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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Acorn
Owner: dtrg
Pet Name: SilverBaron
Breed: Bearclops

About Acorn:
- "My name is Acorn."
- "No. MY name is Acorn !"
- "Actually, we're both named Acorn."

You look at the weird creature in front of you. It looks like a mixture between a bearog and a meowclops, how odd. You came into Neovia's police station to report your stolen bike and are now sitting in front of one of the detective's desk. You haven't seen him yet, but the guy in the lobby told you you would be taken care of as soon as possible. And there you are, sitting behind a desk, with a really odd petpet looking at you with its two heads. They appear to be arguing with each other. The bearog head seems rather full of itself and confident while the meowclops head is apathetic and look like it would rather be sleeping right now.

- "Sorry for the wait, I hope Acorn wasn't bothering you too much !" says an enthusiastic young grey gelert with silver hair. "My name's Reginald Acorn and I'll be taking care of your case. So, tell me, what's going on ? Is it something exciting ? Like, you saw some pirates sailing across the river in town ? Or perhaps, a mysterious diva invol..."
- "No, sorry !" you interrupt him before he gets to excited. "I just got my bike stolen, sorry."
- "Oh... Guess no super exciting adventures today." he says, his ears dropping at the same time as his words.
You feel a bit bad for him but come on, the river across town isn't deep enough to allow a majestic pirate boat to sail across it. Trying to be nice, you decide to distract him by asking about the strange petpet named Acorn.

- "Soo hmm, what is going on with this petpet of yours ?"
- "You mean Acorn ? Long story short, this little guy is the product of some witch's powerful magic."
- "Yeah, yeah, some wicked witch did.." "Yeah some wicked witch alright !!" "Can you stop interrupting me ?" "I would if you had something interesting to say!" "I swear to Fyora ..."
- "Wow, it really is ... something ... ?" you say, uneasy.
- "Allow me to explain." sighs the gelert. "The Meowclops is the main body, or so I think. But both heads have their own personalities and can take control of the body whenever they'd like to. It's really...weird. I guess ?"
- "You mean you don't know ?"
-"Well, I got Acorn just a few weeks ago after meeting with Sophie the Swamp Witch. Magic is not something easy to understand and she didn't give me a manual of how to take care of this little guy, you see." he says, smiling and petting both heads. "Who's a good boy ? Who's a good boy ?"
-"Please don't do that, us Meowclops are so over this." "I'm not, shut your cheese mouth, I AM the goodest boy." "You don't even make sense, like, can you not ?"
-"Are they arguing like this ALL the time ?" you ask, quite surprise at the amount of bickering between the two.
-"Yeah, pretty much." he responds, brushing his temples. "They're quite an headache at times but, I'm having a lot of fun with them you know !" he adds, smiling brightly.
-" I guess it's all that matters... Thanks for taking the time for my complaint. I doubt I'll see my bike again but at least, it's reported."
-"No problem, we will let you know if we have any leads."

You get out of the station as the city hall's bell strikes 6:00pm. Going back home by foot is going to be such a hassle, you don't really feel motivated to go further. As you lament there, you see the detective you saw earlier going out of the station, followed closely by the strange petpet, half meowclops, half bearog. They both (?) seem really excited and run off together to live some kind of adventure. You guess that after all, despite how weird your petpet can be, as you long as you love it and care for it, it all that matters.

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