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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Short Stories > Lilac the Skeith

Lilac the Skeith

by sorceress_of_stars

Lilac_Song lay bitterly in her cage. Earlier that day she had been an Aisha. But now she sat in the layers of bulkiness of a Skeith. It was a long story.

Her owner Amanda had always taken excellent care of her pets, making sure that they were always content, pampered, and NEVER got hungry at all. Amanda had planned a two month long summer vacation, and didn't want to need to take care of her pets while she was away. She had thought about the Neolodge, but pets could only stay 28 days there. So she trusted her new friend Kelsey to feed and play with her pets. The moment Amanda left, Kelsey logged in. She couldn't wait to play with Lilac_Song and explore Neopia. But the one thing she had been awaiting the most was to try out the Lab Ray that was active on Amanda's account. She dragged Lilac to the ray, and immediately zapped her. Once the dust and smoke the ray caused had subsided, it revealed a large, fierce-looking red Skeith in the place of the striped Aisha. Kelsey cowered in fear--how could she have been so foolish? She finally took Lilac_Song to the pound, and then created a new blue Aisha named lilac_song--the same name, but just with lower-case letters.

Lilac wondered if this was some sort of lesson that the Faerie Queen had sentenced her to. She was a vegetarian, and absolutely hated the guts of Skeiths who ate their PetPets and everything else they found. She had always thought of them to be ravenous beasts.

Many people paced around the cubicles, hunting for the perfect companion. Finally, a surly looking Tyrannian Mynci and a stocky human wearing large scraps of animal fur entered the pound. They stood out very much from the crowd because of their appearance. They too scanned the rows of abandoned pets. The Mynci's eyes landed on her. He conversed briefly with his owner, and pointed at her. Lilac pushed herself back against the metal cubicle as much as possible as the Tyrannian approached the cage. He looked her over, and then nodded back at the Mynci. Lilac gulped. She knew what my fate would be.

The man opened up her cage, and lifted her out easily. She did not weigh much at the time; she had always been a healthy dieter. He took her over to the pound desk.

"I will not go with you," Lilac said obstinately, "My owner will come for me, you'll see. She'll make sure you're sorry you ever laid one of your germ-infested paws on me. And guess what else--" Dr_Death interrupted her. "Lilac_Song, hush before you say something you'll regret. The story you told to all of the other Skeiths has circulated to me. If it is true however, you will still be staying with these nice people for two months, so you had better treat them fairly." And with that, the Tyrannians paid for her and took Lilac to their home.

Once the group had gotten to Tyrannia, they led her to their straw hut. Lilac reluctantly entered the hut. She gaped at all of the stone and straw furniture.

"This is your new home. We got a fresh stone bed for you to sleep on. We wanted a Skeith and knew a straw bed would collapse under one's weight. Here, we even got you a PetPet." The man handed her a Stego. "My name is Mirhg, and this is Myncre." He pointed at the Mynci.

"We are your new family. If you will excuse us, we need to go do some shopping. What Tyrannian foods do you like?" Lilac said. She'd never really eaten any Tyrannian food before. "How about I come with you and decide when we get there?" she asked.

"Sounds good. Come on, let's get going." They headed out the door and trekked towards the giant Chomby stone temple that made up the food shop. They transcended the steps carefully to the food chamber.

A disgruntled-looking Chia approached them with his menacing torch. He and Mirhg conversed in a complicated language of various Uggs and Uggas. Mirhg bought a Mollusc Surprise and a Crablett. Mirhg waved his arm at the rows of food and said, "Take your pick."

Lilac looked upon the food. She carefully examined each different food. After a few minutes, Myncre got impatient and started suggesting things.

"How about a Ransaurus Steak. They're delicious," he commented.

"I'm a vegetarian, Myncre," Lilac retorted, disgusted at the idea.

"Fine then. How about a Tentacle Sprout or a Spine Cone. I'm sure those would cover your nutritional needs," he said sarcastically.

They finally left the shop with Golden Ivy Leaves and a Cactus Blossom. After they got back, Mirhg and Myncre ate their food as if they hadn't eaten in weeks. When Lilac asked them where the dining utensils were, they merely looked up for a moment and chortled. Against all of the etiquette rules she had learned, she gave in and used her fingers to bring the food to her mouth. The food was tastier than she had believed it would be, and she admitted to herself that it was fairly nice to get away from all of the eating utensils for once.

A few weeks later, Mirhg and Myncre had gone out on a trip to Mystery Island after Lilac had suggested they try some of the nice, vegetarian-friendly food. Lilac was getting very hungry by herself. She was out playing in the yard with her Stego when she felt a sudden burst of hunger come over her. She suddenly looked at her Stego differently. She turned his body into a mouth-watering delight. Her Skeith instincts were beginning to take over. She casually approached the Stego. The Stego turned to look at a nearby bush.

Lilac silently crept up behind the Stego. Or at least as silently as a Skeith could go. Her Stego turned to look at her, and that was her chance. Shoe pounced on top of her Stego, and nailed it to the ground! She ate it in one bite and was very satisfied afterwards.

"My oh my," said a voice coming from behind her. "And there was me, thinking you'd gone vegetarian." Lilac whipped around. There standing over her, was her old owner Amanda. "Lilac, I am thoroughly disappointed in you. You ate a PetPet."

Lilac lowered her head in shame. "I'm sorry Amanda. I was starving and my instincts overcame me. This was the first time I ever ate meat. I promise," she pleaded. Just then, Mirhg and Myncre came back, weighed down with Tropical foods.

That night, Amanda, Mirhg, Myncre, and Lilac had a tropical feast, and Mirhg and Myncre were able to help convince Amanda that Lilac didn't attack the Stego on purpose.

A few days later, Lilac was transferred back to Amanda, and Lilac met her new little Aisha sister, who Amanda had decided to keep. Amanda had forgiven Kelsey, but vowed only to use the Neolodge the next time she went on a trip. Lilac went back to being vegetarian, but always remembered the sweet taste of a Stego. Lilac was turned into a Wocky in the end, seeing that Aisha morphing potions are very expensive at this moment.

The End

Note: none of these characters are real, and I hope you were able to find some of the incorporated morals, like to always use the Neolodge, and that Skeiths aren't all they're made out to be. I would love to hear opinions on this story, as it may not be the last of my writing. Thank you.

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