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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Splash
Owner: mermaid_in_space
Pet Name: Cle0belle
Breed: Kazeriu

About Splash:
„I am so bored“, Cle0belle said and rolled on her back to look into the blue sky. “Why is everything so boring?”

When nobody answered the Eyrie looked up and turned her head to see what her brother was doing.
“Don’t read! Talk to me. Lets do something fun.”

She could see him rolling his eyes.
“You need friends”, he told her.

“I have friends. But they don’t have time right now. You are my older brother. It’s your duty to keep me entertained.” She laughed and used her tail to nudge him playfully in the face.

He sighed, but then smiled too.
“Okay, how about this. You take a walk and when you are back...when I finished this chapter...we will play Catch and Tickle.”

Cle0belle jumped up. “That’s a deal! Thanks.”

So she left and went to the forest nearby. She loved to play at the creek, mostly jumping from stone to stone to the other side. She tried to not get wet doing so. That was always a fun game.
Whenever she failed and fell into the water, she would lay in the sun and nap until her fur were dry again.

When Cle0belle was little she couldn’t swim and was afraid she would drown. Back then she would always drag her big brother along to the water.
But since she has been tall enough to stand in the small creek without any problems, she would come alone so that her brother could read at home.

“Okay, I bet I can jump over two stones at once”, she mumbled and challenged herself.
Taking a few steps back she tried to estimate the gap between the creeks bank and the third bigger stone in the water.
“I can do it.”
She took a run and jumped. It was further afar than anticipated but she managed to land safely. Her left back foot dipped into the water and she laughed before she tried to shake the water off the fur.
Then she turned around and looked back from where she jumped.
It was pretty far and she was proud that she did it.

Suddenly she heard a splash and water hit her neck. She shrieked and looked back. But there was nothing to see but the creek and the forest.
“What was that?”
She made a complete turn on the stone but still there was nothing.
“Maybe something fell into the water”, she guessed and decided to jump to the next stone.
Right then was another splash and she got really wet on her left side. She turned her head and now saw a little dragon-like creature grinning at her.
“Aha! It was you!”

The creature seemed surprised.
“You can see me?”, it asked.

“Why, yes. You are here. I’m not blind. Therefore I can see you.”
The little dragon creature tilt its head and nodded slowly.

“I guess that makes sense-...”
Before it could say anything else Cle0belle splashed water over it.
“Ha, got you!”, she laughed. Then she got splashed back.

A water fight started. The Eyrie jumped into the water to have a better chance and soon she was soaking wet.
Laughing she went to the bank of the creek.
“Alright, I have to dry off before I go back home. That was fun.”

“It was”, the creature replied.

“By the way, I’m Cle0belle.”

“I am Splash. And that’s what I do.”

Cle0belle smiled. “I will be back tomorrow. Maybe we can do this again”, she asked.

Splash nodded. “I will wait for you.”

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