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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Orphan Sam
Owner: guranji
Pet Name: Krenoh
Breed: Droolik

About Orphan Sam:
Orphan Sam, a kind little Droolik who got lost in this great big Neopian world, all alone he was. He traveled trough rain, heat waves and snow, all trying to find a place he could call home. Till the fateful day he met Krenoh, a loner drifter who traveled here and there. Here is the story of Orphan Sam.

It was another rainy day in the streets of Neopia, the storm was relentless and would not let up. Huddled under a soggy cardboard box there was a little Droolik. He was cold, alone and hungry. Everyone walked past him like he wasn't even there. He whimpered and cried due to his hunger in the hopes that a kind soul would find him and help him. It was then that he looked across the way and saw a Jetsam in poor clothes and a sad expression, sitting on the curb under a broken umbrella eating a sandwich. Orphan Sam didn't know why, but he was drawn to this mysterious Jetsam character. Slowly he crept from under his soggy box and made his way over to the Jetsam.

Orphan Sam: "Umm...excuse me sir...."

Krenoh: "Why hello there little one, where did you come from? where is your family?"

Orphan Sam: " see sir, I do not have a home, or a family. I am all alone, and terribly hungry, I haven't eaten in days and I feel very weak.."

Krenoh: "I'm so sorry little one, I understand what it feels like to not have a place in this world. Please have half of my sandwich..go ahead take it, you need it more."

Orphan Sam: "Oh my goodness, thank you so much sir, I have no idea how I can repay you."

Krenoh: "You don't owe me anything, you go ahead and eat that. By the way since you are all alone in this world and I am, I was wondering if you would like to travel with me. We can see the world together and see where the path of life leads us. There is plenty of room in my backpack for you to ride in, if you don't mind sitting in bottle caps *chuckle* as well I will make sure you never go hungry again. Also what is your name?"

Orphan Sam: "Oh, my name is Sam. I would be honored to travel along side with you and see the world. Yes, I would love to!"

Krenoh: "Let us go now, on the journey through this world we will explore it together."

So from then on, Orphan Sam and Krenoh became best of friends and they travel together, sharing memories and new experiences with all the world has to offer them. They have no idea what to expect, have no idea who they will meet, or where they will end up. They do know however that they will always be together, and even though it seems like the world is getting smaller around them, they are no longer alone.

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