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The Neopets HTML Guide

Many people ask how to make cool shops like the ones in the Marketplace or how to make their Neopet's webpage look better. The answer is HTML. HTML is a language that is used to create webpages. It is very simple to learn and anyone can do it. You don't need to be a programmer or even to have really used a computer before. We have created a step-by-step guide to HTML that will take you right through from the very basics to the pretty advanced HTML that we use on the Neopets site.

The Basics This teaches the basic concept of the tags that make up HTML, as well as what HTML means and what will be covered in the next eleven lessons.
Insert Text Inserting text, dividing the page into paragraphs, making text bold, using italics, and changing font size
More Text Creating bullet points and numbered lists, inserting horizontal rules.
Change Colours Changing the colour of your font and the entire webpage. Also, learn how to make your shop have a different coloured background.
Insert Images Inserting a picture, adding a border, and arranging the picture on a page, plus giving your shop a background image .
Create Links Making a text link and turning an image into a link.
Add Username Adding your Neopets username
Add NeoCircle How to create a NeoCircle and how to add the link to your site
Add Banner How to add a Neopets banner or NeoBadge to your site
Tables How to create a table, reasons for using a table, as well as how to change table size and color.
Add Music Livening up your shop or webpage by adding sounds.
Create Banner Create your own logo, banner, picture or beauty contest entry.
Edit User Lookup Customising your user lookup, adding backgrounds and altering the text.