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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Short Stories > Miracle on Aisha Avenue

Miracle on Aisha Avenue

by cuteakk

Elizabeth, or Liza as she liked to be called, was a true, heart-filled Neopian. Her story began one night as she hatched.

A sickly, badly abused, blue Lupe named Tai-Luke and a hostile owner named Tye sat at the Neopian Hospital crib, waiting, waiting, for a little yellow Gelert to be born.

"MAKE IT HATCH!" Tye yelled at the Gelert doctor at the Neopian Hospital.

"Sir," the doctor replied. "We must wait for the little one to hatch, it may take hours at the most. Ah, sir, fine choice picking a Gelert. You know they're one of the best pets out there! I say, you know where we got our fabulous name and--"

"Shush up! No duh, YOU ARE A GELERT! I don't care what you do, slam it open with a hammer, just--" Tye was saying, but just then the egg was starting to hatch, and out popped the yoke, slimy, but cute, Gelert.

"FINALLY! What took you thing so long!" Tye yelled at the pup. From then on, hostility was the only thing in Elizabeth's (as she was of coursed named) sad and also sickly life.


One terrible day, as Liza was huddled under the staircase eating her mouldy loaves of bread, she saw Tye dragging Tai-Luke outside, and then shut the door behind them. Liza heard some yelling, a terrible howl, some more yelling, whimpering, and a loud tinny sound, like a trash can slamming, then very faint whimpering.

The very next day, Tye started dragging Liza out the door this time. Liza made no attempt to struggle. But she was not beaten or yelled at. Tye put a leash on Liza, then kicked over the trash can on the side of the house, and out tumbled Tai-Luke. He was bruised and whimpering, but Tye bustled on a leash on him too. They then walked to the bus stop, waited till the bus came, then hopped in. Liza and Tai-Luke's collars were quite tight, and they seemed to be choking. Tye noticed this but didn't show a care in the world. They then stopped at pet central.

"OK, you stupid pets," snapped Tye, and Tai-Luke and Liza whimpered. "You're being dropped off at the pound so I can get a weird Tonu! I don't want any other stupid pets besides a Tonu!" And with that pulled Liza and Tai-Luke into the building: the POUND building.

Inside, Tye strapped his pets' collars tighter, and they showed big signs of choking!

"No! No!" Said Rose, the Red Uni of the Pound, running over and taking off the leashes and collars. "Stop, stop! You can't do that! Well, your here. Adopt or abandon?" And Rose winced at the word abandon.

"Abandon!" Tye boomed, laughter in his voice. Rose sighed.

"Oh, well. Dr_Death! We have a new one," she said. Dr_Death rolled his eye and walked slowly over to Liza and Tai-Luke.

"That'll be 250 NP," he said with a sigh.

"What? It was 120 last time!" Tye roared.

"Yes, well TOO MANY poor little Neopets have been abandoned!" Rose said.

"Neopets are dumb," Tye mumbled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out 250 NPs. To other pets after their OLD owners leave, it seems like a living nightmare, the pound. But Tai-Luke and Liza? It was heaven!

Three days Tai-Luke and Liza spent in one whole kennel together, giggling for the first time in their lives at cool jokes told by other abandoned pets. But one day, Rose was walking a young women and a small child over to Tai-Luke and Liza.

"Look! Elizabeth! I think we're getting a new home!" Tai-Luke whispered excitedly.

"Wait guys, heads up. I heard the lady over there say 'We'd like that Gelert.' Guys, I don't think you'll be being together...." an Eyrie friend of theirs in the next kennel said sadly.

"No! Really? Oh Tai-Luke!" Liza cried out.

"Shh! Shh! You know Tyler, he's the kind of guy to pull someone's leg, ya know? I don't really think he's telling the truth. (I hope.)" Tai-Luke said, adding "I hope" in a whisper. But, the horrible truth came, that they only WERE taking Liza. On the walk home, the lady whose name was Joanna and her daughter who's name was Lexis, were extra nice to Liza.

"Oh! You will most love our house. Nice house it is! You will also have a cute little Wocky. Soft pet. Soft!" Said the little girl excitedly. Then she reached out and stroked her hand along Liza's back.

"Your fur is so soft!" She squealed.

"It is? Oh. Thank you! Do you like the colour?" Liza said.

"What is it's colour?" The little girl asked. Liza looked confused. "Oh yes! Liza, our little Lexis is blind," Joanna said.

