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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Legendary
Owner: higor_ccesar_fonseca
Pet Name: Bloody_Aurora
Breed: Schnelly

About Legendary:
“This doesn’t look good at all, owner! I told you to not bring her here! Now what we’re going to do?! We’re losing her!”

We are in the Deserted Tomb, a creepy place within The Lost City of Geraptiku. For the fifth consecutive time, we found the room of the treasure empty. After two painful days of endless mazes, we have finally found the exit. But my owner, again, was distracted and set off another trap. Esteichor, my roommate and close friend, was paying attention and pushes my owner out of the way.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t paying attention like he was. I was pierced by countless arrows. In the next moment, I’m in the ground, trying desperately to breathe. Esteichor is applying pressure on my wounds, and my owner is holding my hand while trying to calm me down. Breathing is becoming harder and harder, and I start to lose consciousness. After looking at my state, Esteichor got REALLY angry.

“I told you many times before, owner: WATCH! YOUR! STEP! I’m not forgiving you if she passes away!”

My owner is silent. He refuses to look at me anymore. Both of them are in tears, and they are trying really hard to save my life. Suddenly, I saw a small shadow moving in the darkness. I used the last of my strength to point in the direction of that thing, and they looked right at that corner of the room. After staring for a few seconds, a small bottle with a green liquid rolled out of the darkness in my direction. Esteichor stood up and picked up that bottle. My owner is in disbelief.

“Is… Is that… A healing potion?”

“I’m not sure, owner.” Esteichor replied, while he was carefully examining that strange liquid. Esteichor opens the bottle and dripped a drop on a scratch he had on his arm and his wound disappeared.

“Remember when I said that I don't believe in miracles? Yeah, Forget that.” Esteichor said, while giving me a smile. He approached me and made me drink the potion. And geesh, this potion tastes awful! I was about to spit it, but my owner covered my mouth with his hand.

“Drink it, Aurora. You’ll feel better.” He said with a comfortable voice.

I drank the potion and they were watching closely my reactions. In just a few seconds, the pain disappeared and I was able to stand once more.

“You can walk again, huh? Good, now let’s go before Somebody set off another trap.” Said Esteichor in a hurry.

Before leaving, I looked at that same corner where I saw that small creature, but it wasn’t there anymore. What could it be? Well, I have no idea. We left that Tomb and went straight home. A few hours later, in a dark and cold night, I find myself on my comfortable bed, drinking a cup of hot borovan. The rest of the day was quiet and nobody said anything about what happened in that tomb today. Savathuna, another roommate of mine, was dying to know more about our little adventure.

“Please, Aurora, tell me more! What did you saw in the shadows? It was a dark Faerie? Or maybe, it was Ghost Lupe himself! He often heals neopets, you know?”

“No, that shadow was way too small to be a Lupe. I think it was a petpet. A cat-like petpet.”

And we started talking, and talking, and talking… Until Savathuna fell asleep. I guess it’s better to not bother her. I have chosen a comfortable position and I fell asleep as well. Suddenly, something started to poke my snout. I tried to ignore it by changing position, but the nudge continued. I turned on the lamp and had a lovely surprise: A Schnelly was right in front of me, looking me into my eyes.

“Wait, a schnelly? How did you get into my room?”

I looked to the window and it was wide open.

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to close the window. Silly me~”

I returned my attention to the schnelly, who was staring at me with a confident look.

“Sooo… You have a home, little one?”

The Schnelly appears to be confused, like she’s not understanding me. I noticed that she has a letter in her mouth. Her eyes was full of expectations, just waiting for me to take it.

“Okay, I guess I’ll read it then...”

I slowly extended my arm and, carefully, took the letter from her mouth and opened it. Just as I thought, there was a message in there, but, for some reason, the letter was written in the worst calligraphy I have ever seen. No, seriously, it looks like someone tried to write this letter with coal while they were blindfolded. I tried really hard to understand it. I really tried, believe me. After a few minutes, I finally managed to read a few words.

“He...a...ling? Healing?”

Apparently, the letter says the same thing in all the lines: “Healing”. I don’t really get it, though.


After reading a few more times, I finally understands the message, like a flash of light illuminating my memory.

“Healing! That’s right! You’re that creature that gave-”
The schnelly nods her head before I could finish my sentence. She gives me a smug smile, like she’s saying “I saved you, so now you owe me one, girl.” I can’t believe that is the same schnelly from the tomb! How did she find me? What was she doing there? I have so many questions!

Apparently, the schnelly is not on the mood to answer anything right now. She just lay down on my bed and fell asleep.

“I will never forget what you’ve done for me, brave schnelly. I will take care you and protect you. You will come with me in my future adventures and I’ll train you myself. I shall call you… Legendary.”

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