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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 33 > New Series > Sheriff for a Day: Part One

Sheriff for a Day: Part One

by soggydude

Before you read this I would like you to know that in this story Sheriff Lupe is younger than he is now. This story was delayed for a while, but now it's out. Now that that is out of the way, enjoy!

"Freeze, bad guy! Sheriff Lupe is here to stop you!"

Sheriff Lupe, or Sheriff for short, was playing with a Blue Lupe plushie and a Yellow Chia plushie. He positioned the Chia plushie to face the Lupe.

"Oh yeah? What are you going to do?" he said for the Chia plushie.

"I'm going to put you in jail for the rest of your life, so there!" Sheriff made the Lupe plushie walk forward. The he went over to the Chia plushie.

"I wouldn't count on it!" Sheriff got another plushie, a Shoyru. "Any move and this Shoyru gets it!" Sheriff positioned the Shoyru plushie into the hands of the Chia.

"Help me!" he said for the Shoyru plushie.

"Don't worry, I'll save you!" Sheriff made the Lupe plushie leap in the air, and land on the Chia.

"Nooo!" Sheriff said for the Chia plushie.

"That's right, you're going to jail!" Sheriff placed the Chia plushie in a small box with string bars. Then he turned the Shoyru plushie to face the Lupe plushie.

"Thank you Sheriff, you did it again! You're a real hero!"

"No problem, because I am Sheriff Lupe! Wherever there is injustice, I'll be there! Wherever there is wrongdoing, I'll be there! Wherever there is a pet or owner in need of help, I'll be there! Where ever there is--" Sheriff stopped, and sniffed the air. "Candy? I'm there!"

He ran down the stairs of his NeoHome and began to run toward the kitchen. He saw the Chocolate Chia and grabbed it.

"Mine! Yes!" Energetic, he ran to the living room unknowing that inside the living room was Detective Lupe, making a house of cards. He had to balance it carefully with his Cybunny paws he had thanks to the Lab ray. He put the final card on the house.

"There! Now to take a picture!"

He took out a camera, and aimed it. Just then, Sheriff came running in. He saw the table that Detective had been using to make the house of cards, and tried to jump over it. He miscalculated his jump, and hit the house of cards. Right at that moment Detective took the picture and then noticed Sheriff.


Sheriff rammed into him, and they both tumbled over. The cards fluttered down, and covered both of them. Detective stood up, and looked at the mess.

"Sheriff, that took me hours!"

Sheriff was cramming the Chocolate Chia into his mouth. He stopped, and then said with his mouth full of chocolate, "Sorry." He gulped down the rest. "I know! I'll make you dinner!"

Detective shook his head. "No way. You remember what happened last time?"

Sheriff nodded. "Yeah, but the doctor said that your stomach should heal in a few days. This time, I'll be more careful."

Detective sighed. "Why not? I've has a good life. Please be really careful of what you add this time."

"Okay. Now you just sit at the table while I make you something delicious!" Sheriff went over to the kitchen. He took a large pot, and began to add ingredients to it. He wasn't very good at making dinners, for he spilled everything.

Later, he finished, and took the pot over to Detective, who was looking around. He placed it on the table and both brothers looked inside. There was a black tar like mixture.

"Now eat up!" Sheriff took out a large spoon and plunked it into the mixture. He took it out, and was about to place it in Detective's bowl, when he accidentally dropped the spoon. It whacked the table, and fell off. Sheriff placed a plant's pot where it fell.

"Saved the floor!" he said. Just then, the plant began to grow taller. It grew so tall it brushed against the ceiling. Suddenly, it began to thicken, increasing in weight at the same time. It twisted, and then fell over.

"Look out!" Detective yelled. He grabbed Sheriff, and got out of the way. THUD!! The plant fell and cracked the floor.

"I guess I didn't save the floor..." Sheriff muttered.

Detective glared at him. "That is the last time you ever cook in this house!"

"Okay, but it wasn't too bad!" Just then, the mixture in the pot began to dissolve. It fell through and plopped onto the floor. It burned through, and left a gaping hole. The brothers looked at it.

"Well, I guess I better go get some one, bye!" Sheriff ran out of the house. He continued to run for a while, and then he stopped when he got out of breath.

"Freeze! You're under arrest!"

