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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 95 > New Series > Gallery of Evil: Part One

Gallery of Evil: Part One

by wonderful_aishas

also by adoriblelapin

Fyora, the Faerie Queen, walked across the dimmed corridors, her motions swift, and her expression calm. She looked around, suspecting to see all the usual artifacts in the hall. The Faerie continued to walk steadily, holding a bright lamp in her grasp. After venturing around the route once, she walked back. Suddenly, Fyora whirled around, surprised. An artifact was missing--one that no Faeries (but dark) could withstand the aura of. It was the book of the Gallery of Evil.

     She ran back to her quarters. "Summon the guards! Lock the doors! No one but Faeries is to come or leave Faerieland until I find out who stole The Book!" She ran to the loudspeaker. Pressing the button, she announced frantically, "The Book has been stolen from the Artifact Hall! Every Neopian is now in danger of being harmed – or worse – by one of the evil beasts engraved inside The Book! We must find The Book and return it immediately!”

     Faeries from all different locations gathered the Meeting Room quickly, panic-stricken. They all feared for the worst, wondering if the beasts were, at this very minute, attacking an innocent Neopian as they grouped.

     The Faerie Queen arrived at the Meeting Room a second later, sitting down at a chair. Her voice was solemn and firm. “I dear say you have heard the announcement. The Book has been stolen--and most likely after yester-morn. We must hurry and scatter round Neopia.”

     Fyora picked herself up to her feet and continued, “All Fire Faeries will be stationed north-east and down south. Water Faeries will be at the east near the many islands. We need at least one Water Faerie in each land, for you have the power of healing, and that is more than necessary in our situation. Earth Faeries will be in the west, to the plains and other lands. The Soup Faerie will be in Neopia Central, Illusen in Meridell, Taelia in Terror Mountain, and the rest of you, patrol Faerieland and other areas. Be sure to cover a vast amount of land. We must all protect the Neopians from any harm done.”


BlizzyDizzy12, otherwise known as Blizzy, flopped onto a chair, her slim tail following behind her. She was a Flotsam, and a green one at that. Her friend, Miffini, or Miff for short, was curled under the chair, obviously afraid of something.

     “What is it?” inquired the relaxed Flotsam in a caring tone, although not showing it with the tone of voice. “I hope you’re not worried of nothing out of the blue again, Miff. Everything’s okay, the sun’s shining, there are hardly any clouds… no, don’t give me that look! We’re not going to be burned, Miff. Just calm down and relax for once.”

     Miff gave her a worried look from behind the chair, and then placed her head and large, floppy ears on her paws. She whimpered quietly to herself, as the sun blazed down at the two, and a soft whisker of air blew to and fro.

     Blizzy took a sip of her Neocola and continued reading her book. Miff rolled out from under her chair and started pacing. Blizzy looked up.

     “Miff, what did I just say?” Blizzy smiled. “Nothing can go wrong.” Miff wasn’t so sure. Blizzy sighed and went back to her reading. There wasn’t any convincing small blue Cybunnies.


Fyora paced, wondering what else to do. She had just discovered from a reliable source that Jhudora was the one who had stolen the book. There had to be some way to recover it. Jhudora would have obviously stashed it somewhere, as it would be dangerous to keep. So where had she put it? The fate of all of Neopia was in danger.

     If she was going to get this book back, she was going to need some major help. Faeries were nice, but they rarely went anywhere. Except for the Tooth Faerie, most faeries just stayed in Faerieland. Fyora needed someone who knew the land. Then it came to her. The pets! she thought. Who better then the pets of Neopia? They lived on the planet and knew things that none of the Faeries knew. But how was she to get the word out?


“Hey look! A Pteri!” Blizzy said, pointing to the sky. Miff screamed and slid under her chair. Blizzy rolled her eyes and sighed. The Pteri flew down to the ground and landed next to Blizzy.

     “Notice for Ms. Blizzy and Ms. Miff!” he squawked.

     Miff’s curiosity got the better of her and she walked over to the Pteri. Blizzy took the notice from the Pteri.

     “It’s bad news, I just know it!” Miff said.

     “It says that the Faerie Queen wants us to help her find an artifact that’s been missing from the Hidden Tower.” Blizzy said. “The reward is” —Blizzy gasped— “500,000 Neopoints!”

     Miff hopped up and down. “Lemme see! Lemme see!” She bounced around the yard. Miff seemed to forget all her fears when she was hopping. It was what made her happy.

     The Pteri glanced at them strangely, and then asked, “Will you accept the quest?”

     Miff bobbed her head up and down. “What is it?” She inquired, hopping in circles around the Pteri messenger and Blizzy. The Pteri raised an eyebrow, which made Miff pause and calm, sitting down on the grass contentedly.

     “The Book of the Gallery of Evil,” he finally replied, sighing deeply. “If you accept, you must know that the entire fait of Neopia is in you ha—”

     Blizzy half-interrupted with a gasp, and looked at Miff. She was back to her paranoid self again. “Oh no! The Gallery of Evil? What if all the evil beasts attack us while we try to get our hands on it? What if we don’t live to get our prize? What if we can’t save the world?”

     Miff then began racing around in terror, as Blizzy gave a slight nod to the Pteri. “She’ll get over it… some time,” she assured him, doubting her own words. “Is there anything else we should know?”

     “Yes,” replied the Pteri. “Faeries will be going around your neighborhood, and you had better watch out for their important news updates. You should also watch out for the beasts from the Gallery of Evil that will appear more often than usual.”

     Blizzy’s Cybunny friend squealed from behind at the response of the Pteri. While Miff was dashing around frantically, for hardly any reason at all, the Pteri whispered a good luck and farewell, then took off.

     Blizzy sighed a deep sigh, and she looked at Miff. Miff crawled under the chair, and her friend flopped over toward her. The Flotsam smoothed her fin over Miff’s head soothingly, rubbing her ears. Miff finally calmed, and almost fell asleep, when Blizzy said, “I’m hungry, let’s go eat.”

     The two desperately needed that 500,000 NP, for they did not have a NeoHome, but had plenty of food, toys, furniture, and were very content and healthy. Blizzy thought about all of this; how lucky they were, but somehow were not rich enough for a simple one-roomed NeoHome, as she lied down on the grass. Miff hopped to their food basket, and extracted from it a bunch of warm food.

     Miff took out a batch of organic carrots, two cans of Neocola (where the sugar effected Miff greatly), and a strawberry carrot cake. She placed them in front of her and Blizzy, where they ate heartily.

     Miff glanced at Blizzy, who was eating the organic carrots and drinking the can of Neocola. Her cake remained untouched. Miff first looked at Blizzy, then at the food. She continued this for quite some time, when Blizzy turned her head to face her.

     “Why aren’t you eating the cake?” she questioned suspiciously, as though it were a crime.

     “Best for last,” replied Blizzy simply, chomping down another organic carrot.

     Miff looked at him warily, and mumbled enthusiastically yet depressingly, “But what if you never get to your last one? What if your first is your last? What if a hungry Grarrl comes and eats us this very minute like we’re eating carrots and drinking Neocola?”

     “Oh Miff, don’t be silly! That won’t happen anytime soon, you know. It’s not like the Pant Devil is going to swoop over our heads and steal my little slice of my strawberry carrot cake or anything —”

     Just then, a large blue object plummeted from the sky and over their heads, interrupting Blizzy’s speech. The sky on top of the two Neopets suddenly dimmed, and they recognized the blue object was the Pant Devil.

To be continued...

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