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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Continuing Series > The Game is Neohockey: Part Five

The Game is Neohockey: Part Five

by too_kule

EmeraldBlitz was amazed at how quickly the Snowagers' took control of the game. As soon as the referee dropped the puck, the striped Tuskaninny whizzed it away from the fire Krawk and skated down the ice. He was a juggernaut.

     "Prepare to meet the wrath of Zeggaro the Level 23 Archer, dominator of Dungeons and Draiks!" the purple Blumaroo known as Zeggaro screamed as he charged at the Tuskaninny. But while he was shouting out his statistics of the board game, the Tuskaninny had more than enough time to get past him.

     "You are like so going down! I mean those jerseys are like a fashion crime!" FleurDelacor67 squealed at the opposing Neopet. But Fleur wasn't fast enough to reach him, and he whizzed right by the skunk Usul too.

     Suddenly, the Tuskaninny's eyes widened in shock. EmeraldBlitz was standing there in front of the Neohockey net. But the Snowagers' forward wasn't daunted, he slid right in between the Krawks legs and pushed the puck with his stick. It slid in.

     The crowd erupted in cheers for the Snowagers, and gave reassuring comments to the Light Faeries. EmeraldBlitz was still in shock his team had been scored on because the other team member slid though his legs.

     "No problem," Kyrogi the fire Draik said. "You're ready for it now so it probably won't happen again."

     But Kyrogi was quite wrong. By the end of the first period, the Light Faeries had only managed to score one goal while the Snowagers had managed to score four. Each goal was impossible to stop. All six Tuskaninnies could slide across the ice far faster than the Light Faeries could skate. It made their offense and defence nearly impossible overwhelmingly powerful.

     The referee dropped the puck and the Tuskaninny cleanly checked EmeraldBlitz away. "Oops, my mistake," the centre-man laughed as he slid toward the defence. Past Kyrogi and Fleur effortlessly he skated, and slid the puck toward the net. Kai_Hawittari dived and landed on it.

     "Laeyan, get ready!" the Gelert shouted as he shot the puck towards the orange Aisha.

     She got control of the puck and skated down toward the goalie. She managed to evade the two Tuskaninnies in defence and shot the puck. The goalie didn't have a chance.

     "TAKE THAT YOU BAG OF -- um..." Laeyan paused when she saw the referee's reproachful look. "You bag of niceness," she said in a monotone voice. But she didn't care, the Light Faeries were creeping back into the lead.

     The game continued, and things were looking up for the Light Faeries. EmeraldBlitz, Fleur, Zeggaro and Kai managed to keep the puck out of the net while Kyrogi assisted Laeyan in scoring more goals. Only twenty more seconds were left in the second period and the game was tied, 4-4.

     EmeraldBlitz skated up with the puck, but the right and left winged Tuskaninnies blocked his path. The Krawk shot the puck up to where Kyrogi was waiting. The Draik then relayed it on to Laeyan. She brought her stick up for a slapshot and--


     The Aisha was hit against the ice and into the boards. She hit it hard, knocking the wind out of her. The buzzer ended the period but Coach Bridge jumped out of the bench and wobbled his way to Laeyan.

     "Are you OK?" the Kyrii asked her. Her eyes were shut tight out of pain as she nodded her head.

     "Don't lie," Coach Bridge said. "We're going to forfeit, you can't--

     "NO!" she cried though the pain. "I'm OK, my leg is just aching a bit, that's all."

     The rest of the team crowded around and the referee skated in. "Um... I didn't see that..." he mumbled. Laeyan just made a faint growling noise.

     "Girl, do you like want me to just totally scream at him?" Fleur asked. Laeyan nodded. "HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THAT!?! ARE YOU BLIND OR SOMETHING!?!" the Usul roared.

     "What, do you think she just hit herself across the ice? The striped Tuskaninny did it!" Kai protested.

