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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kek
Owner: baisti
Pet Name: Loktar
Breed: Garfir

About Kek:
It was the eve of the Shenkuu Lunar Festival and the markets of Shenkuu were a sea of colors. Loktar, a Lupe from a humble Tyrannian village, looked around with unabashed awe glittering in his eyes. Aishas with beautiful robes scattered with pink blossoms walked the cobbled paths, fireworks vendors bragged about the potency of their wares, a shop owner showed off his delicately painted petpet masks, and parasols to passerbys. The lupe desperately wanted to stop and browse the stalls.

Loktar was in Shenkuu on business though, seeking someone known only as the Wise Old Gnorbu. Nearly a month ago now, the lupe had been training on Mystery Island under the guidance of the Techo Master. His master received a missive that evening from the Wise Old Gnorbu to send Loktar to Shenkuu immediately. The Techo Master had only told Loktar that he needed to be in Shenkuu before the Lunar Festival and sent him off with great haste. After the whole month at sea Loktar had finally made his way across Neopia and now was walking toward the Lunar Temple.

Upon reaching the temple a guard halted Loktar. The Ruki was many times Loktar’s age judging by his long, grey beard, and yet he moved with a subtle, controlled grace that suggested that despite appearances, the ruki was likely a very powerful warrior.

“For what purpose has the moon brought you to this humble temple?”

To Loktar the temple looked anything but humble. The edifice was at least twice the size of his Master’s dojo, with sloping ebony roofs and red bricks each containing an array of beautiful swirling symbols. The architect for this building appeared not to have missed a single detail.

“I have been summoned here by the Wise Old Gnorbu.” Loktar gave the ruki space, in deference to his status as a warrior.

“The Wise One is currently not taking visitors. You are destined to meet at another time.” The ruki answered simply, as if it were obvious information.

Loktar made as if to object but looking at the staff in the ruki’s hands thought better of it. He had felt the sting of such a weapon before. Bowing his head he stalked off feeling somewhat put out.

His ill mood was short-lived however as it dawned on him that he would, in this case be allowed to stay for the festival this evening, as his sense of duty would have put him right back on a ship home if his business had been completed with the gnorbu this afternoon.

A few hours passed and the festival was going in full force. Fireworks lit the sky, pets in masks danced in the roads, and music and laughter filled the air. Loktar danced and made merry for a few hours before he found himself quite exhausted and sat for a moment in an alley to get out of the raucous streets.

There was sharp pain in the back of his head then, and Loktar saw only black.

Loktar woke to his paws being tied by a creature with a snorkle mask whose tail betrayed his identity as a blumaroo.

“Yes the Wise One summoned him.” said the blumaroo to another masked pet whose paws and tail suggested a kougra.

“We will figure out his intentions with this one and then be rid of him---ACK!” Suddenly, a flurry of claws and a pointed tail came out of the darkness attacking the kougra.

“A garfir!!!! RUN!” The kougra called to her companion

“It’s just a baby tho--YOUCH” the little garfir poked the blumaroo with the stinger on the end of his tail, and just like that, Loktar’s attackers were gone, dashing into the sewers of Shenkuu.

The creature stalked up to Loktar with measured steps. Loktar attempted to released himself from the ropes but it was no good, they were too tight and they had muzzled him.

Step by step the garfir walked up and...rolled over. It followed this ridiculous action by making a pathetic little mew revealing that this beast was indeed still just a kitten. When it grew to full size, it would be a veritable monster.

From nowhere then, an elderly gnorbu stepped out of the shadows.

“I apologize for the ruffians. Shenkuu is not the place it used to be.” The old one said wistfully, pulling a sword from the cane he carried, slashing Loktar’s bonds in, and sheathing the blade again in one swift motion.

This then, must be the Wise Old Gnorbu.

The gnorbu pressed a note into Loktar’s paw. “Give this to your master.” He commanded gently and turned on his heel, back into the shadows.

Loktar looked down to see the garfir still rolling about on the ground before him.

“He was born to be your companion.” The soothing voice of the gnorbu called “He will defend you in the battles to come. Your Master will teach you to train him properly for the dark times ahead.”

And with that the Wise Old Gnorbu was gone.

Loktar had never had a petpet, he’d hardly even had friends in his young life.

The garfir made that pathetic mew again following it this time with an odd chirping “ek-ek-ek-ek-ek”

Loktar smiled at this “ek-ek-ek-ek-ek” he mocked the little creature.

Instantly the garfir brightened “ek-ek-ek!” he pounced in circles around the lupe.

“I will call you ‘Kek’ then. What do you think? Do you like that name?”

Kek did another circle around him “ek-ek-ek-ek!”

And with that, the lupe walked back to the docks to charter a ship back to Mystery Island with his new friend.

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