "But coach, if you bench EmeraldBlitz then we won't have enough players," Kyrogi replied in a barely audible whisper.

     "THEN WE'LL FORFEIT THE TOURNAMENT!" Coach Bridge replied in a sudden yell. "If we're caught doing that again, we're out. If they're caught, they're out. Just keep it up, we're down by only one goal. So show those Predators what we're made of!"

     The team skated out onto the ice rink, and could here the last line of the coach of the Predator's peptalk. "OK guys, remember, just keep the techniques up, and we'll win for sure."

     "That's despicable," Laeyan spat as she took her position back on the ice. "We'll show them."

     But it turned out Laeyan was wrong. The second period went by painfully shot, one goal against the Light Faeries after another. No matter how hard Kai tried, some technique would get the best of him. Sometimes one of the Predators would blow a Scorch attack at the back of Kai's head, or freeze him to the ice with a Frost. No matter how hard the team tried, the scoreboard at the end of the second period showed the team was losing 9-1.

     "Don't worry, the referee will notice eventually," Coach Bridge reassured his team.

     Unfortunately, the third period was painfully reminiscent of the second. A whopping eleven more goals were scored, leaving the Light Faeries' heads spinning. Finally, it ended. The buzzer sounded throughout the arena signalling the end of the game. Score: 20-1. The Light Faeries lost.

To be continued...

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