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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Brack
Owner: chasing_my_shadow
Pet: o_JoJo_o
Breed: Babaa

About Brack:

*Picks up a book and in a deep strong voice starts reading*

The Dark dead woodland swayed as if it was trying to rock me to sleep a haunted sleep. Howling winds....

*Makes ooOOooooOOOo sounds*

whispered untold horrors and terrors of the creatures within the woods.Twisted tree limbs beckoned me like a stranger trying to give me some hexed treasures. The black evil clouds killed the shiny golden sun like spit covered fingers snuffing out a flame...

*Giggles at the word 'spit' and tries not to fall out of scary book reading character*

There was a scent to the air.... a scent like.... a scent like... well honestly *shocked look* like Pumpkin cookies!!

*Tummy grumbles... close book... jumps into kitchen*

JoJo: *Notices the complete chaos of kitchen* BRACK!!!!

Brack: 'What'

JoJo: 'Don't say "what" look at this place, it's a complete mess! what on earth are you up to?'

Brack: 'Aweeee come onnnn mum you're making a mountain out of a mole hole here, the place isn't that bad!'

*The shrill of oven bell is heard*

Brack: 'YUM they're ready!!!" *Gets all excited*

JoJo: *A little curious* WHAT is ready Brack?

Brack: 'Why my double chunky pumpkin cookies of course'

Jojo: *Roll eyes* Oh brack *Shakes head ... walks back into lounge room*

*Notices I'm not alone* Oh sorry I didn't see you there =)


My name is JoJo I am a mutant cybunny and that bundle of red fur back in that kitchen is my petpet Brack. Brack is a halloween Babaa and *Deep sigh* is totally addicted to all things pumpkin!

It's no joke! The boy is obsessed with the vegetable! I get so worried that soon he'll just turn an interesting shade of orange *shakes head* but in truth his obsession is all my fault I guess. Let me tell you the tale of Brack and his "thing" for pumpkins...

- The Tale -

Well I've had Brack for sometime now.

When I first got him he was a plain white babaa and I was a regular red cybunny. Brack was such a peaceful good boy, all he ever really did was chew on grass and jump over white fences. Come to think of it he didn't really say much other then 'Baa Baa' not to mention following me around EVERYWHERE!!! *Giggles at the memory*.

Then I had to go and form a liking to mutants. Oh it was simple enough at first. I just started to form friendships with mutants and collect mutant plushies. Then I got a taste for it and long story short my owner brought me a potion that once I drank I turned into the mutant I am today!

*Looks toward the kitchen where a big bang just occurred*

Brack: 'I'm ALRIGHT mum... everything is OK!!'

*shakes head* So anyway, I guess it was a vanity thing that I decided to paint Brack's fur. I mean a mutant cybunny and a pearly white babaa kind of clash, so I brought a halloween petpet paintbrush at the markets and took brack to the rainbow pool.

Well all I can say is I think there should be a warning label on those petpet paint brushes! Once I painted Brack's fur he became a whole new babaa. He spoke normal english instead of "babaa talk", he walked on his two hind hoofs and he became very fascinated on the going on's in the haunted woods. So being a good mother I took him to the woods often and boy's being boy's he developed a liking to the scary aspect of the woods. Soon my house was filled with spiders and eyeballs in jars *Roll eyes* I maybe a mutant but I still like my frills and lace lol. So I put a ban on all things gross and scary in the house. The ban was the reason Brack developed a 'thing' for pumpkin!!

Sure enough boy's being boy's (yet again) Brack decided to be a little smart guy and STILL collect haunted wood stuff, it's just the one thing at the time that was associated purely with the haunted woods (and that wasn't scary or gross) was PUMPKINS! *Shudders*. After that Brack's fascination turned into obsession. My home is now filled with pumpkin things and all my boy eats is pumpkin things *Mope* even my fur smells of pumpkin.

*Grin* So I guess you're thinking 'why don't I put my foot down and stop this obsessive behavior?' hehehehehe Think about it for a moment, my Brack is eating health food *Wink* and well if I didn't act like all this pumpkin was bad I'm sure he would find something else and probably more unhealthy to fuss over hehehehehe so every now and again when ever Brack is cooking up something pumpkin I pretend to be unhappy about it to just insure that he continues eating health food hehehehehe.

*Sniffs the air* Also Brack is a pretty good cook and I'd hate it if he developed a taste for something ick like ghostmallows or something. Well that's the tale of Brack!! Now if you'll excuse me. *Smacks lips* I do believe there is a double chunky pumpkin cookie with my name on it mmmmmmm.

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