"What!" Sheriff whirled around, and saw he was next to a TV store. He glanced at the television where the noise had come from. It showed a cowboy Lupe chasing after a Skeith. Sheriff watched in amazement as the adventure continued. He took out a notepad, and looked at his list of future occupations. He had already scratched out daredevil and cook. He added "famous hero" as he watched the television. Sheriff put away the pad and thought.

"How do I become a famous hero?" He looked at the television, and observed the hero. The Lupe was wearing a cowboy hat, along with the traditional outfit.

"The clothes!" He ran off, and looked for the clothes shop…


Detective was cleaning up the mess, when he heard the door open.

"Okay, Sheriff, you have to help now." He turned around to face Sheriff. "So, I want… you…" He trailed off as he glanced at his brother. Sheriff was wearing a cowboy hat, a long trench coat, and had appeared to have grown in the last few hours. Sheriff waved.

"Hi Detective! Do I look like a cowboy or what?" He took off the trench coat to revel stilts. On the end of the stilts, were two fake Lupe feet. The trench coat hid the stilts so that he looked tall. Around his waist was a holster with a rainbow gun. On his head rested a traditional cowboy hat.

"Well?" Sheriff glanced at Detective with eagerness to see if he liked it or not.

"Well, you do look like a cowboy, but I hope you aren't going to try anything."

"THANKS!" With that, Sheriff ran out of the house again. As he was running, he tripped due to the stilts, and tumbled down the sidewalk. "I'm okay…" he muttered, and got the stilts back on. He then got a bus to Western Neopia.

Meanwhile, Detective was glancing out the door. "I still can't believe we are related." He shook his head and continued to clean.

Sheriff looked around as the bus traveled around the roads. There were only Kaus and plains out the window, and nothing more. He sighed as he craned his neck for a better view. Suddenly, the bus jerked to a stop, and Sheriff was flung forward.

"Last stop!" the driver, a red Lenny, called out. Sheriff looked out the window again and saw a small town. He smiled, and stood up. Carefully balancing on his stilts, he walked out of the bus, and looked at the small town. He walked over to the entrance and looked at the sign, which read, "DUSTY TOWN". He walked inward, and began to look around. He first tried the shops, but no one was there.

"Hmmm, that's strange…" He continued his search, when he noticed a poster advertising a town meeting. "That's where everyone went." Satisfied with solving this small mystery, he began to walk toward the town hall to see if anything interesting was happening, while getting used to his stilts. He learned how to walk normally while getting there.

Meanwhile, at the town hall, a tall yellow Blumaroo, who was obviously the mayor, was speaking into a mic.

"Now, as everyone here knows, this town has a problem due to an outlaw." The mayor unrolled a photo of a big Chia with WANTED posted in big red letters. The crowd began to throw the free refreshments at the photo, which the mayor put away quickly.

"Now, we may not be the most famous town, but we have our limits too!" The crowd roared in agreement. "We have pride!" There was another roar of approval. "We are a town UNITED!" The mayor practically screamed the last word, and the crowd all followed his tone. Then he dropped the bomb. "So, who wants to be the new Sheriff?"

There was a huge scramble… for the door. All the town people fled, crowding the exits. Finally, only the mayor was left, standing alone on the stage. He looked at the empty hall.

"Well, that didn't go too well." Just then, Sheriff, who was leaning on the door before the scramble, came inside. He glanced around. The mayor's eyes light up.

"Well, hello there! And who are you?" Sheriff glanced up in surprise as the mayor walked toward him.

"I'm Sheriff Lupe, but you can call me Sheriff."

"Sheriff…" the mayor trailed off. "I like that. Say, how would you like to have an honoured position in this town?"

Sheriff blinked in surprise. "But I don't live here. And I can't stay here for long."

"No problem!" The mayor whipped out a paper, and handed it over. "Just sign this, and you can be the new Sheriff! We need one for only today, so you can be Sheriff for a day! Everyone wants the job, but you look like you could be the best!"

Sheriff glanced off dreamily. "The best?"

"That's right, the best! Here, sign the paper!"

Sheriff looked over it. It basically had the town Sheriff's oath, and agreement. Sheriff read it aloud.

"I will, under no circumstances, quit being Sheriff unless ordered too." There was a bunch of other stuff, but Sheriff skimmed over it, and signed the paper with a pen the mayor gave him.

