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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Continuing Series > Lupina IV and the Ring of Power: Part Four

Lupina IV and the Ring of Power: Part Four

by thegreatlupelover

We had flown back down to Neopia, and were on our way to a hot region of Neopia called Magmania. That was where Fire Faerie Volcano was located.

Before long, we were entering Magmania. Rosy looked around shiftily. "I'm not sure I really like this place..." she said. "I feel as if something's going to attack us."

"Then use Song of the Volcano," Lily said simply.

"Of course!" Rosy cried. "Song of the Volcano: The song of the volcano gives you protection when roaming the hot lands of Neopia," she recited, and used the ability.

I kept a sharp lookout and I thought I saw some Grarrls watching us, but they kept their distance. We had to jump across a few lava flows but finally I saw Fire Faerie Volcano rising up in the distance.

"Come on!" I shouted. I jumped into the air and flew off at top speed. Before long, I reached the volcano. The others flew up, panting.

"How do we get in?" Emala asked bleakly, staring at the steep red walls of the volcano.

"Um... I think we have to climb to the top and go in through the crater," Lily said.

"Forget climb, I'm flying," Rosy said. I groaned and stretched my wings. Rosy grinned. "That's what comes from using Haste to fly fast and leaving your friends behind."

"Oh well," I replied, spreading my wings once more. I took off and spiraled upward. I was the third to reach the top. Emala scrambled up the last few feet, panting.

"Well? What now?" I asked. Lily looked a little nervous.

"Um, we have to go down through the crater," she said, pointing.

"Oh, great," I said, springing forward into the hole. The others followed, just as wearily as me.

I gave my wings an easy time, dropping a bit, then hovering, then dropping some more. Suddenly an irresistible force tore me downwards like a leaf. I flapped my wings desperately, trying to stop my descent, but it was no use. I plummeted downward. The last thing I saw before I plunged into the depths of the volcano was the faces of my friends, frozen with horror. Then I was swallowed in the depths of the volcano.

I shut my eyes. It seemed I would continue falling until the end of time. Suddenly, I stopped, all four feet planted firmly on a hard rock surface.

I opened my eyes. I was standing on one side of a circle of red rock, kind of like the ring in the Battledome. It was suspended magically above a bubbling pool of lava.

My head turned as a crisp, crackling voice rang out. "So, Lupina the Fourth, you are searching for the Orb of the Fire Faerie." It was the Uber-Fire Faerie, my favourite.

"Do I have to battle you?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied. "That is why I summoned you to the arena."

I circled, my Lupe Moon Charm glowing slightly as I searched for weaknesses. Suddenly, I leaped for her, sending out a powerful wave of magic from my charm. She ducked, and it missed. Then she used Fiery Gaze, trying to hypnotize me. I retaliated by staring into her eyes, using the same ability. We pushed harder and harder, seeing whose Fiery Gaze was stronger. Finally, we were both forced to look away. I quickly used Quench. She gasped as her HP went down. Fire leaped in her eyes as she drew a Million Degree Sword and swung it toward me. I got a slash on one of my legs. Quickly, I held up the Ice Shield to block her next thrust. The sword hit the amulet in the center of the shield and froze. I sent an icy blast out of my Lupe Moon Charm. The Fire Faerie fell back, momentarily frozen. I sent out a powerful psychic blast from my Charm. I drew my Ice Sword, ready to strike. The Fire Faerie raised her hand weakly and out burst burning letters of fire, which spelled out this message: "YOU WIN."

"Where's the Orb?" I asked.

"Down there," she replied, waving a hand meekly at the lava below. Using a powerful blast from my Lupe Moon Charm, I cleared a path through the lava. Then I dived down into it and emerged in a chamber, which was empty except for a table. On the table lay the Orb of the Fire Faerie. Its fiery glow lit the small room. I picked it up. Again, I gained all the abilities of this element. Then I flew back up to the arena. The Fire Faerie had drank a Healing Potion and was feeling much better. She waved her hand and I was transported back to the spot my friends were. They had flown downwards to find me, but I had been swept hundreds of miles down into the earth and they had no hope of catching up with me.

Together we flew up to the top of the volcano, then rested before half skidding, half flying down the mountain side to our camp far below.


The next morning, we were up early to find the next item, the Circlet of the Air Faerie.

"We have to go back to Faerieland," said Emala. "The circlet is on Air Faerie Cloud."

We took off and were soon soaring through the clouds toward the Air Faerie Cloud, located north of Faerieland.

As Air Faerie Cloud approached, a strong wind came up, blowing us backward. As we got closer, the wind became stronger and stronger, until it was practically a hurricane. My friends were swept backward, but I flapped my wings as hard as I could and somehow managed to continue until I got to the cloud. There I lay down and rested for a few hours. Then I went to find the Temple of the Air Faerie.

I arrived outside the temple in about 3 minutes. I walked inside between the great cloud columns and saw the Air Faerie standing before an alter with the circlet on it.

"You can have it," she told me, "but first you have to get past me." Her voice was clear, brisk and cool, like a refreshing breeze. I gathered my magic and prepared to battle.

The Air Faerie made the first move. She sent a powerful gust of wind at me, throwing me backwards onto the floor. Without bothering to stand up, I retaliated with Fiery Gaze, freezing the Air Faerie.

Quickly, I used Invisibility and then crept around to her side. She looked around wildly, trying to find me. I quickly used Water Jet and her HP was knocked down a little from the force of my water jet.

The Air Faerie unfroze and quickly said an air spell. I lost my invisibility. The Air Faerie slipped on an Icy Glove and sent several icy snow flames out of it. They hit me on the side and I felt a searing hot yet cold pain. I used Restore and the pain vanished. Then I used my Lupe Moon Charm. The blast was colossal. It was like a Rainbow Frost Cannon, Grand Lightning Beam, Icy Flame, Forest Sling, Ultranova, and Million Degree Sword combined into one blast of magic. The Air Faerie keeled over, unconscious. I walked past her to the alter and picked up the circlet. It was beautifully constructed, slim and lightweight, yet you could feel the power as you held it. Gusts of wind encircled me, and I knew all the abilities of Air.

The Air Faerie was reviving as I passed by her and out of the temple. On the way back to Faerieland, a fresh breeze aided me. Before too long, I was back at Faerieland, where my three friends were waiting. They had sensibly decided to return to Faerieland and wait for me to get back.

I told them what had happened since they were swept away, and then we set off to find a place to spend the night. As we were walking, an Earth Faerie came up to us and asked what we were looking for.

"A place to spend the night," Lily replied. "I don't suppose you'd know a good one?"

The Earth Faerie smiled. "As a matter of fact, the Faerie Queen gave the original Lupina, Rosy, Lily, and Emala, besides their friends and descendants, permission for free lodging in her castle any time. Besides, you'll need a good rest to face our leader the day after tomorrow - that is, if you defeat the Uber-Water Faerie. Come on, I'll take you to the Faerie Queen's castle." She led them off.


I lay in my bed after a satisfying supper in the Faerie Queen's great hall. I gazed up through the glass roof at the stars above. They seemed to twinkle approvingly at me. I knew I had done well so far. Myra would be proud of me.

But what lay in wait tomorrow?

To be continued...

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