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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Celebrating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 31 > New Series > The Last Stand: Part One

The Last Stand: Part One

by fire_faerie_8080

The Beginning
I stood in the Battledome in front of the Evil Clown Chia, sweat was dripping off my face or was it the seltzer from the clown--I didn't know nor care. I quickly grabbed the items I was going to use in my next attack took up my Gold Blade of Peophin and my Peophin Magical Medallion. I ran forward slashing and firing a mighty blast from my medallion. I watched the next few moment as in slow motion my new family cheering me on the clown coming at me, me attacking the clown being blown away and crumpling on a heap on the floor. Just as suddenly as it had slowed it sped up I heard cheering and I saw the referee bringing me the cup. I then held it above my head victorious as the clown struggled up the referee bringing it crutches. I am cherish808 the Peophin one of the many new victors I am sure.

"You did extremely superb," congratulated my new mum fire_faerie_8080.

"Couldn't have done better myself," my new sister Chloe52589 said, beaming.

"Congratulations," my other new sister Air_Faerie_8080 said, giving a small smile and a wink.

I felt very relieved they were pleased. They had adopted me and I was afraid if they weren't pleased they would put me back in the pound. It was horrible in there very little food no grooming supplies and it was extremely cramped. I made sure I never did anything to anger anyone because I was afraid of going back to that place. I was becoming less afraid though because fire_faerie_8080 hadn't yet disowned any of her pets and Chloe52589 was adopted as well and both sisters seemed very happy. I did still feel out of place but it wasn't as bad as when I had first came to their home. I, unexpectedly to them, had heard about their triumphs over the Dark Faerie before they adopted me but it had been several months since it happened and they had settled down back into an almost normal lifestyle.

"Hey mum, let's go the Healing Springs and Pizzaroo I am starving and we have all battled today," suggested the oldest Chloe.

"All right, all right we will... just chill out," replied jokingly Fire Faerie.

"Come guys, first one to the door gets the largest piece of pizza," declared Air Faerie as we all made a mad rush for the door. Little did we know that our actions were being watched.

Tyrannian Jungle 16:30 NST-

"Ah, so they have a new family member, do they? Very unwise move, fire_faerie_8080. I will crush her as well," the Dark Uber Faerie whispered with a malicious glint in her eye.

She thought over ways to destroy them, pouring over her memories of previous battles.

"If only I could have gotten that Ice Scorchstone," she screeched, throwing her chalice of wine and shattering against the hard stone wall.

She thought about the first time she had been defeated by that upstart Shoyru. She had been caught off guard by her cunning and strength which was now even stronger. Her thoughts then jumped to the cocky Meerca that had defeated her the second time. She had once again under estimated the enemy and made a bad choice on partnering up with the Snowager. She sighed and went to her vast library too look for another source of great power. She took her cup of hot Borovan and glided into the vast library.

2:30 NST-

It had taken hours but she the great Dark Uber Faerie had found an answer to her problems. There, in a large volume, she found one last Scorchstone that could solve her problems. It was the most powerful of the all the ones she had encountered so far. It too included an amulet that worked along with it four in fact. This Scorchstone was know as the Great Golden Scorchstone made out of pure light with a thick crystal shell that harnessed its power for otherwise it would be unstable. At last after months of searching she had found it, but how to get it was another matter entirely. It would consist of several enchantments, potions, and more power than she had. She would once again kidnap the other Uber Faeries but not before she needed to. It would take several days and it was the perfect time since all of the spells had to with the wintry weather of the Month of Running.

A Week and a 1/2 Later at 89203 Guild Street: 20:20 NST-

I was hoping that sometime this week I might finally get a PetPet. I was hoping I would get a Floud because I think they are really cute. I think it is really funny that Seasong, Chloe's Searex, can get into the sink and turn on the water so it can float around it has also recently learned how to fill up the bathtub. It also really funny when Angel Air Faerie's little blue Miamouse gets into the house plant and Fire Faerie begins to chase it all around the house.

"Cherish800, did you clean your room?" fire_faerie_8080 called up to me irritably because she had just been chasing Angel.

"Yes mum, I did," I called down.

I just began my homework because fire_faerie_8080 had really been making us get out intelligence up because it was rumoured Neoschool will be starting soon. I sat down to begin my homework when I heard a great crash. I whirled around and saw that my window had been shattered by an amulet. I picked up and put it on my desk quickly finishing my homework to examine it. It was gold in colour except for the crystal in the centre of it. I heard several feet running toward my room. I quickly put it in a drawer.

"What happened?" asked fire_faerie_8080.

"I'm really sorry," I lied, "I was practising a little Battledome manoeuvre and I accidentally broke the window I am terribly sorry."

"It's okay I was going to have that window replaced anyway it was too drafty and wasn't repaired that well from the last time we got involved with all that horrid Scorchstone stuff," replied fire_faerie_8080, "here just put this cardboard and tape on it and I will repair it while you guys go off exploring and stuff."

I sighed and said goodnight to everybody. As Air_Faerie_8080 left her eyes met mine some how I think she knew I wasn't telling the whole truth. I took the amulet out of the drawer and put it on it was quite pretty so I left it on as I climbed in bed and fell fast asleep.


"Finally I have it. I have it!!" exclaimed the Dark Faerie.

She held the Scorchstone in her hand and with three amulets.

"Oh brother, why does one of things always veer off and go to Neopia?" she said annoyed. "Oh well, let's see here I'll use magic and find out where it is."

A few moments later...

"NOOOOO!" she screeched stamping her feet and banging the wall," WHY does that pesky Shoyru always end up with one!!! I will find a way to get it," she declared, "that Shoyru won't know what hit her.

To be continued...

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