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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rascal, Fudge and Pharaoh
Owner: Syrius_lionwing
Pet: CallyStarstream, UingoNeo, and HuffleGriffindor
Breed: Puppy blew, Doglefox and Anubis

About Rascal, Fudge and Pharaoh:

The Three Dogkateers

Not very long ago, heh seems like forever now, I was put in to a trade by my 'old' high mummy, she decided she no longer wanted me and (if you'll excuse this but he is like) my brother, he's a Puppyblew and we've been together for ages and he's always protected me from (whisper it) Kadoatie's. Any way we were traded and we became a part of a petpet family along with Fudge the Doglefox and Pharaoh the Anubis. I was given to my mum Peacelilly Katani or Kat as she lets me call her (I just call her mum but I'm allowed to call her Kat). My mummy gave me a name and now I am lovingly known as Cheeka. My brother is still with me of course he was also given a name (his name's Rascal) and he was given to my mummy's sister. Sometimes when I'm scared I cross the hall to see him and he tells me every things all right and there's no (whisper it again) Kadoatie's around here, but he was wrong.

I was lazing around one sunny summer day, in a flowerbed, as one does, when I heard this awful yowling. Suddenly out of a bush that surrounds my peaceful little flowerbed jumps a mutant kadoatie. I squealed with fright and jumped up to run but I was too late, the kadoatie caught me in its mouth and ran. Rascal arrived a few moments later to discover I'd been mouse napped and he fled as fast as his paws could carry him back to our home. He raised up a howl around the house and in seconds, fudge and pharaoh were at his side. They quickly grouped together getting curious looks from our owners as they ran out a tiny puppy pack on a mission to find and rescue me.

Meanwhile, I was deep in the sewers of Neopia cold, tired and wet with the rabid things slobber. It looked at me hungrily and I wondered why it hadn't eaten me yet when I remembered something my mummy once told me 'Kadoatie's always play with their food before (whisper it) eating their tiny victims. The Kadoatie opened its mouth and dirty yellow fangs showed as it bent down close to me, I thought this was the end, but it hissed at me "run I like my food to be.." it paused and let out an awful yowling laugh "lively" it licked it's lips and snapped at me, I squealed and ran fleeing from the great furry monster, and so started a deadly game of Kadoatie and Miamouse. I guessed the thing probably knew the whole sewer and wasn't going to let me escape it was just toying with me, but I ran any way, what other choice did I have? I rounded a corner and what did I see but a sparkle of light, "An exit!" I squealed with joy as I put my four paws to the ground and ran for the light, I thought, I hoped this was an escape route that maybe the smelly creature had fallen down a hole and I could escape in to the fresh air, but alas as I was barely a foot away from the light and precious freedom, the kadoatie was in front of me. "Ah ah" it hissed "your not getting away that easily". I jumped away from a slashing paw and ran back off in to the rancid, creepy darkness. I heard a faint pattering as I ran, that I thought must be my imagination, then there was chaos, a huge cackle of noises starting the slashing of paws, barking and the almost familiar now, yowl of the kadoatie. Next thing I know the kadoatie is jumping over my head with a little less fur and looking scared out of its wits. I turned around fearing a greater evil had come to get me when, Fudge, Rascal and Pharaoh turn the corner with very pleased looks on their doggy faces. I ran to them and we all tumbled together in a big hug they wagging their tails and I making my giggling squeaky nose so happy was I to be rescued. We went outside in to the sun and I took a deep breath of fresh air so glad to be out of that stinking sewer. I rode back home on Rascals back, fudge to our left and Pharaoh to our right.

This is the end to my little story and it's for my three protectors, My three Dogkateers.

Cheeka the Miamouse.

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