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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 98 > Continuing Series > The Game is Neohockey: Part Four

The Game is Neohockey: Part Four

by too_kule

"WAIT!" EmeraldBlitz yelled as the Predators were leaving the ice rink with very smug faces. They turned to the fire Krawk to see what he was yelling about. "They cheated! They used techniques to win! The Predators used Frost and Scorch moves against Kai and me!"

    "I didn't see that," the Chia replied.

    "Well maybe if you didn't have to slits for eyes," Laeyan muttered under your breath.

    "It's true Mr. Referee! I have burns on my fur where they burnt me! But if it weren't for the burns, I'd have frost bite because of the frost they used!" the yellow Gelert in the net cried.

    "Is this true?" the referee asked the other team.

    They looked nervously among themselves. "Um... sorry," the Scorchio who had been doing most of the cheating said. "But... uh... we fessed up, so we can go ahead, right?" The referee shook his head.

    "The Light Faerie Elementary School Light Faeries win!" he yelled.

    The Light Faeries erupted in cheers.


After their first victory, the Light Faeries continued to improve. The coasted through more games, winning each one. It wasn't easy, but they managed to teach those teams a thing or two about the game of Neohockey. The day wore on and more victories came through. It wasn't long for the Light Faeries to make it to the finals. But the day had ended, and so both teams got to spend the night at the Happy Valley Neolodge.

    Kyrogi the fire Draik and EmeraldBlitz entered their room. They dropped their Neohockey gear on the ground and looked around their room. It looked awfully comfortable. Down the hall they could hear Fleur and Laeyan arguing about which bed belonged to who, Zeggaro trying to explain to Kai what trigonometry was and Coach Bridge singing in the shower in his room.

    "This is nice," Kyrogi the fire Draik commented as he flopped down on his bed.

    "I agree. Hey, did the coach tell you what team we're playing against?"

    "Uh... I think it's the Ice Storm Elementary School Snowagers. I think they're from the Ice Caves," Kyrogi replied.

    "The Ice Caves? Man, they must be good at skating!" EmeraldBlitz exclaimed.

    Kyrogi shook his head. "They dominate the ice, but they aren't good at skating. They can slide down the ice, apparently really fast. I think coach told me they won each game by at least six more points than the other team did."

    EmeraldBlitz gulped. It looked like tomorrow would prove to be an end to the Light Faeries' winning-spree.

    All of a sudden, the two Neopets heard a knock on their balcony door. EmeraldBlitz cocked an eyebrow and slid the glass door open. The balcony overlooked the Neolodge's lobby, which was dark and deserted. The hotel staff were all asleep.

    Suddenly, the Krawk felt and icy blast as water was sprayed all over them. A water balloon had been dropped from the balcony above them, and EmeraldBlitz could see two Tuskaninnies were looking down from that balcony.

    "Oops, sorry," laughed one of them.

    "Yeah, my finger slipped," the other one joined in.

    EmeraldBlitz growled and stormed back into his room, slamming the sliding door closed behind him. They could still hear the taunts coming from the two other players. "We're going to beat those Tuskaninnies tomorrow!" he exclaimed.

    Kyrogi nodded his head. Then, the doorbell rang. Before EmeraldBlitz had a chance to stop him, Kyrogi opened the door. Two other Tuskaninies were there with water guns. They sprayed the Draik with jets of water before escaping.

    His eyes narrowed. "EmeraldBlitz, we're going to make those Tuskaninnies wish they had never heard the word Neohockey."


The sun hadn't even surpassed the trees that dotted the land of Happy Valley but already the Light Faeries were onto their bus and on their way to the arena, where the final game of the Annual Polarchuck Neohockey Tournament would be played. The entire team was nervous, but angry at the same time.

    "Those Tuskaninnies were, like, ringing our doorbell all night!" Fleur exclaimed.

    "They kept bouncing on the floor, I was nearly up all night!" Kai complained.

    "They made fun of my singing," Coach Bridge replied with a forlorn look on his face. "Uh... but we can't let that get to us! We'll show them!"

    The bus pulled up to the arena again. The team stepped out onto the hold pavement and headed toward the arena. Suddenly, a snowball shot through the air and hit Fleur in here head.

    "My fur, it's like so totally wet!" the Usul exclaimed as she ran around in circles squealing.

    The Light Faeries saw a green Tuskaninny run off around the arena, laughing. Kai and Kyrogi had to hold Laeyan back from clobbering that Tuskaninny.

    "Don't sink to their level," Coach Bridge stated. "We'll have a chance to beat those Tuskaninnies, but that'll be during the game."

    The team entered the Neohockey arena and headed off towards the dressing room. All of a sudden, it hit them like a load of bricks. They were playing for the cup. If they beat the other team by as much as a goal, the Light Faeries would be declared the winners and would be awarded the coveted Polarchuck Cup. The six pets put their gear on and didn't say a word. Their skates, their pads, their pink jerseys. The Light Faeries prepared for the game.

    "It's time," the coach said in barely a croak.

    They filed out of the dressing room with their nerves at an utmost high. They walked through the lobby toward the doors to the ice rink. The team could see six Tuskaninnies, donning black Neohockey jerseys with a picture of a Snowager on them. After all, their team was called the Snowagers.

    "I wish we had jerseys like them," Kai muttered. "They look so much better than these pink pieces of dung."

    The teams walked out into the rink to the roar of the crowd. The arena was filled with hundreds of Neopets in the stand, each cheering them on. Both teams skated out onto the ice. Fleur and Zeggaro were much better skates than they were at the beginning of the tournament. They skated out onto the ice with ease.

    "Welcome, to the final game of the Annual Polarchuck Neohockey Tournament," the announcer greeted into the loudspeaker. "Today, the Light Faerie Elementary School Light Faeries will face off against the Ice Storm Elementary School Snowagers!" The crowd erupted into a sea of boos and cheers.

    "I want a fair game," the Chia referee stated as he skated up to the centre where EmeraldBlitz faced a striped Tuskaninny. The striped one was the only painted pet on the Snowagers' team, and for some odd reason that sort of frightened EmeraldBlitz. The referee dropped the puck. "Let the game begin!"

To be continued...

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