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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 33 > Continuing Series > The Last Stand: Part Three

The Last Stand: Part Three

by fire_faerie_8080

The Charge

89203 Guild Street 7:30 NST

I woke up yawned stretched and went down for breakfast. I noticed a note on my door.

Hand over the amulet you pesky
Peophin or your family will suffer!

--Dark Faerie

"Oh no what will I do!" I cried and ran to make sure it wasn't just a cruel joke.

It looked as if Air_Faerie_8080 hadn't returned home. I ran to Chloe52589's room and was horrified to find it trashed the window open and the curtain billowing. I ran to fire_faerie_8080's room and saw almost the same scene. I went out to the hall sank to floor and just cried in despair.

"Don't despair young one there is a way find the light and you will triumph once and for all," a voice that seemed to come from out of the air called.

"Wh-who's there," I called.

I decided no one was there and I decided the stuff about the light may have been nonsense but I knew I could not despair. I got up set the rooms in best an order as I could and took my spare waterproof backpack and took supplies and headed for the coast to rescue my family.


"Yes, little fool walk right into my trap, Muhahaha!" cackled the Dark Faerie.

"Dark_Fang go intercept her at the coast," the Dark Faerie ordered a Skeith.

"Yes mistress," he replied and went to go his mistresses bidding.

The Lost Desert Beach-

I climbed onto the beach and made the decision to walk to Tyrannia just in case they might decide to wait for me on the shore. I headed toward where the sand met the Haunted Woods and I found a small dune to camp under. I started a fire and made myself a healthy Carrot and Pea Omelette and a Bottle of Water. I unrolled my sleeping bag and stretched out and fell asleep. I woke up very early and packed up camp and set out through the Haunted Woods. I thankfully didn't encounter anything out of the ordinary. I made it to the Brain Tree and took a seat to rest and have some water. I got up and set out again. I found it was getting very cold I knew I was getting ever closer to Happy Valley. I found a ferry to take me to Faerieland and I went to visit the Healing Springs. I was given Lime Elixir and then I decided to swim the rest of the way to avoid freezing my tail off in Happy Valley. I saw the outline of the shore I also noticed a strong storm was brewing. The waves became choppy and the waves began to swell higher than the third story of a NeoHome. It began to thunder the lightning streaked across the horizon. The waves became even larger and the wind was overpowering I felt like I was barely swimming ahead. I couldn't see the coast the rain came down in torrents it was blinding. I was repeatedly hammered by the waves then as a new wave crashed over me a piece of driftwood knocked me senseless. I was at the mercy of the sea.


I smelled the salt and felt the smooth wet sand on my cheek I coughed up some salt water and opened my eyes at first the sun was almost blinding and my vision swam before my eyes. I laid there waiting for my vision to return to normal after a while it did and noticed that all could see was pink. The I heard a sly mew as two amber eyes opened from the pink. I was startled so I leapt back. I sighed relaxing seeing it was only a Pink Angelpuss. It was unusual to see them in Tyrannia especially a pink one. I went up to it and checked to see if it had a collar or some sort of name tag. It didn't so I decided it was wild and decided to into the forest to find a place to rest and have some food. I looked behind me it was hopping along after me.

"Oh all right... all ready you can come with me but you must be a good little Angelpuss," I turned and said to it. It purred happily and flew up and sat on my backpack.

"I suppose you need a name what should I call you. Hmm... oh, I know! I'll call you Joy because you are a joyful little thing," I exclaimed happily.

I found a nice coconut palm to sit under I had some water and an apple. I found a coconut to give to joy so she could have the coconut milk. All the sudden a Skeith jumped out at me I threw my bottle of water and hit him square in the eyes he bellowed in rage. I scooped up Joy and put on my Battlemask and picked up my Gold Baled of Peophin. At the moment he attacked I was thanking my lucky faeries I had thought to put my battle gear in my waterproof bag and that I hadn't lost the bag at sea.


"You won't stand a chance against Dark_Fang," cackled the Dark Faerie.

"Snarl bring the prisoners in to watch their friend's demise," she yelled at the Skeith guard who ran to obey.

"What do you want," growled Air_Faerie_8080.

"To see you suffer as your sister is destroyed right before your eyes!" exclaimed the Dark Faerie.

"You are too optimistic for you own good she is a lot stronger than she appears!" yelled Chloe52589 trying to lunge and attack the Dark Faerie.

"Here's your front row seat," she cackled grinning as she performed a charm to make it look like they were actually there when in reality they hadn't move a centimetre. Tyrannian Jungle time unknown to cherish808 and Dark_Fang who are engaged in a battle.

"Destroying you will be a pleasure," growled the Skeith

"You won't have that pleasure!" I screamed, taking my blade slashing and hacking with my blade and plowing into him and attacking him with the stout metal horn on my battlemask. I parried most of the attacks but was caught off guard for a moment and felt the Skeith bite me but only for a moment until I smacked him with the flat of my Gold Blade of Peophin. I used the ability Heal and recovered almost immediately. The Skeith then charged and knocked me into a tree I saw stars as my head cracked into the tree as the tree whipped into from the impact that had created many cracks in the some what fragile trunk. I felt like I was going to faint but I battled bravely on. He rammed into a much more stout tree and the impact created one very deep crack in the trunk. Little did I know that fire_faerie_8080 was silently weeping in a castle not far away at her poor baby being beaten into a pulp. I felt very unsteady as I struggled to get back up. It was about to attack me again when little Joy did something very stupid but brave she flew in a pink blur and attacked him the eyes giving me time to recover. I was almost at the Skeith's mercy when I remembered something that my sister Air Faerie had told me about. She had told me the story of her first encounter with the Rainbow Scorchstone. I remembered her saying that she had concentrated really hard and somehow used the power of the amulet. I was in a tight spot so I decided to try it. I closed my eyes and concentrated really hard soon I began to get a tingly feeling. I opened my eyes. I attacked with renewed strength and let a mighty blast of energy immediately destroying the Skeith and then the tingly feeling began to recede and I fell to the ground unconscious. Oblivious to the fact that my sisters and mum were all weeping thinking that I had destroyed myself.

To be continued...

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