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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 33 > Continuing Series > The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part Four

The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part Four

by purplepokadotz

"Look, it is a huge gold statue of an Eyrie. That must be worth at least 45 million Neopoints," Gyro said, running up to the large yellow statue.

"Hey doesn't it say on the map that we have to find a gold Eyrie?" SunRays asked.

"It does, well let me check what we have to do next," Gyro said, pulling out the old map. "It says to go to the mouth of the Eyrie and you will find the key," Gyro read from the old papers.

"We have to climb all the way up there?" Keenac asked.

"Keenac, you can fly remember?" SunRays said, flapping his wings and swooping into the air.

"Oh yeah, okay let's go, SunRays!" Keenac said, flapping his wings.

When they made it to the large golden Eyrie statue's mouth, they flew in, "So there should be a key hole somewhere," SunRays said, searching around.

"Hey what's this?" Keenac said to himself, looking at an imprint in the gold. "Hey this looks like an imprint of my hand?!" Keenac said, putting his hand on the imprint and pressed down hard.

All of a sudden the statue started to rumble and move.

"Hey did you find the key hole?" SunRays asked his friend.

"Yup!" Keenac said.

"What was the key?" SunRays asked.

"My paw!" Keenac said, swooping out of the statue's mouth.

When Keenac and SunRays were safely on the ground, the statue was moved and there was a trap door waiting there for them.

"It's weird though how come my paw was the key and how could they get my paw?" Keenac asked himself out loud.

"Who knows now, let's go down," Gyro said, opening the trap door.

"It's so dark down there that I can't even see the bottom," SunRays said, hovering over the open doorway.

"Bombs away!" Earthy said, jumping into the darkness. After that they all jumped in.

After falling for a minute they all landed on something soft. "This is soft and warm and fuzzy. Wonder what we landed on," Keenac said, rolling off the big fuzzy hill to the ground.

"I think the better question would be who did we land on." They all heard the piled up fuzz rumble. "Ahh! It's alive!!!" They all screamed and ran of the object.

"It's okay, NeoPets don't run. I am your friend," the fuzzy object said.

The fuzzy little thing lit a piece of wood and when the flame was shown at his face this is what they saw: two eyes and a mouth but no ears and no nose.

"My name is Fuzalles. I have been waiting for you young pets for about 2,000 years," Fuzalles said, pulling out his large fuzzy hand to shake Gyro's.

"How did you know we were going to come and look for this treasure?" Gyro asked.

"Let's just say I've known for a while," Fuzalles said. "I am here to help you to the treasure but after that I finally get to leave."

"Okay," MoonDog said.

"So Fuzalles tell me about yourself. What are you?" SunRays asked while flying along.

"I am a very rare creature, we can live to up to 5,000 years and right now I am 3,000 years old. My king is called Fuzaries. There are not many left," Fuzalles said to flying Shoyru.

"Wow, cool. Are you related to a Walking Rug? You know those PetPets?" SunRays asked another question.

"Actually, yes they are our cousins," Fuzalles replied.

"Oh neat-o. I love Walking Rugs... they are so cute!" Earthy said, and then all of a sudden a huge giant three-armed beast comes walking out of the darkness ahead of them.

"Ahh the chosen ones, too bad we are going to destroy you!" the large beast said as he attacked them.

SunRays moved just in time before the beast would have hit him. SunRays pulled out his Metal shield and Flaming Sword and attacked the beast. Gyro attacked as he put on his special made gloves.

He slipped them on and attacked the beast's arms. Earthy and MoonDog try their best but Keenac just crawled behind a rock and watched them all fight. Fuzalles started to attack too. "Go after his eyes!" Fuzalles yelled after punching the beast right across the jaw. SunRays blocked a swipe from the beast's powerful arm.

Then SunRays swooped up high in the hallway and then came crashing down with his sword in front of himself, aimed right for the beast's eye. Then all of a sudden there was this bone chilling screech from the beast. SunRays had gotten the beast right in the eye; the beast fell hard to stone ground.

"Is he dead?" Keenac whimpered out from behind the stone.

"Yeah, no thanks to you!" Gyro said, walking toward the wimpy Eyrie.

"Well, what could I have done I have never fought in my whole life!" the Eyrie said.

"You could have at least tried, like I did," Earthy said.

"Okay, so I'm a wimp, all right I'm sorry; next bad guy we meet I will help beat him," Keenac said, reasoning with his friends.

"If there is a next time," SunRays said swooping off.

"Let's go and be careful," Fuzalles said walking forward.

After a while they finally came to a large door it was the size of Fuzalles, it was so big. "Okay now I must go. This is as far as I can take you," Fuzalles said.

"All right, well bye, hey maybe we will see each other some time," Earthy said.

"Yea maybe!" Fuzalles said far away now.

"Well I guess that means that all the danger is done now, right?" Keenac said nervously.

"I guess," SunRays said, they all opened they door at the same time.

But when they opened the door, they found the same Pant Devil that they met in the woods, but he had some friends with him. "Hello friends, remember me?" the dark Pant Devil laughed. His friends grabbed the pets.

"Hey, let me go!" Earthy yelled.

"Where are you taking us?" MoonDog asked angrily.

"That is for us to know and you to find out," one of the Pant Devils cackled.

The Pant Devils threw black hoods over the NeoPets eyes so they couldn't see, and tied their hands tight. The Pant Devils walked the pets to this strange room; the pets did not hear any sound, until the devils took the black hoods off their eyes.

"Oh my Negg Muncher, look at all the gold!!" Gyro sighed.

"Wow that is A LOT of Neopoints!" Keenac said in awe.

"WOW!!" MoonDog said even more surprised.

"I like it too!" The pets heard a voice cackle from the back of a gold block. All of a sudden the gold block started turning around it was a large gold chair, and sitting in it was Jhudora.

"Hello young pets," Jhudora laughed.

"Wait just a minute... why are you here?" SunRays asked the dark evil faerie.

"You see I am the one who took my sister the Battle Faerie's necklace. So I am here to take it back." Jhudora cackled a horrible laugh.

"What? Wait a minute, the book said that Dr. Sloth took the necklace," Earthy said.

"Yes, well that was just a myth, remember not all myths are true. So hand over the necklace and I will give all the gold you will ever need in a lifetime," Jhudora said sternly.

"No way, you won't use it for good!" Keenac yelled.

"Well duh! I know I won't use it for good, I am thinking of taking over Neopia, how does that sound?" Jhudora cackled a bone chilling laugh and her Pant Devil friends laughed with her.

"No way lady! We won't hand it over!" MoonDog growled.

"Very well... looks like I will just have to destroy you." Jhudora signaled for the Pant Devils to take the young pets away.

To be continued...

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