"Oh! Oh... my colour is yellow," Liza said.

When they got home, Liza asked Joanna, "How would Lexis know what yellow looked like?"

"Well," Joanna said with a sigh. "Lexis is six-years-old. When she was four, she always had blurry eyesight, and her eyes finally failed, and now she is blind. But at least till she was four did she see the world 'round her. But, you know, she never saw the Neopian World, which is quite sad. But I told her to picture Wockys as fat foxes, and I will tell her your mostly a dog with very long ears."

"What's a dog, and what's a fox?" Liza asked.

"Well, see, this is a Neopia and erm... we kind of... oh, it's so hard to explain. Oh, do you mind helping Miranda baby-sit Lexis? I have to go to work," Joanna replied.

"Where do you work?" Liza asked.

"A part time job at the Neopian Hospital," Joanna said and rushed out the door. Then came around the corner a Fire Wocky.

"Hey. You must be the new pet," said the Wocky, seeming very happy (OK, very happy I meant sarcastically). "You got a name?" And he nodded at her.

"Uh, Elizabeth. My brother Tai-Luke called me Liza, I like that better," Liza said awkwardly.

"Yeah... I'm Miranda. I'm a tomboy, I need to tell everyone that," said Miranda the Wocky. "My father, before he erm... skipped town when I was two (I'm four now) tried to get me to do.... Yuck.... The beauty contest. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bad boy (or should I say girl) type. Yo, Lexis, I'll read to you. Elizabeth, if you want to help me, you can get her favourite book: All About Water Faeries." Liza's dream of a wonderful family died out when Miranda turned and walked away.

About maybe a month past, and Miranda and Liza seemed to get along just fine although they still were exactly friend-like. Joanna's 'part time' turned into 'full time' at the hospital, and Liza and Miranda had to keep baby-sitting Lexis. One awfully rainy night, there was a terrible accident involving two brother Chias badly injured biking, thirty-two NeoPets and eight owners in a bus injured, and how it happened is two terrible to describe. Anyway, Joanna had to work way overtime. Liza moaned inside herself, but Miranda (besides being with her 'new' sibling) loved it.

"Oh, OK then. Hope your safe mum! Come on, Lexis, let's go listen to some Country Music in my room," she said.

"Yes, I do hope your safe Joanna!" Liza called to Joanna while she was getting in her car. "Please, Liza! Call me mum, your free to. Your officially my new pet," Joanna called back and drove away. Miranda rolled her eyes, and it was lucky Liza didn't see this as it would have crushed Liza. Then Liza went to follow Miranda and Lexis upstairs to Miranda's room.

"Liza, who was Tea-Luck?" Lexis asked while Miranda was waiting for Liza to bring over another book for her to read to Lexis. Miranda seemed very annoyed and offended for some strange reason.

"It's actually Tai-Luke," Liza said with a giggle. "He was my only friend. My owner was quite the meany. It was so much worse then the pound. Actually, I liked the pound. My old home was my prison. Tai-Luke tried to cheer me up when Tye was mean to me, because he WAS roughest on me. Also--"

"Yes, I bet that's all wonderful and cheery but please, get the book!" Miranda interrupted. From then on, Miranda they didn't get along so well. They were actually quite--yes--hostile. Whenever Liza tried to tell a story of her old wretched life, Miranda would interrupt with a "Wait! Please pass the (what food she wanted passed)!" or "Ooh ooh! Mom, I was reading the book reviews in the Neopian Times, and it said if we wanted this one book we oughta be fast!" or "Oh, don't mind me I must use the bathroom!" or any other occasional excuses. Well, one night during dinner, Joanna asked,

"Oh, Liza, you never really say much on Tai-Luke, your old brother. Maybe sometime, would you like to visit him? I maybe could phone him."

"Oh yes, I'd quite enjoy a visit," Liza burst out. "Well, Tai-Luke didn't spend SO much time with me. Tye usually kept us locked up in the bathroom, he complained we were quite loud. But, every chance he got, he'd say 'Someday, sis, we'll be out of here, on with a new family we'll enjoy, we won't be locked in a bathroom all day!' to me because he knew how scared I was. I was quite fragile. He'd also say sometimes he remembered a laugh or two, a nice read, or something with Tye when he was just maybe one month old, then some bad things happened... he doesn't know what, but anyway. I love Tai-Luke very much," Liza sighed, remembering the last exciting thing to happen in her year of life, when Tai-Luke whispered excitedly to her: "Look! Elizabeth! I think we're getting a new home!".

