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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Biting Shadow
Owner: shoyru_lover713
Pet Name: Heaven_Sent_713
Breed: Faerie Spyder

About Biting Shadow:
‘How does anyone ever find what they’re looking for?’ you find yourself thinking as you wander out of yet another stall. ‘And is it always this crowded in the Sakhmet Market?’ Beginning to feel overwhelmed, you dodge out of the way of a group of tourist and narrowly avoid upsetting a cart filled with some sort of fruit. ‘Where is Peopatra’s Stall?’

You are seriously considering fighting your way back through the crowd and out of the marketplace entirely when something hits you in the side of the head, knocking off you balance. You look up to see a Faerie Spyder shaking a leg at you as if to tell you to watch where you’re going. “Biting Shadow! Are you causing trouble again?” a voice calls from behind you, making both you and the Spyder jump. A yellow Bori is making its way through the crowd expertly, scowling at the Petpet that is now hovering dejectedly near your ear. “I’ve told you time and time again not to just go flying off all willy-nilly! You could hurt someone, you know!” The Bori turns to you. “I am SO sorry about Bite,” she apologizes, “he gets a bit excited whenever we visit the market.”

Something about this Bori is familiar, but before you can figure it out she has turned her attention back to her Petpet. “Now Bite, don’t you think you should apologize to this person?” The Spyder makes an odd hissing noise and lands on the Bori’s head. “What do you say?” she prompts. Another strange hissing noise from the Petpet, who actually looks rather apologetic. “That’s better.” The Bori reaches up and offers a paw for you to shake. “Sorry again about that,” she says sincerely. “I think I’ll have Bite stay on my head for the rest of our trip.”

You nod, only sort of listening. You’ve definitely seen this Bori somewhere before… And being in Sakhmet while talking to her is somewhat familiar as well... Was she a tour guide at the museum or something..?

She frowns slightly at your lack of response. “Right. Well. Bite and I are off to Peopatra’s for some treats. I hope you have a good rest of your day..?” The Spyder perks up at the mention of treats, suddenly waving one of its legs in the Bori’s face before pointing excitedly past you as if to say ‘that way, please!’ The Bori laughs. “Show me the way, Bite!”

As they pass you, you finally register where the Bori said they were going. You decide to trail at a safe distance, not wanting to seem weird. Once they vanish into what you’re hoping is the right stall, you wait outside so as to avoid further Faerie-Spyder-to-the-head incidents. A passing Cybunny nearly knocks you over as you ponder your strange encounter. ‘I guess sometimes all it takes is a knock in the head to find what you’re looking for. I just hope Peopatra has enough treats left-over for me once Bite is done in there!’

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