"Well, congratulations son! You are now the new town Sheriff!" The mayor gave him a pat on the back, and a gold coloured star with the word SHERIFF on it. Sheriff held the paper. "Wow…" he said. "I can't believe it! I must be the luckiest guy on Neopia!" He then left the hall.

"Sucker," the mayor whispered under his breath. Sheriff turned around.


"Oh, I uh, said good luck, uh, bucker. It's a word we have here." Sheriff nodded.

"Oh, okay." Sheriff left the hall, and looked at Dusty town. He then realised he was getting hungry.

"Now to celebrate my luck with a good meal!" He walked over to the town saloon, and watched many other pets walk past the swinging doors. Remembering how the traditional Sheriff walked in saloons in the movies, he walked up slowly, and literally shoved opened the saloon doors. They sprang forward, and with surprising speed, swung back and smacked him. He stumbled backwards, and fell over. He got up, replaced his stilts, and walked inside the regular way, deciding to forget the movie ways. He looked at all the customers. Most were in a debate, about what he didn't know. He walked up to the front and waited. A Korbat was serving some pets drinks. He turned to Sheriff, and saw the star. His eyes widened.

"What would you like?" he asked.

"A large ice cold glass of Neocola please," Sheriff responded. Some of the customers looked at him, but the Korbat poured it for him and gave him the drink.

"What's the price?" Sheriff began to get out his money.

"Oh, on the house for the Sheriff!" the Korbat said, and resumed a conversation he had been having with an Acara next to Sheriff.

As Sheriff drank, he noticed that everyone was looking at him. He glanced around, and they turned back to whatever they had been doing. Sheriff shrugged, and continued to gulp down the Neocola. He heard whispers, and saw that people again were looking at him. The Acara saw his confusion, and slid over.

"Don't mind them," he said. "They just can't believe you actually chose to become Sheriff. Neither can I though." He gulped down what he was drinking, and let out a huge burp. "Pardon. Anyway, you got a death wish or are you just really brave?" Sheriff looked at him oddly. "Well, there really isn't any trouble, is there?"

The Acara sighed. "You don't know?"

"Know what?"

Some of the customers were beginning to pay attention.

"Every year, this outlaw comes into town and takes almost everything we have. He's the meanest one out there, at least I hope. The mayor tries to get townspeople to be the Sheriff, because the outlaw claims he's so good, that if a Sheriff beat him, he'd never come back. The mayor believes him, and tries to recruit a town member every year, but no one comes. Therefore, he tries to see if any one visiting is around at the time…"

The Acara didn't have to fill in the rest. Sheriff gripped his mug of cola tightly. He gulped, and then said, "Who is this outlaw?" The Acara pointed to a poster of the Chia that the mayor had shown. "That's him. His name is Big Bad Bob."

"Billy Bob? Aren't outlaws named something like Rex? You know, Big Bad Rex or whatever?"

"I don't know. He comes at three o'clock. Anyway, as Sheriff, you get free weapons and meals in town. Good luck." The Acara then moved, and the small group who had come over went away. Sheriff ran out of the saloon, and found the city council hall, where the mayor most likely was. He ran in, and after getting directions, burst into the mayor's office.

"MAYOR!" he shouted, upset. The mayor was looking over some papers, and calmly looked up.

"Yes, what is it?" he asked, looking innocent.

"DON'T YOU PLAY DUMB WITH ME!" Sheriff by now was almost to a screaming point.

"Calm down!" Sheriff took in deep breaths and counted to ten. After calming down, he glared at the mayor.

"You lied to me! You never said anything about a dangerous outlaw!"

The mayor shook his head. "Oh my. Skipped over the fine print, didn't we? I never said there was no danger. Therefore, I didn't lie."

"Well, I'm quitting!" Sheriff was about to rip off the badge, when the mayor stopped him with three words.

"No, you can't."

Sheriff looked at him with surprise. "Why not?" he asked. The mayor held up the paper Sheriff had signed.

"You can't quit unless you're fired. And don't think about running away, if you do, I have the right to contact police to find you. You may want to read the rest." He threw the paper at Sheriff who looked over at it, and now saw everything he had missed in his rush. He glared at the mayor again, who chuckled.

"You may want to get ready. Bob should be here in about…" he looked outside the window, where the town clock was. "Ah, yes. Two hours."

To be continued…

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