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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jellybean
Owner: fidele
Pet: Chuchofierte
Breed: Alkenore

About Jellybean:

You see a tiny pink alkenore flitting towards you. You carry on watching, thinking it's going to slow down any minute now, surely it's going too fast. Wait, no, it's not slowing down at all, it's going to hit you! *THUMP!*

Suddenly you wake up, and find you are flat on your back on the grass. A Halloween kougra with purple stripes is entertaining the pink alkenore that has just made an imprint on your forehead. You sit up, and decide to question the kougra,
"Hey, is that your alkenore?"
The kougra looks apologetically at you and replies, "Oh! You're awake! Yes, she is mine, I'm dreadfully sorry, you see, she gets excited sometimes and she flies away from me, just for a moment, but she's ALWAYS flying into things and you're not the first person she's knocked out. She may be small, but she's incredibly strong! Are you ok?"
"Yes, I'm fine. Nothing that a nice cup of borovan won't cure. What's her name?"
"Jellybean. When I found her, that's what she was eating, she especially likes the pink ones you see, so we painted her pink soon after."
"My owner, fidele, and I. She's dreadfully nice, although she pays more attention to my sister, Kezhali, these days. Kez is such a handful! I'm quite happy to look after Jellybean though."

You take another look at the pink alkenore. She runs around the kougra's paws in a figure of eight shape, then making a little bark type sound, the kougra bows his head, and she climbs up onto his muzzle and kisses his nose. She then climbs onto his head and curls up to fall asleep.

The kougra talks again, "She'll stay like that now I expect. She's very tired!"
"Yes, I expect she is," you reply. "What's your name by the way?"
"Me? I'm Chuchofierte, Chucho for short. It's French, it mean's 'whispered pride'. I was thinking of giving Jellybean a French name at first, but I don't think it would have suited her at all!"
"How did you find her?" You ask, suddenly terribly curious about this cute creature who only a moment ago had knocked you unconscious.
"Well, I had been in a battle in the dome, and fidele was taking me to Faerieland to get some potions at the healing springs. We stopped for lunch at Faerie Foods, and apparently she had been aggravating the kitchen staff there, always flying in and out, taking scraps of food where she could. She was a terrible menace! Well, we waited, as we wanted to see what she was like, but she didn't appear, then, just as we were leaving we saw her rolling around in a patch of soft cloud near the entrance! I went up to her, saw she was eating jellybeans, and just sat down next to her. She kind of came up to me and looked at me and stuff, until she climbed onto my head and fell asleep. We just kind of warmed to each other straight away, and I haven't been able to part with her since!"

"What a lovely story!" You reply. "I'm sure she must be the cutest petpet I've seen!
"Well, I think so anyway" Chucho answers, looking happily towards his forehead, where Jellybean lay. "Anyway, I must be going now, we have supper soon! It was nice talking to you!"
You wave, and watch as Chucho starts flapping his wings, trying to balance the sleeping alkenore as he does so. Then, as quick as anything, he is gone.

You smile to yourself, thinking it might not be such a bad idea to get a petpet for your neopets. You change direction, and start walking, wondering how long it will take you to get to Faerieland, where the alkenores live.

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