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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 33 > Editorial


If a Lupe plays with a Magical Chia Plushie will it rip it, or will it turn into a Chia?
Not sure, why don't you try it out :) Remember, nothing could possibly offend a Lupe more than turning into its mortal enemy!

Is it true that Coltzan's shrine gives out a million NP at 12:00 midnight?
No, it is possible that you can get 1 million from the shrine, but it doesn't matter what time of day it is.

What happend to the "Email Us" button?
Lots of lazy people were using the 'Email Us' button instead of reading the help section which meant our support team spent most of their day answering silly things that are already answered on the site, and people who had real problems had to wait for a response. We removed it to try to encourange people to click on the help link, rather than sending 10 emails a day. Psst here's a clue... the help link looks like this :)

What is the difference between the "magic fish" and the "fortune telling fish" and do either one lay fish neggs?
The magic fish and fortune telling fish are the same thing. We changed its name to fortune telling fish as people kept trying to scam innocent players. They started a rumour that it laid fish neggs. It doesn't its just a plastic cracker prize that curls up if your hand is hot. If some people put their fortune telling fish in their shop a while ago it will still have its old name (magic fish) until they take it out or someone buys it.

Why can't you get plushies from the online store?
Only a limited number of plushies were to be sold online. These have now all gone. We said the plushies from the online store were limited editions, you will not be able to purchase those plushies from our store ever again.

I'm not sure which guild I'm in, is there anyway to find out?
Yes, you can always see what guild you are in by doing a user lookup. Type your username into the search box on the yellow bar. It will now bring up a page with all your information on it. If you are a member of a guild it will tell you which one and link to it from there.

Will there ever be any more HTML codes in the HTML help page?
Yes, I will try to add some more this week.

Someone is claiming to be Adam's son on the messageboards, is this real?
Nope, I can assure you neither Adam or myself have any children. That person is just telling fibs.

I got a white Aisha Plushie from limited too. Are those the rarest Aisha plushies out there?
Yes, each Limited Too store only has a few white Aisha plushies. Exactly how many depends on the size of the store. Once they sell out of those, there will not be anymore.

How come you guys are freezing all of the accounts?
We only freeze people's accounts who break the rules of the site. If you try to ruin the game for other players (by typing inappropriate things on the messageboards, try to cheat, etc.) your account will be frozen. For a full list of reasons why your account can be frozen please read our Terms and Conditions page.

Why is there a purple Chia plushie on the Neocam?
Because *shhh* purple Chia plushies will go on sale very shortly and there is a new game coming up that features purple Chias.

I bought a white Aisha plushie from the Limited Too store in my neighbourhood and I was wondering where the code for the warehouse was?
I am afraid you only get a code with stickers, notebooks, tattoos, neoscapes or magnets. There was no where to put the code on the plushies.

What chia pops are magical?
Usually the ones that are rarity 99 are the magical ones.

What are NeoScapes? I saw pictures of them on the catalouge page, but they look like regular stickers!?
They are cool sticky things that you can stick on your monitor, or locker, or even your forehead! They are cardboard, and therefore thicker and more durable than normal stickers.

I'm a boy and I want to get grundo warehouse codes. But if I go to a Limited Too the girls would make fun of me for ever. What do i do?
We know that this is a problem and we are working on solving this by finding the appropriate independent retailers to take the merchandise to. Tell them to hold on, they will have product in male friendly stores soon!

If an asparagus was a person would it have a really cool pants or a really cool haircut?
A really cool hair cut!

Where exactly is the Gallery of Evil? I've heard about it, but I can't seem to find it!?
Click on 'world' on the left hand side and you will see a link... but beware... for all manner of evil lurks inside!

Is there ever going to be a chance for us to change our neopets username?
Sorry, no, because of the way the database is organised this cannot happen... we designed it that way from the start.

Do you like chocolate milkshakes??
Yes, but I prefer Strawberry and Banana. (this is adam editing... I prefer Vanilla myself, especially the ones from McDonalds)

Can you give some idea as to how many correct Mystery Pic answers you actually receive each week, and how quickly an answer needs to be submitted to win a prize??
We get about 30,000 submissions to each competition, and it really depends on the difficulty of the picture. Sometimes if its easy its all over in 30 minutes or less, but there have been competitions where like only 20 people got it right overall!

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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