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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Neggster
Owner: dorreneb
Pet: Karex14742
Breed: Cobrall

About Neggster:

My story begins in the Lost Desert, where I was stalking a clueless Miamouse. The stupid thing didn't even know anything was there, until it heard a THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. THA THUMP THA THUMP THA THUM-

After that I found myself imprisoned in a emptied bottle of sand jar! Paniky, I looked all around, and ended looking straight into my capturer's face, a grinning desert lupe. That basically ended my life in the wild then and there, that glass bottle and that stupid desert neopet.

My capturer, who's name I found out later was Karex, put me into a bottle with a picture of sand all around it and breathing holes on the top. That disguise actually got me into his room, where he then put me into a large glass container with a screen covering. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper about that. I thrashed around and around until I was exhausted, then was fed some musho mushy peas. I wrinkled my nose (or whatever cobralls have) and thought "Yuk! Who would ever trade fresh miamouse for musho mushy peas??? I should have been more careful....". However, I was shocked to see a purple sliver of fruit I had seen in the Lost Desert. A negg? No. I swallowed it whole and... yes! It was a negg! My favorite food, next to miamouse! I smiled and went to sleep.

The next month went basically the same way. Wake up. Eat. Sit there. Eat whatever Karex brought home from the tombola. Sleep. It wasn't fun at all. It was kind of like I was being hidden from something... or someone....

After that terrible month, an human came into my prison. She kept mumbling about how Karex should clean his own room and not go galloping about faerieland and other places. She cleaned up the floor and got to bed. To me. She lifted up the fabric covering up the shelter I was under and gasped. I bet then she was wondering how long I've had been there, if only she knew....

Well, after that little shock, she yelled the name "Kena" and a then blue female lupe (she was Karex's only sibling then) came running into the room. The human said "Go get Karex. He said he'd be around faerieland today". The lupe's face lit up and she ran out of the door. I could only wonder what was going to happen to me after the human left me to ponder alone.

After about an hour or so Karex and Kena came into my room, where the human was waiting. A warning look from her caused Kena to leave. "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN KEEPING THIS... THING?"

"About a month, mom, and lookie, it survived! Please let me keep it, please, please, please???"

The 'mom' replied: "Well, since you DID take care of it for a while, I'll make you a deal. Tomorrow, take it back to wherever you got it. If it wants to stay here, it stays here."

Karex was ok with that. He fed me the rest of the negg he was slowly feeding me, and let me go around his room until it was time for bed.

The next day, Karex went to the Lost Desert and put me down. With tears in his eyes, he studdered "good-bye, Neggster, I'll always remember you...." I slithered a couple feet then remembered "hey, If I stay, I can have all the negg I want and more!" So, with that, I went back to Karex. Slithering up his arm, I noticed that same goofy grin. That one horrible month began a priceless friendship that would last forever.

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