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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Articles > Neopian Rivalry

Neopian Rivalry

by chimesjon

Even though there is a great amount of peace in Neopia, it isn't really a planet without enemies. Evil has been afoot throughout everywhere. But only a few Neopians have noticed the rivalry that grows more serious every day. Here are some of the most well known Neopian figures that have a rivalry between each other and a brief description.

Fyora and Jhudora
These two powerful Faeries have been enemies for quite a time. Even though it was a long time ago since childhood that this rivalry began, it was till recent news that Fyora the Faerie Queen and Jhudora the Dark Faerie hated each other greatly. Fyora, ruler of all the Faeries, had been twice as keen on spotting anything that contained evil going on Faerieland or the rest of the planet. However, Jhudora somehow has no fear of her enemy, even though she knows Fyora had the power to banish her from Faerieland years ago. Why hasn't she? Simple explanation: normal Dark Faeries have been doing some witchcraft (though not as severe) throughout the world, and with Fyora able to sense any type of evil, millions of tiny pests doing silly spells made it pretty hard for the Faerie Queen to concentrate on watching Jhudora.

Lupes and Chias
Ah, one of the best well-known pets. These are about some of the only pets whose rivalry has struck extreme history to Neopia. The Lupe and Chia Revolution (as I call it) had been going on since ancient ancestors of Lupes and Chias walked on Neopia. Chias, who were picked on, pounded, and even eaten by Lupes, finally took a stand to their rivals. Many Lupes claim and have proven they do not eat Chias except for Chocolate Chias. But even though many Lupes do not like the taste of Chias, there is a larger amount of Lupes who prefer eating them. Some of the most famous pets who took a stand to the everlasting war are Griffin L. Kingsley, the legendary Kauboy who dedicated his life to stop Chia-eating, and Alexander Timothy Chia, world-famous Lupologist, who dedicated his life to doing Lupology (Lupe research) and trying to find out why Lupes really hate Chias.

Techo Master and Captain Threelegs
The Techo Master of the Training School and Captain Threelegs of the Swashbuckling Academy are the main rivals of stats training. Loads of people and pets say the Swashbuckling Academy, located in Krawk Island, has a greater advantage over the Training School in many things, while the Training School has some greater advantages over the other. The main points of the Training School which maintain great points are the time needed to make your NeoPets stronger, faster (whatever!), while the Swashbuckling takes a while to train others. Another point is that the Training School has barely any limit to the level of a pet in order to train. As for Swashbuckling Academy, it has great points as well. The Dubloons required to pay for your pet cost cheaper than Codestones. It is also a preferable place for the younger and weaker pets.

Space Faerie and Dr. Sloth
Enemies from the very first day VirtuPets Space Station was discovered, these two have an intense rivalry more serious than even Fyora and the Faerie Queen. The Space Faerie came when Sloth made his first ever attempt to conquer Neopia. Her main goal was to stop Neopia's warfare and put an end to Sloth's reigns. But that wasn't the only thing she succeeded in. She also freed the Grundos from Sloth's cruel orders. Even though Sloth was defeated for the first time, he left behind loads of Transmogrification Potions and still roams through every world, zapping others' items into Piles of Sludge one by one. After the Space Faerie defeated Sloth and freed VirtuPets, she was never seen again. Well, it's all in a day's work... right? It's different for Sloth. Frank Sloth has evil schemes that have been attempted already, like the Lost Desert conquest...

Shop Wizard and Auction Genie
These are some of the only pets, which have magical powers and use them to do some shopping/auctioning. Unlike some rivals, these ones most likely have a friendly rivalry, not attempting to put an end to each other in a terrible way. However, it's pretty hard to find who is more successful, as I can't keep count of how many Neopians who use their service. Business has always been going on between the two. The Shop Wizard lives in the Marketplace, awaiting anyone who is in need of an item of good cost. And the Auction Genie, he lives in the Auction House, awaiting those who want to bid their way to an item. Each have an advantage over each other in different ways. One, for the Shop Wizard, is that he is the one who most likely leads Neopians to quick items and a quick price in quick time. One, for the Auction Genie, is that prices that are 100,000 NP or more can be found here instead of the shops, which items costing over 100,000 NP cannot be bought from them.

Gelerts and Aishas
Okay, this is the most minor rivalry ever to be pointed out (thanks to aznaquaman626). Like a dog and cat, Gelerts and Aishas might have an enemy-like thing going on. Though the majority of Gelerts and Aishas live in peace, there is a small population of those who prefer chasing and biting each other. But this sort of rivalry isn't as serious as any of the others.

Punchbag Bob and Punchbag Sid
The identical twin punching bags are very confusing if you plan on imploring anyone else about this. Bob is the harmless one, and Sid is the one who tricks Battledomers by impersonating his brother and attacking them with advanced weapons, usually defeating them. Actually, this isn't much of a problem to Bob. In fact, maybe Sid was taking a stand for Bob and fought back for a change. Or, on the other hand, Sid is just making Bob less popular with the Battledomers from then on. Who knows? How would you feel if you saw two Punchbag Bobs? Both stuffed with straw, there is no telling of how you'll ever figure out who is who.

Edna and Esophagor
These are two of the Neopians who grant quests to others, both being successful in business. Edna, the witch, is someone who asks for various items, and the Esophagor asks for only food... expensive food... VERY expensive food. Edna and the Esophagor both live in the Haunted Woods, waiting for anyone daring enough to spend their NP and getting the required items. The cackling witch has one advantage: she usually rewards you with the kind of food the Esophagor usually asks for. The Esophagor, the huge bumbling monster of the Haunted Woods, can reward you with an item and some NP, but the most important thing it can do for you is telling you parts of the answers to the Brain Tree quests.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and there are many more rivals in Neopia... so much that I can't name 'em all!

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