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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Short Stories > The Chia Lupe

The Chia Lupe

by gentle_lil_queen

Malist woke up as a new-born Lupe pup. He was blue and had a yellow birthmark shaped as a Chia. He looked at his father Chanalmist and his mother Recalis. Chanalmist smiled. "He is perfect. The perfect Chia hunter!"

Three Weeks Later...

Malist was darting off into the forest. Recalis had something to show him and told him to meet her in Chia forest. Recalis was ten miles away so Malist had to run far far away. Along the way, Recalis saw a butterfly and suddenly wanted to chase it. He ran off trying to catch the butterfly. Finally, he gave up and ate a type of fruit nearby.

Malist looked around and only saw empty empty forest. He had lost his way. He whimpered and wandered off deeper into the forest. Suddenly, Whack! Malist was unconscious.

Malist opened his eyes three hours later. He looked around and saw a Chia tribe with the leader and three guards looking an evil look at him.

"Ah!" shouted the leader. "Another baby Lupe! They start them off young and turn them into ferocious hunters!"

"Huh?" said Malist Questionably.

"Lupes hunt us Chias! We can't have the population grow! We must get rid of all Lupes! And fast!!!!"

Malist whimpered in fear. He knew exactly what was going to happen next. Malist was being carried toward a blazing bonfire. A baby Chia looked at him in the eye with a sad look. Then he saw the birthmark and his eyes bulged. He ran from his mother's grasp and stood in front of the bonfire blocking the way.

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOO!" he cried. "Don't you see the birthmark? Don't you see he is the one that hates Chias? Don't you see?"

The leader check the Lupe and indeed. He did find the birthmark.

"My!" he said. "You're right, young Chia! Change of plans! We have to keep this one alive and hidden!"

"You mean..." Malist started. "I won't see my mother again?"

The leader stared at Malist. "Yes."

Malist whimpered in disbelief, but inside he knew. It was true. His parents were wrong. He would not be a fine Chia hunter. He would be a fine Chia lover.

Three Weeks Later...

Malist was playing with Poncil, his friend that saved him from the bonfire.

"Hey Poncil!" said Malist.

"What?" said Poncil.

"About the bonfire."



"No problem."

They tumbled on each other until they fell into a pit.

"AAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!" They both screamed until they hit the ground.

They woke up ten minutes later. This time they were surrounded by Lupes.

"Ah!" the leader Lupe said. "A Chia AND a Lupe! What a surprise! Looks like they were fighting each other and fell into our trap!"

"No!" said Malist.

"You don't understand!" said Poncil.

"If you are having trouble young Lupe," said the leader. "Let the battle begin!" He shoved them both into the arena and shut the door tight.

"Oh no!" said Malist.

"What are we going to do?" Asked Poncil.

"I don't know."

"Well you should. You're a Lupe."

"Part of a pack. Ever since I met you, I won't let myself eat a Chia. Don't they see the birthmark?"

"Probably not."


"Whatever you do..." said Poncil, "Don't fight."

"My heart is not made for fighting Chias."

Finally, the crowd got impatient and fell asleep. Malist and Poncil found a loose stone, and pushed it open putting them in a deep tunnel. Poncil got onto Malist's back and ran through the tunnel but after three miles of running, Malist ran right into another Lupe. Malist looked up at the Lupe's eyes and then he knew. He was face to face with his mother.

"Malist!" shouted Recalis. "I don't believe it! I thought you were--"

"No mum," said Malist, motioning Poncil to hide behind him. Unfortunately, Recalis noticed.

"What are you hiding?"

"Erm... nothing."

"Let me see!"

"No!" But it was too late.

After five minutes of Malist unsuccessfully trying to explain, they went off running with Recalis chasing them.

"You were never my son!" shouted Recalis.

After eight miles, they approached a dead end. Recalis cackled and shouted, "I shall be the only one in the family alive!"

"Wait a minute!" Malist shouted. "You mean my father was destroyed?"

"And so was your sister and brother who were doing a fine time until they were captured! I got rid of the that terrible Chia tribe!"



"No, no... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Its too late! Goodbye Malist!!!!!!!" She leaped and suddenly, everything went black.

Malist woke up about nine hours later. He was being carried by Recalis. He looked and saw yellow fur across her chin. A burning pain came in Malist's heart. Poncil became a little snack. A tear went down his cheek as Malist was dropped into the water. Malist suddenly felt himself shrinking and turning into a baby Lupe. Recalis picked up Malist out of the water when Malist turned one second old.

Malist was one hour old in age by the time Recalis got him to the Create-A-Pet station. Malist realised that he would not be wild anymore.


Malist was sitting on the carpeted floor filled with other Lupes. He saw one finishing a shower. He saw another chewing on a Chia punching bag. He saw another sitting alone near the door on the cold hard side of the floor crying. Malist walked over to him and asked very kindly, "What's wrong?"

"Oh," replied the baby Lupe. I was captured by a Chia tribe and adapted to them. Then they were destroyed and I was alone. I wandered in the forest alone until I fell asleep. I woke up and and everybody called me Chia Lover! Now that's my nickname instead of my real name which is Rose," she started crying harder.

"The same thing happened to me," said Malist. "Except I had made a friend."

"Wait a minute!" shouted Rose. "Are you telling me you lost your friend and your own mother made you younger and put you here and that you were supposed to be wild?"


Both of them started hanging around together and when the torn Chia punchbag was free, they cuddled near it and made sure no one hurt it. One day, they were doing that when a small girl with a Bruce and a Chia came in. "Aw... they are SOO cute! We must have one or two that DOESN'T harm Chias or we will have to give our cutie Plisel away!"

She looked around and just couldn't decide! She didn't see Rose or Malist. She saw every Lupe ripping up Chias and doing plays where there is a part where a Chia is tormented. The girl was about to give up when a yellow Lupe was tearing up her nice Chia pants. She kicked him away and fell to the ground and noticed both Rose and Malist was being pushed away by very mean Lupes. Rose and Malist growled at them to get away but soon they were pushed toward the hard cold side of the ground. They whimpered and sat down head low.

"I guess I just feel sorry for them," the girl said. The girl walked over and picked up Rose and Malist. She took them out of the room and asked for their names. Then she walked out of the Create-A-Pet station. Both Rose and Malist were now hers.

"By the way," said Malist when they walked out. "What's your name?"


"Somehow you remind me of my long lost Chia friend Poncil."

"I do?"

"Yeah. You have the same name," Malist cuddled up against Poncil.

Poncil smiled. "Come with me! I have a present for you!"

When they got home, Rose and Malist went toward the two presents. One for Rose, one for Malist. They ripped it open. Rose got a picture of a Chia and Lupe pack working together to make Neopia a better place. Malist got a picture of a Lupe pup and a baby Chia.

They all lived as wealthy and happy Lupes. In the future, they were the Chia protectors. They traveled all around Neopia showing their peace to Chias. Yet they still have the pain of the past they lived through with Rose losing her Chia tribes to the Lupes and Malist losing his best best friend.

The End

A note from the author: All of these characters are made up. There are no pets are usernames named poncil and Malist. They came from the top of my head. Rose is just a name that I just LOVE. And tribes, you guessed it, made up. I hope you enjoyed my story. Neomail me for compliments :)

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