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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Maxime
Owner: wingtalker
Pet Name: Allynea
Breed: Royal Mortog

About Maxime:
Her apartment was empty. Tidy, but empty, save for herself.

Allynea couldn't hold back a sigh as she sat onto the sofa, eyes falling on the Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting in front of her. A single lit candle stuck out on top of the multicolored frosting, its tiny flame seemingly on the verge of burning out. She wasn't really in the mood to do much, which was a surprise, considering that it was her birthday. It wasn't that Allynea didn't enjoy her birthday (just the opposite), but just like the year before that (and the year before that), she would have to celebrate it alone.

A couple days before, Allynea received a letter from her good friend, Vienterra. Just seeing her friend's name on the letter lifted Allynea hopes up, but it came crashing down as soon as she read it - Vienterra's pirating brother Tashford had gotten into some "trouble" and she had to go to Krawk Island and help him out. And as a result, Vienterra wouldn't be able to make it to her birthday.

Thinking about her dashed hopes made Allynea sigh again, this time with clear unhappiness. She didn't have too big of a plan for her birthday, most years, she bought a cupcake or two for herself, went shopping for some clothes or a plushie, and then just went home, blowing out her single candle at the end of the day to mark another year older she was. It was only recently that she met Vienterra and Tashford, but even with her newfound friends close by, it was another birthday Allynea would have to celebrate alone, if celebrate was even the right word for it.

Amidst Allynea's discontent, a light flickered above her, on and off. Her head shifted to the door. It was a installment that she'd specially requested for her apartment, as a doorbell wouldn't do her any good, being deaf. The royal uni pushed herself and walked to the door, and opened it, only to find the hallway empty. For a moment, confusion swept over Allynea, until she looked down, and a pair of packages was at her feet, both addressed to her. One was small, while the other was quite large and with holes poking out the sides. For a second, Allynea saw movement inside the larger package, but it quickly ceased.

A newfound curiosity and excitement gripped Allynea as she took the two packages inside, setting them down in front of the sofa. She wasn't expecting such big packages, and she didn't recall ordering anything. Slowly, her hands reached to the smaller package first, and inside, a glimmer of purple, blue, and red greeted her - a Royal Petpet Paint Brush.

Just the sight of the paint brush made Allynea gasp. Why would she receive a petpet paint brush, especially since she didn't have a petpet to begin with? Was it some sort of prank? Or-

Before Allynea could ask another question, the larger package's earlier movement returned, shifting to the left slightly. Something was alive in there. Allynea assumed that it was a petpet of some kind, but what kind, she was quite nervous to find out. Was it a petpet with large teeth that threatened to bite her the second she opened the box? Gulping, Allynea set the paint brush aside and started to open the box, her eyes winced for whatever was in the box.


Allynea opened her eyes, and a Mortog was sitting in the center of the box, googly yellow eyes staring at her inquisitively. For a moment, Allynea was frozen staring at the petpet, until the Mortog, done with waiting, leaped out of the box, landing onto Allynea's lap. Instantly, a chill ran down Allynea's back upon feeling the Mortog's slimy skin on her legs. The Mortog however, blissfully unaware of the uni's chills, looked up at her again, letting out a mix of a croak and a warble.

It wasn't until taking a closer look at the Mortog that Allynea noticed something stuck to its back - a note. It was a tad wet, stuck on by a piece of tape and the moistness of the Mortog's skin. Gently, Allynea reached for the note and pulled it off, quickly noticing writing in the center: To Ally :). It was in Vienterra's handwriting, and a newfound excitement surged through Allynea as she opened the note.

Happy Birthday, Ally! :D

Sorry that Tash and I couldn't make it. But of course my brother had to go and land himself in trouble, haha.

A slight smile stretched across her face. Just reading her words, it was as if Vienterra was there in the apartment.

Tash, his crewmates, I all know that when you're not spending time with us, you're kinda...alone. At first, we all had a hard time deciding what we should get for your birthday, until Tashford brought that up. No one should be alone, especially on their special day!

As she continued to read, Allynea noticed a change in handwriting - likely from Tashford.

-no tags here-So we all pitched in our neopoints and since we were close to Meridell, we got you a new friend. We also made a quick stop by Faerieland to get him a fancy new color. We admit, he can be a bit slimy and Fyora knows what'll happen if you kiss him, but the shopkeeper told us he's a real sweetheart, a little prince, almost.
Even if we're not together, just know that me, Terra, and all my crewmates wish you a happy birthday and we're so glad to know you and to have you as our friend. :D

Allynea couldn't hold back a sniff as she saw not only Vienterra and Tashford's signatures, but other names, likely members of Tashford's pirate crew. Slowly, she chuckled, which quickly evolved into a laugh of joy, to which the Mortog looked up at her, even more curious. Glancing down at her new friend, Allynea put a hand on his head and started to rub it, the Mortog starting to coo happily at the feeling.

Tashford said that you were like a that's what you'll be. My little prince Maxime... She couldn't hold back another giggle.

- - - - -

It was the next day, and Allynea walked through Neopia Central, Maxime on her shoulder, now donning a large crown, an elegant blue sash, and a ruby ring around his front leg. Even if yesterday was another birthday Allynea had to spend alone, it was definitely among her best birthdays.

Since along with having some of the best friends in Neopia, Ally now had another one, one that would never leave her side - her little prince Maxime.

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