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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dongwa
Owner: wyldpegasys
Pet: Hasufelth
Breed: Doglefox

About Dongwa:

Dongwa: (inner monologue) It's unusual when they say 'Curiosity killed the cat.' Does that mean there's no cat to kill the mouse, because I was curious? Should I kill the mouse? But ... why would anybody kill a mouse when they're so little? I'm kind of little ... am I a mouse? No, don't be stupid, I'm not a mouse. Why isn't he moving? Does he think I'll hurt him, maybe? He might try and hurt me ... maybe I should step away and find Hasufelth. Yeah, Hasufelth will know what to do. But it might be gone by the time we come back. Okay, okay, get a grip on yourself, Dongwa. I've never seen anything this small that was alive. What do bigger things do when they see me, I wonder? Do they stare at it blankly, stupidly wondering if it has some secret power that'll reveal itself in an instant and burn off all their fur? No, of course they don't. Right. I am the big one now. My turn to take charge, rodent. Ha ha! The power ... the absolute power ... AAH! It moved! Does a mouse think? I wonder what a mouse thinks about if it thinks. Maybe he's a new breed of petpet! KInd of looks like a Tigermouse, I guess ... can Tigermouses be painted grey? Or is he purple? I've always been colorblind ...

Mouse: (inner monologue) Why isn't he attacking me? Should I run? Don't run, don't run ... maybe he just ate. I smell cheese on his breath. If I make friends, maybe he'll give me cheese! Maybe I could be his Petpet ... pet. Petpetpet? Good idea! But maybe he isn't friendly and he still wants to eat me. I forgot about that. If I just hold completely still ... A-ACHOO! Did he see me sneeze? I bet he'll pounce right now. Somebody's got to do something. I'm hungry and sleepy and I don't want to sit here staring at a predator all day. I have to get a closer look ...

** Mouse sits up cautiously **
**Dongwa starts back and yelps **
**Mouse scurries under Dongwa's tail and cleans himself**
**Confused, Dongwa sniffs the mouse out and chases his tail**
**Mouse hooks his little paws on Dongwa's fur**

Dongwa: Yargh! Get it off, get it off!
Mouse: Get me off, get me off!

**Mouse flies off and rolls head over heels into a rock**

Mouse: Yow! [[cries]]

**Dongwa licks his paw and trots over to the grey ball of fur**

Dongwa: Hiya! You okay? You really scared me.
Mouse: [[rubs his face]] Me? Scare you? Sorry.
Dongwa: That's okay.
Mouse: So ... you got any cheese?
Dongwa: Cheese? Sure. Follow me. I feel awful that I caused you such distress ... we can plunder the dumpster behind the food shop and look for cheese, What kind do you like.
Mouse: Oh, anything but Bleu. Makes me sick ... cheddar's my favorite.
Dongwa: Bleu, okay. I don't like it either. When will they learn that it's spelled B-L-U-E?
Mouse: I wonder if they made a typo?
Dongwa: I don't think they had keyboards when cheese was invented.
Mouse: Invented? [[scurries between Dongwa's ears]] What do you mean?
Dongwa: Well, people make it, don't they?
Mouse: Hm. I don't know.

[[curls up in Dongwa's scruff and sleeps]]

Dongwa: (inner monologue) I hope Hasufelth doesn't mind me helpin' the little fellow out. He's awfully nice, though. I must've given him such a scare. Being bigger than someone else is overwhelming. I feel very responsible for this mouse now. Well, if he wants to stick around for a while that's okay with me. He's cute. I'll be the first Petpet with a pet. Now, let's see, how do I get to the dumpster without that big Chia hitting me with that spoon and that frying pan? I still have a mark from last week ... hm. If there were an invisible Petpet paint brush ... well, my day would be made. I'll wait until he goes out for lunch.

[[Dongwa curls up with his new friend behind the food shop, dreaming about the days they'll spend together.]]

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