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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Prismaticallization
Owner: prismaticzephyr
Pet: DesertSorceress
Breed: Robot Kadoatie

About Prismaticallization:

--recording-- *DesertSorceress blinks at the camera, blushing slightly... *
Prisma!!! Where are you???
*She scours the room with a critical eye, then dives under the bed, flinging various objects from her plastic stuff collection, not noticing the little robot Kadoatie sitting on the windowsill.*
*strange clicking noise*
*The white aisha pops out from under her bed, all four ears twitching until she locates the little creature*
PRISMA!!! I've been looking all over for you!
*She picks up the petpet, wanders over to the faded blue bean bag, and flops, the whoosh of air ruffling the aisha's fur, Prismaticallization blinks mechanically at the camera focused there*
DesertSorceress: This *holds up the kadoatie* is Prismaticallization... My petpet....and radio.... and portable game system... and virtual mapping accessory.... Uh....
Prismaticallization: ...*stares at camera*...
DesertSorceress: We're sending this video taped uh...kinda-interview in to see if she can be in the petpet spotlight... a little history about her...

~*fancy flashback effects*~
*DesertSorceress sits at a computer in her new room, chatting with some neofriends at the space station online. Suddenly, a Blue Meekins (DesertSorceress' sister's petpet) runs in, snapping at a fly, it leaps up and startles DesertSorceress, causing her to fall out of the chair*
*The Meekins scampers across the keyboard, then runs out of the room, Scowling, DesertSorceress uprights the chair and looks at the damage that had been done, as soon as she touches the mouse the screen blackens out, she tries to turn the computer back on but to no avail*
~Later that Night~
*DesertSorceress wakes up, feeling something walking around on the bed*
Kimaya.... it's two in the morning.... go back to Masqs room....
*she is nearly asleep when she feels the tiny paws stepping over her legs, move to the edge of the bed, then...*
*CLUNK* Clunk??? Kimaya doesn't...*The aisha opens her eyes, only to see her computer gone* WHAT THE- *She sits up then shrieks in terror as two glowing green eyes glare at her from the edge of the bed*
Mysterious Green Eyed Creature: Brrrflp?
Freaked Out DesertSorceres: EEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!
Obsy(owner/mother): Des???? What's wrong???
*the light clicks on, DesertSorceress is standing on her bed, Pretty Pink Pillow raised threateningly, on the floor, a born? Robot Kadoatie sits and blinks in a mechanical way, the green eyes glowing in the dim lighting*
DesertSorceress: What is that?!?!
Obsy: *awwing in her "it's so adorable it's staying" way* It's a robot Kadoatie!!!
*DesertSorceress lowers her "pink pillow of death"* Isn't that a petpet? How'd it get in here? AND WHERE'S MY COMPUTER?!?

~*End of FlashBack*~
And so... Mom talked me into keeping her... I learned she can come in really handy... watch this!
*She presses the button in the middle of Prisma's forehead, which starts glowing, new age music fills the air. She presses it again, the button goes dark, and the music ceases* See? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find new age music around here?
*The kadoatie blinks*
DesertSorceress: Okay.... she's not very exciting like alot of other pets... but hey, how many other neopets can get such great reception? She also holds my neomails, endless selections of roleplaying games, and is a great homework help....
Prismaticallization: *inspects a loose thread on the beanbag*
*A blue meekins suddenly appears in the background, it stops and chews on a wire under the nearby desk, suddenly the image flickers* *BZAP!* KIMAYA!!!
*you find yourself faced with a screenful of "snow"*
--End of recording--

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