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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lexa
Owner: liezelotte8
Pet Name: Izianta
Breed: Pink Lutra

About Lexa:
Once upon a time, there was a Lutra living in the sea
This story might not be familiar to you, not like it is to me
This Lutra is a patient creature, but also timid and kind
Her name is Lexa, and she was born blind

She doesn't know what the sun looks like, cannot see its blinding light
Nor the colors in the sky, breathtakingly beautiful before the night
She cannot describe the water, the trees or grass or even sand
She only catches snippets of it, how all of it is supposedly grand
She doesn't know the stars, how they try their hardest to shine bright
She cannot describe a frown or even a smile, for she does not have sight

Deep asleep, she dreams about lights and non-specific sound
About the sensation of flowing through water, a sensation so profound
Sometimes she dreams about voices, talking to her in her sleep
She remembers those voices, as they are friends from the deep
She used to dream about laughter, happiness touching her soul
Her most recent dreams, however, are different as a whole

In these dreams, she can see the world that's around her
She sees shapes and colors, whereas before there was only a blur
In these dreams, she can see the sun shining in the sky
And it is as blinding as they say, even though it's up so high
She can see the sunset, the orange and yellow and red,
And those tiny, bright, beautiful stars are just like they said

Lexa thinks to herself, why is this my horrible fate, being blind?
How can it be fair for me to only see the world inside my mind?
There is so much out there, so much to explore and so much to see
And she is stuck, never quite living the sensation of being free
Maybe the answer doesn't lie here, maybe she needs to seek for it
She will go through any hardship, there is no way she will quit

So, during her waking hours, she travels through the ocean deep,
In search of the Water Faerie, whose wisdom is all she needs
For some reason, she knows exactly where to go
It's as if she's being beckoned by the very sea, the water flow
The Water Faerie hovers nearby, her aura imposing and wise
Lexa cannot contain her questions, no matter how much she tries

"Why?" She asks the Faerie. "Why have I become like this?"
"Like this? My dear Lutra, what is it exactly that you miss?"
Lexa falters for a moment, pondering over what has been said
She says, "I just want to be able to see the road ahead."
She says, "I miss seeing, like I do in my dreams. It's so beautiful all around."
"My dear Lutra," answers the Water Faerie, "You see more than I can count."

Lexa doesn't understand those words, and tells the Faerie such
"Sometimes not seeing is better than seeing. You feel so much."
"So I'm stuck with this darkness for the rest of my life? What to do?"
"Is it really darkness you see, when there is always light around you?"
Lexa is silent for a while, letting the words sink in
The Faerie laughs. "Those who can see into hearts, they truly win."

"I think I understand," Lexa says, her voice pensive and low.
The Water Faerie smiles, it's tangible, "And now, just because I will it so—
— I shall restore your eyesight, so you can see the beauty you feel."
And Lexa opens her eyes, not quite believing this is real
There are colors and beauty, just like in her dream,
She is so exhilarated by her restored eyesight, she might scream!

"Thank you," she tells the Water Faerie, "I am in your debt."
"No, my dear Lutra. You deserve it as long as your devotion is kept."

You may think this tale was a little flawed
It is only a story, after all, and you may brush it off or applaud
But either way, my readers, this story draws to a close,
And Lexa got her happy ending, I suppose...

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