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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Yume
Owner: dtrg
Pet Name: Jyuukun
Breed: Weewoo Blanc

About Yume:
I have always been special, at least, that's what my best friend told me. My name is Yume and I am a simple white weewoo. I was but a tiny chick when I first met him. I was sitting with my brothers and sisters inside of our enclosure in Neovia's most finest petpetshop. We had left the care of our darling mother just a few days ago, and we were all eager to be able to find a new family, go on awesome adventures and so on ! As days passed, I saw my beloved siblings get adopted up to the very last of them, until I was the only one left in our enclosure. I couldn't understand why I was overlooked and why all the Neopets that came in the shop all looked surprised when they were glancing at me. Why was I still there when my siblings and friends all got to be adopted by a bunch of different Neopets, living a new and exciting life ?

As I was sulking, burying my beak inside of the feathers of my chest, I saw him. Well, heard him would be a more accurate term actually. A young darigan Gelert, holding the hand of a beautiful Xweetok, who I assumed to be his mother. He looked so cheerful as they both sang a catchy song. I have always loved music, and at that instant, I wanted to be part of it. I only had a few seconds to think, so in hope of catching the attention of either of them, I launched myself on the window that was facing the street. It hurt but it had worked as both of them were now looking at me.

The young boy stuck his face and his little hands on the window, genuinely interested.

"Look, Mother ! I think he is fine ... Can we go inside to check on him please ?"
"Sure, sweetheart, we have a bit of time ahead of us." the Xweetok said softly.

The shopkeeper, a young Cybunny welcomed them in.

"May we check on this Weewoo chick ?" asked the Xweetok lady.
"Oh, yes, of course! You are the first ones to show interest in him..." she said, an embarrassed expression on her face.
"How come ? He's very cute!" asked the young boy, his ears rising up in surprise.
"Well.... You see... Weewoos are wingless petpets but this one ... To put it simply, this one was born with wings. There's a saying that winged Weewoos bring back luck. So we have little hope to see him find a new home."

My mind went blank. Was this the whole reason I was still here ? Because I had the audacity to be born with wings I wasn't supposed to have ? I knew my dream to sing with that young boy was crushed only a few minutes after it had formed.
He was looking at me, his big bright green eyes locked on mine.

"Mother, as you know my birthday is coming up. I know I said I didn't know what I wanted but I think I do now! Please, can I have this petpet for my birthday ?"
"I don't know darling... Are you sure you don't want another critter ? Look, they have some cute warves and even a meowclops over there."
"Yes, Mother ! I'm sure ! I want this Weewoo an no other petpet will do !"
"Well... I don't know Jyuukun... Maybe we should discuss this with your Father."
"You know as well as I do that Father doesn't care about such things." He pouted.

My heart started to race as he gently picked me up in his hands.
"We're going to be the best of friends, alright Yume ?" he quickly said, his smile brightening the room.

As we exited the petpetshop, myself gently tucked in his hands against his chest, he began to whistle the same melody he was singing a while ago. Eager, I let the voice of my heart out, hearing it so clearly for the time, mixing perfectly with my new friend's voice. Yes, this was meant to be.

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