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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 1 > New Series > All Aishas Aren

All Aishas Aren

by 0TwisteR0

The day I was born I was immediately shipped off. No one cared about me. I was thrown in a box and shipped off to “The Create A Pet Store”. That’s just what I remember. Maybe other pets remember different, but I remember it this way. I lived quite a while with my owner. I lived with other pets in the shop. They sooner or later disowned me. I was still young. Not understanding at all. But now I understand why they did it. Money problems. So understandable now to me as I look out the window at the sun as the clouds skitter around the depths of my eyes. I think of the old times I had fun. But it really wasn’t fun. It was just spending money. I saw why they disowned me. So I didn’t stay in the pound--I ran away. And this is my story....

I looked at all the other cages as my owner left. I couldn’t bare to look at my owner for the last time. I paced back and forth, wanted to slice the cage in half. But I waited. More and more. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I screamed.

“Boy, you sure crack after two minutes!” a yellow Aisha said to me. He smiled.

“Uh...” I started to say as I blushed through my red fur.

“It’s okay, I blew my top at the moment I was set in the cage,” he told me, looking around the place. “Have you been here before?”

“No...” I replied. I wasn’t in the best of moods at that time to talk.

“You’re lucky, I’ve been here many times. What’s your name? Mine is classified in some file, I never learned it. But you can call me Mardi.”

I smiled at that point. “I’m Sprint_PCS, but you can call me Sprint.” He smiled at me again and a human walked in.

“Oh my god, not HER again!” he said smacking his forehead. I was confused but I saw all the pets whine.

“Who is she?” I whispered. He took his paw off his forehead.

“It’s the rich lady...” he started. He took a moment then quickly said, “Look mean right now!” he started growling and bearing his teeth. I did the same.

“Oh, what vicious pets over here! No mind, I'm not ever going to take a nasty Aisha anyway!” she said as she cleared her throat and walked over to the Usuls.

“Gawd...she's mean....anyway, what was up with that?” I asked.

“She’s a crazy rich lady... She goes and gets pets. She brings them to a stupid house just waiting for other people to adopt us. She only likes fluffy animals anyway,” he told me. I smiled at him when just them I heard a Usul struggling a yelp.

“Huh?” I started to ask myself.

“Bye, Missy!” Mardi said as the Usul struggled some more until she was almost out the door.

“Don’t forget me y’all! I'm being sent to a stupid home!” Missy cried. Mardi waved as she was out the door.

“That’s sad...” I said as I saw her leave.

“It’s not all that sad,” Mardi said, “It’s better than being removed from Neopia, that’s for sure!” He sighed and then curled up in his cage. Being removed.... I thought. I wondered if he had lost someone. I didn't bother asking.

The door opened again. It was a Fire Wocky and a blue Wocky. By the glint in their eyes you could tell they weren't nice. They snuck under the counter as the Techo looked around. The Uni had gone in the back room to file some applications.

“I could have sworn the door opened,” the Techo said. He walked into the back room shaking his head.

“That’s good,” the Wocky said. I could tell it was a guy by the deep voice.

“Come on Carlos!” a female blue Wocky said, she was outside on the look out.

“Wait a second Bonita!” he replied in his raspy voice. He jumped onto the counter and took keys off a hook.

“Don’t talk,” Mardi said alarmed. He eyed the two of them. I pretended to sleep but open one eye every once in a while.

“Got it!” Carlos whispered. He started unlocking cages quietly. Lupes were unlocked first, for the help if the Techo came out. Then Eyries, Shoyrus, and more. We weren’t exactly last, Usuls and Cybunnys were after us, but one by one we filed out.

Just then the back door opened and the Techo was dragging something out. It was some machine. I wasn’t sure what it was.

“Get out quickly!” Mardi yelled as he practically dragged me out. Some unfortunate Usuls, Bruces, and Cybunnys were stuck. Carlos and Bonita quickly scatted. I decided to follow them.

“Come on Mardi! What have we got to lose?” I asked. He tilted his head at me. I gave him a warm smile.

“Okay!” he grinned. We started following Carlos and Bonita onto branches and over fences. Until finally (it was night by then) we found a dark alley.

“Erm...maybe this wasn’t such a good idea...” I said.

“Sure it was!” he reassured me. We started walking down it when suddenly a net fell over us.

“We found them,” a voice said.

To be continued...

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All Aishas Aren

All Aishas Aren

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