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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ultra-Peepi
Owner: Spacerangers
Pet: Grahams2
Breed: Meepit

About Ultra-Peepi:

Psst! hey you... psst! Yes you, come down here. Shhh...quite, I don't want it to hear you. Why are you looking at me like that? Just listen to me, see that little pink Meepit sitting over there writing something in a book? Good, now that little thing may look cute, but don't let it's cuteness distract you, it's a evil mastermind! You're giving me that look again, but you have to believe me! I know, I'm it's owner Grahams. Maybe you will believe me once you hear the evidence. It all started a little over a year ago...

"Mom! I promise I'm responsible enough to have my own pet! My own little brother even has a petpet and I don't? Do you see something wrong here?" I whined.
"Ok ok, Ill get you a petpet," replied my mom, "but you have to take care of it. Remember what happened when you watched your sister's buzzer?"
"Hehehe, oh come on, like it was my fault it got a hold of Zeus' zaptwig!"
"You where supposed to be watching it, and it zapped a hole right through the sofa!"
"Yeah, but you got to admit, it was pretty funny!"

So we headed outside with neopoints in pocket to go find someone I can tell all my secrets too, help me scare my sister, and be my best friend, a petpet. We had just heard that some new spooky petpets have just been released in the Haunted Woods, so we headed right over to check them out, hoping to find one I liked. When we walked in, the place was packed with other neopets all looking for that extra cute rare petpet.

" which one will Flare be scared of the most?" I wondered looking around.
"What was that?"
"Um, nothing mom...HEY! look over there at that thing!" I said quickly to avoid the subject.
"Aw, that is cute."

Not even knowing what I was pointing at, I turned to look. There it was, a pink little rodent looking thing called a Meepit. I had to admit, I was taken by it like every other unknowing person. Little did I know that under that soft fur and big black eye was a evil mind. We stared at each other for sometime, only did I look away from our unspoken staring contest when mom asked "So, what do you think? Want to take it home with us?"

Looking around the room quickly, I noted how fast petpets where flying off the shelves, so I nodded yes, knowing that this could be the only chance I could get for getting a petpet of my own. Picking it up I saw it's name, Ultra-Peepi. "Huh, what a weird name" I thought, "How am I going to scare my sister with this?"

All seemed well as we walked home with my new "friend". Peepi was looking more cute then ever when I showed him off to my family, even making little squeaky noises when everyone pet him. To my disgust, my sister loved it, and my brothers made fun that I now had the most girlish pet in the house. "Ok ok I get it, I own a pink pet," I said as I walked Ultra-Peepi to my room. "Alright Peepi, here is my room and over there is where you can sleep and ---" I stopped mid sentence. The look in his eye, it was different then a few minutes ago. The once happy cute eye was now, evil and crazy looking. "Um...well, you don't have to sleep in that corner, I have three others if you want." and then, he jumped me! CRUNCH! Right into my arm! "AWW!!! Get it off of me! Get it off!" I screamed in shock. I heard footsteps, my rescuer was coming! He must of heard it too, because he let go and jumped into my arms! I was in disbelief. One minute this thing was attacking me, the next he was wanting to be my friend?! I didn't get it, and I still didn't for weeks to come.

I thought Peepi was just scared in his new surroundings, but strange things continued to happen. Ultra-Peepi would attack me when no one was looking, but as soon as someone entered the room he was all nice and cute again! No one would believe me that he was a hideous monster! His cuteness had gotten to them! But it wouldn't get to me! I often saw Peepi writing and drawing in my room at night. When I got out of bed to see what it was up too, he jump and hiss at me! Terrified I went back to bed, but I wouldn't be beaten that easy! During the day I searched my room for the papers, and after a long search, ok, my room needs to be cleaned, I found them, and you will not believe what I saw! "He wants to take over Neopia!?" I yelled in shock! "How can a little meepit take over the world? Hmm..wait, these plans do kinda make sense. NO! I can't let him do this! The word must get out!"

And this is where my story ends. You see? My petpet wants to take over the world! He must be stopped! Alright, by the look on your face I can tell you think I'm crazy, but I'm not! I know what I saw, and that little pink ball of fur is out to get us. Tell everyone to watch their petpets, I think he may ask others to help him! If the word gets out, then we can save Neopia and the world!!

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