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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 34 > Continuing Series > The Last Stand: Part Four

The Last Stand: Part Four

by fire_faerie_8080

The Gallant Rescue
I felt a small tongue caressing my face and a leaf full of water being toward my lips. I opened my eyes and was not surprised to see my brave little Joy staring at me. I drank the water it had brought me. I found a soft place and drifted back to sleep and had no recognition that Joy went to get a helping hand.


"You monster!" screamed Air_Faerie_8080 making vain attempts to attack the Dark Faerie shaking with grief and tears.

"I have won I told you long ago that one day I would triumph. Muhaha!" cackled the Dark Faerie while trying to ignore the fact she had gotten to close to Chloe and had been bitten.

"Take them back to the Tower," she said, gritting her teeth from the pain in her foot.

"Now I will retrieve my amulet and conquer Neopia!" she cackled, "and pity the fool who tries to stop me!"

Back in the Jungle at Dusk-

"Hey are you okay?" a voice asked.

"No I think I'm injured," I whispered trying not move because it was painful.

"Okay drink this," the voice said. I gulped down what turned out to be a healing potion.

"Oh, I feel a whole lot better. Thanks," I thanked the voice who turned out to be a local native who had learned to speak. Then I scooped up my stuff and ran toward the castle which I could see looming in the distance.

I arrived in the dead of the night. I knew I couldn't scale the wall without a rope of some sort. I found the next best thing some long vines. I made a loop of one end and had Joy fly up and secure the looped end on the very top of the tower. I began my ascent.


The Dark Faerie had gone to retrieve the amulet only to find the Peophin who she thought had been destroyed had disappeared, which meant she was still alive and well.

"Oh, I knew I should have somehow made sure!" she spat looking at the cracks in the trees.

She took off heading toward her castle knowing if that Peophin was able she would go to rescue her family.

Back at the castle-

I had made almost all the way up to the tower window hoping it wasn't a dead end. Joy was waiting for me on the window ledge. It was beginning to storm again not as severe but it was thundering, lightning, and the rain was very heavy but there was no wind so it wasn't too bad. I was looking up at Joy so I wouldn't look down. As I was looking up I saw joy in one flash of lightning then I thought I saw something gold grab her and pull her in the window. I climbed faster and put my Gold Blade of Peophin between my teeth so that if I had to I would battle whoever dared to take her. I was almost there I could make out a shadow in a lightning flash. I put a hoof to pull myself up. I waited a moment and then placed my other hoof on the sill. I paused again and then with a mighty leap I flung myself into the room. While I was in the air I took up my blade I looked down and suddenly realised it was a long way down. I let go of the blade and it clattered to the floor and I landed beside it severely winded. I sat up gasping to regain my breath when I realised there were others around me. I grabbed up the Gold Blade of Peophin and stood up taking a battle stance.

"I want my Angelpuss, Joy, give her back right now or I'll attack," I said apprehensively.

"Cherish is that you?" a voice asked.

"Uh I'm cherish808 in the flesh and blood you could say," I said a little taken aback and cautiously.

"Oh, Cherish it's you!" cried out fire_faerie_8080 emerging out of the gloom almost strangling me as she hugged me and my sisters rushed forward completely toppling me.

"Get off me! What did you guys think I wasn't coming for you or something I'm not that heartless!" I exclaimed.

"Well, you see when that Skeith found you we were here and we saw the whole battle and when it was all over we thought you had kicked the bucket but I guess you were unconscious," replied Chloe 52689.

"Um yeah, that's right," I said, "now please get off me before I'm strangled to death."

"Okay now does anybody know a way out of here?" I asked and was met with silence.

I went over to inspect the door and with much satisfaction noted the hinge pins were on the inside. I remembered that's how a bunch of NeoPet escaped from the pound after that the pound staff got new cages so we couldn't do that but I remembered how just in case. I noted with dismay they were very rusty.

"Ahem, Air_Faerie_8080 we could use a Spark attack on these," I said waving her over.

"OK then stand back wouldn't want to get accidentally shocked," she replied walking over. She took aim and blasted the door open.

"All right!! We're out of here!" Chloe exclaimed running out the door and bumping into a figure dressed in purple.

"Not so fast!" cried out the Dark Faerie.

