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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fluffy
Owner: fishylish
Pet: belsan21
Breed: slorg

About Fluffy:

You know why I tried out for this contest? Because a Slorg deserves some recognition. Suuuure, everyone loves those cute fuzzy creatures, but are they loyal? No. They'd rather trust you to take care of THEM. But Slorgs are so much nicer, and we can even have many uses around the home. We can shine shoes, be used as a sponge, scare off burglars, and even be used as a stress squeezie. My owner belsan21 likes to help me when I get caught in drainpipes. I enjoy sliding down them everytime I find one. Some people even say slorgs are gross! We can't help being a little slimy and oozy, and even though sometimes we can act really mean, we aren't actually trying to hurt anyone. Belsan even says I'm cute. I think we are adorable, with our big sqooshy eyes and smiles. Well, enough about slorg rights. This contest is supposed to be based on one petpet!

My name is Fluffy, and as I mentioned, I'm a Slorg. I bet you didn't know Slorgs could swim. I can! I'm a champion swimmer Slorg, as my owner likes to say. She is planning to paint me a lovely blue color, but the paintbrushes are too expensive. Besides, if I was blue in the blue water, how would she find me when it was time to go home? It would be quite a pickle we'd be in, so I'm going to be painted pink or purple. I feel kind of ashamed though. Other pets stare when belsan21 takes me out for walks. I feel like I'm making her an outcast when she puts a leash on me and we stroll around Neopia Central, licking ice cream cones. Sometimes we even take belser21's Angelpuss Mindina outside with us. Mindina keeps telling me not to act weird in public, or belsan would look like an idiot, taking an odd Slorg out for a walk.

I suppose she meant weird by the way I normally act. Belsan once told me I should be in a magic show with all the weird and wacky things I do. I thought I acted like a slorg should, changing my eye color, moaning, and turning into odd little puffs of smoke. I wish I could do those things so I didn't feel like I was trying to be something else. If an Angelpuss doesn't want to act like me, I don't want to be like one! But I just want belsan to have a nice time when we walk.

Well, I guess that is all I have to say. I hope you are a Slorg lover, because if you weren't it would just break my heart. Thanks for taking the time to listen! B)

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