It was set that at the mall, on Saturday night, they'd go meet Tai-Luke. So, Saturday came. They we're then walking on the sidewalk, getting closer and closer to the mall.

"Hey! Jo! Come a second, can I speak to you about an appointment with the doctor for Alicia?" Called a patients owner to Joanna suddenly.

"Uh, sure Alec! Be right there! Hey kids, please stay here a moment, I need to talk with that man over there," Joanna said and ran over across the street.

"Oh-no! My ball!!!!" Said Lexis, running in the street where she thought her ball was were she had dropped it (although she couldn't see, you know). A bus was coming, it was in the night, and the driver dropped a doughnut and bent down quickly to get it. But during the time when he got the doughnut, he came to the point in front of Lexis where his bumper was blocking her from his view. He was still about five feet away from her. Miranda went to go buy something to eat, everyone was inside shops or not noticing, and Joanna was of course speaking to the man. Lexis was of course blind, and tripped on her skirt when she had heard the bus coming! This only left one hero: Elizabeth the Gelert.

"Here it goes!" Liza thought to herself as she jumped just in time to roll Lexis away from safety: but it was still bad, as Liza had got run over.

"Is she all right? Is she! Tell me my baby sister's all right!" Cried Tai-Luke over and over in the hospital room.

"Uh... it's not that likely for her to make it, but you know it's still got a chance!" The Gelert doctor said. "You know, Mister Luke, I remember a year ago when your sister was born. You were what? A year old?"

"Yes, that's all fine and dandy she was born, is she gonna stay for another birthday?" Tai-Luke replied anxiously.

"What did I say? I do love for her to pull through, but I've said, she definitely may not make it," the doctor said also anxiously. Like, a week maybe past when in I think erm... the third or fourth page in The Neopian Times, a headline in there read "GELERT SAVES BLIND CHILD". She got many many a flowers a day, and get well cards too. But, she was not doing great. One mystical night, it was incredibly warm and smelled of flowers and chocolate and lemons, all mixed in a wonderful fragrance, and Liza's door was left wide open. The late-night working Elephante nurse had a cart she was driving by, with a Fire Faerie, Light Faerie, and some medicines. When the Elephante's cart came by Liza's door, the Light Faerie rolled off of the bottom, and into Liza's room. The nurse was whistling and listening to Yes Boy Ice-cream and too busy to notice the Light Faerie had fallen out. It also had cracked, and the Light Faerie broke the crack big enough for her to crawl out. Thinking the nurse had purposely made her fall, and seeing the nurse was not here, she'd bless Liza. She flew up onto Liza's almost limp body. She could feel Liza's sick pains as if it were also her pains, she wanted to heal Liza then.

The next morning, everyone gathered around Liza for the start of visiting hours. They were all surprised when Liza popped open her eyes and asked, "What's going on?"

The doctor examined Liza. "Why, my word! Your in your usual tiptop good shape!" He exclaimed. Tai-Luke then swung his arms around Liza's neck and hugged so hard.

"Tai-Luke? Tai-Luke? By my yardstick ears, it's YOU! Wait, you've been literally fired! You've been painted!" Liza exclaimed happily.

"My gosh! Miranda, Lexis, this is terrific isn't it!" Joanna said.

"You saved me so good, Lizabeth!" Lexis squealed.

"Yeah? I'll tell you what's 'terrific'!" Miranda said frowning. Then smiled and said, "You fulfilled your Gelert name and saved your owner's child. Sorry for ignoring you and all, you saved one of my best friends."

"Thanks Miranda," Liza said. "Don't judge anyone for who they are, I never did to you!" And with that the two started giggling.

Tai-Luke told them all on the bus ride home about his wonderful owner. His owner had a golden Aisha, and he had millions of Neopoints. He wanted the most abused pet in the pound to make happy, he found him, and bought a fire paint brush for him, and maybe a month later, Lexis, Miranda, Liza, and Joanna moved right next door to Donovan (Tai-Luke's new owner), Fresca (the golden Aisha), Mount Coconut Pie (the cloud Kadoatie of Fresca), and Dixie Pie (Tai-Luke's new Halloween Warf). They often did things together, and forever more very happy.

The End

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