"Oh no, it's the old crow come to get her but whooped again," said Air_Faerie_8080 sarcastically.

The Dark Faerie's face became very angry then she relaxed.

"You are out numbered," she replied icily.

Then she sneered and lunged at me and in a mere moment had me hostage.

"And now I have your sister,: she cackled.

I had almost forgotten about Joy but I saw her hovering along near my Gold Blade of Peophin. Joy looked at me and I motioned to the blade. Joy went and picked it up.

"Joy, throw it to me quick," I yelled out panicky.

She threw it I watched in slow motion as it flew threw the air I stretched out my arms and caught it. Then I immediately began to slash at the Dark Faerie who promptly dropped me in fear of being attacked. Air Faerie who had been holding back because I was in danger went mad with a lust for battle in her eyes. I was also taken in by my rage and leapt to attack Chloe, after making sure our mum was safe, also leapt into the fray. The Dark Faerie fled and her troops mostly made up of Skeiths attacked us. I slashed and charged sending the Skeiths into rages or turn tail runs. Air Faerie was using Thunder Tail and Spark and Chloe was using Magic Pebbles. We battled our way through the castle and ended up in the throne room where the Dark Faerie was. We didn't notice her until we had barricaded the doors.

"Well, well, well, look what the Skeiths dragged in," she said icily.

I whirled around and growled. I was about to attack but Air_Faerie_8080 beat me to it. She sprang forward in catlike only to be struck down by a long glowing whip.

"Ahh!!" she screamed out in pain.

"Muhahaha!" she cackled, "one feels like one thousand with this."

I watched Chloe run forward to attack.

"Chloe stop!" I yelled but it was too late she was already on the floor rolling with pain.

I felt my anger surge I closed my eyes and concentrated very hard channeling all my rage. I soon felt a tingly feeling. I charged forward my eyes red with a lust to battle.


I felt the whip tear into me my side exploded in pain but I went on. I slashed and charged and finally I fired a blast with my new found power. I went on and on. I continued like this for an hour before I felt the tingly feeling beginning to leave I was feeling the blows laid out by the whip more and more. My eyes were returning to normal. My energy was leaving finally I couldn't stand up a moment longer. I saw the stones rushing toward me and I hit the floor. I was still quite conscious. I could feel the blows from the whip with the very last nerve in my body. It hurt so terribly I was beginning to cry.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed out with a mixture of pain, fury, and despair.

Suddenly I saw a very bright light I thought I was going to be blinded. Out of the light stepped out the Uber Light Faerie.

"Do not despair yet Cherish there is still a battle to be won. I have been watching over you this is your destiny now rise up and use the power of the amulet. You can do it Cherish I know you can now rise and fulfil your destiny," she said in a soothing voice it gave me new hope.

I concentrated and soon began to feel the power of the amulet. I rose up and before the Dark Faerie could utter a cry of amazement I had sliced the whip in half. Air_Faerie_8080 had recovered and we both attacked. Chloe was still hurting but managed to use her Magic Pebbles. We battled right into the room that had the Golden Scorchstone and the remaining amulets. I took a flying leap and grabbed the three remaining amulets. I gave one to Air Faerie and one to Chloe and just held on to the other one. We battled right out on to a balcony. I took a slash at the Dark Faerie who was right on the edge she lost her balance and fell. She was rescued however by the arrival of the other Uber Faeries.

"Well done young Cherish you have almost fulfilled your destiny do you know what you must do?" she asked I nodded my head and went back to the room with the Scorchstone and I collected the amulets. I took up my Gold Blade of the Peophin and I brought it down hard upon the amulets shattering them to a million pieces. Then I turned upon the Scorchstone. I picked it up and threw it into the wall where it also shattered.

"This is the last Scorchstone of this type of power?" Air Faerie asked.

"Yes, it is the last one young Shoyru," replied the Queen Faerie.

And that is how it came to an end there were no more Scorchstones to worry about. We were all given medals a great feast and lots of Codestones for all of our trouble.

Epilogue: We didn't live happily ever, yet we aren't quite out of the woods yet with other threats but that is another story and all you need to know is that this story ended happily ever after.

The End

Author's Note: This is my last Scorchstone story I hope you enjoyed it. I am going to start something new soon. I hope you will enjoy those as well.
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