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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cacahuète
Owner: petiteluciole
Pet Name: Elvyne
Breed: Custard Snowbunny

About Cacahuète:
Let’s set the stage for my tale. Close your eyes. Go ahead. Actually… it would make it hard for you to read the rest of this so… forget that! Eyes open!

Instead, just imagine the smell of your favorite warm meal. My name is Cacahuète the Snowbunny and what I smell is cookies. All types of cookies. Neopia has a plethora to sample: Banana, Caramel Butter, Chocolate Chip…cookies shaped like your favorite neopet or petpet, famous neopian, or item (like a Kreludan Rocket!). So many cookies—but if I had to pick a favorite type, it would be any and all things peanut butter! Why? The story behind that is how my neopet Elvyne and I met!

First ad foremost, Elvyne is a name of English origin which means “good elf”. Now, I cant say this 160 pound Elephante resembles an elf in appearance BUT if I had to stereotype I’d say, like an elf, she is AMAZING at baking/making yummy treats to eat. From finger foods to full course meals, she and owner petiteluciole keep the family well fed. Thanksgiving every day of the week—no Neolodge hotel meals for us! Top notch AstroVilla? Pardon my French, but that’s gar-bage!!

Ok, so peanut butter and how it relates. One particular sunny morning, before Elvyne and I had met, I was rummaging through a beautifully manicured garden patch on the grounds of a particularly well-kept castle. I was half heartedly seeking carrots for my lunch when my sweet tooth began to twitch from a smell on the wind (sweet teeth I guess—as bunnies do I have those cute buck teeth, you know the ones). I followed my button nose to an open window that led to a glorious kitchen. Inside, I could spot a husky beautiful Elephante dressed to the nines oven mitts and all, bustling with purpose around a hot stove and racks of none other than peanut butter cookies! She was quite obviously making enough for a large gathering of some sort (or she was REALLY craving some fresh cookies) and as I did my best to sneak through the window (she wouldn’t miss one or two, right?) I spied her slide up next to the counter to mix another bowl of batter. Carrots forgotten, I set my sites on a particularly warm batch fresh out of the oven. I was no more than two hops towards my destination when I must have jumped 5 feet in the air at the sound of a shrill scream.


Life tip: Never get underfoot of a frightened Elephante. We were locked in a hideous dance we both would have liked to escape. The batter bowl she was holding came down on my head upside down like a hat. Gooey peanut butter batter covered my fur. I was stuck to the floor against my will at the mercy of the giant cook.

With gentle eyes fixated on my large rabbit ears and feet (satisfying her realization that I was NOT a mouse), the kindly neopet scooped me up with a gentleness unexpected for her size. With the tip of her trunk she slowly swiped my cheek and brought the cookie batter to her lips for a taste.

“Gosh that’s perfect. What do you think of my Cacahuète recipe?”

“It makes a lovely outfit” I replied cutely.

And to this day, I am Cacahuète the Custard Snowbunny.

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