     "Wait, could you... uh... give us some space?" Laeyan asked. The referee nodded and skated away. "Okay, we can't forfeit. We won't lose, especially because of me. I can still hang in there, but don't expect anything from me. EmeraldBlitz, you can't hang back with Kai, Fleur and Zeggaro here. You and Kyrogi will have to score. We can't go into penalty shots if we tie, because only you and me could pull off a shot like that, and if I can't shoot then you'd be on your own. It wouldn't work. Fleur and Zeggaro, you will have to stop the Snowagers without EmeraldBlitz. Kai, be prepared for any kind of shot. Now, can you help me up?" Kyrogi and EmeraldBlitz helped her onto her skates.

     "Okay, but if you so much as trip, I won't let you play," Coach Bridge said. "It's unsafe. Now come on guys, we can win!"

The fire Krawk stepped up to face-off. The striped Snowager team member grinned maliciously at him. The referee dropped the puck. There was a mad scramble to get it, EmeraldBlitz and the Tuskaninny slapping their Neohockey sticks around trying to get it. EmeraldBlitz managed to hit it away, in the direction of Laeyan. Suddenly the two defence made a rush to get it.

     "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH IT LAEYAN!" the coach roared.

     The Aisha stayed still and let the Tuskaninnies whisk it away. The puck was passed back to the forward who took a slap shot. The puck went though the air and hit Kai right in the helmet. He was dazed for a second, but managed to pass it to EmeraldBlitz. The Krawk was suddenly cornered by the tree forwards. They got the puck and shot. It went in.

     "GOAL! OH YEAH! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?" a Tuskaninny mocked.

     Once again the puck was dropped. This time, EmeraldBlitz got it cleanly. The Krawk passed the Tuskaninny and with a dazzling wrist shot, got the puck in the net.

     "HA! NOT SO TALKATIVE NOW, ARE WE?" Laeyan yelled at the Tuskaninnies.

     The process kept repeating itself. Goal after goal, each team kept racking up the points. Finally, the score was an amazing 13-13. Only a few minutes remained. The Chia referee skated up. EmeraldBlitz and the opposing player had emotions that were running so high, they were almost attacking each other. The puck was dropped, one final time.

     The Tuskaninny took the puck from EmeraldBlitz and rushed down the ice. He was making an avid attempt to score the final goal. He shot but luckily it deflected off of Zeggaro's helmet. The much bounced back and EmeraldBlitz got it, but he was cornered by the two other Tuskaninny's. He passed the puck over to Fleur who skated ahead. She made a vain attempt to score from the centre line but puck didn't have enough speed.

     The clock was running out. If they went into penalty shots, then there was no way the Light Faeries could win.

     The goalie shot the puck up ahead. Five... four... three... two...

     But all of a sudden the puck shot up ahead it went like a bullet, a black blur nearly impossible to see. It went into the net at the last second. There was a scramble as the teams tried to see who it was.


"And finally, the final medallion goes to this fine young Draik, Kyrogi. He came out of the blue and scored the final goal, winning the Light Faeries the Polarchuck Cup," the aging Lupe proclaimed as he slipped the medallion around the Draik's neck.

     It was later on that day. Kyrogi had scored the winning goal, with a shot with a speed that broke all records for the Annual Polarchuck Neohockey Tournament. They had celebrated for hours, but now the team stood outside the arena getting the medals.

     "I, the Chairman of the Neopian Neohockey Board, reward the Light Faerie Elementary School Light Faeries with the Polarchuck Cup," the old Lupe said. The team erupted with cheers as they were handed the golden cup, with the face of a smiling Polarchuck on it.

     The team hugged each other and cheered. Laeyan, EmeraldBlitz, Zeggaro, Fleur, Kai, Kyrogi and Coach Bridge were filled with joy. They had traveled from being juniors who didn't know the rules to champions. They had won the tournament.

The End

Note: It's done! Like I did at the beginning of the series, I'm going to once again thank the owners for volunteering their pets for this story. Laeyan belongs to stormydreamer, Fleur Delacour67 belongs to bubbles7431, Kyrogi is owned by orieyl, kai_hawittrari is owned by jay_hawittari, Zeggaro is a pet in one of my branching accounts and finally the Krawk known as EmeraldBlitz belongs to me. Oh yeah, Coach Bridge is based off of a *certain* Phys Ed teacher I know. Thanks again to the great owners!

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