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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Articles > Is the Hungry Skeith to Blame for Neopian Pollution?

Is the Hungry Skeith to Blame for Neopian Pollution?

by nattieneos

The Idea
Throughout the last few days, I've seen many pets flocking to play Neopia's Newest game - Jelly Processing Plant. Yesterday, I decided to follow them, and to my dismay when I arrived at the factory, I was disappointed to find a dusty old building with the large chimneys all releasing a musty grey smoke. After wandering around the factory's grounds, I found ponds full of dirty water, a polluted river and a deserted stream. It was then that I came to my conclusion. The Hungry Skeith was causing damage to the lovely Neopian world that millions of NeoPets live in.

After I returned back to my NeoHome, I asked my Shoyru, LoriaGirl what she thought. Loria is very ambitious and intelligant, having studied lots. She's already entered the beauty contest, help me win the Mystery Pic (twice!) and wrote for the Neopian times, so I decided she was a pretty good person to ask. Once I asked her whether she thought the Hungry Skeith was bad, she came up with an instant answer.

"Ask him about it!"

I wondered why I hadn't thought of that, and made my way back to the processing plant.

Something Very Mysterious
Shoving my way past a group of Kacheeks, I made my way to the giant Skeith himself. Watching him eat was not really pleasent, so i fixed my attention onto one of the foreman buzz's. He was a fast mover and obviously did his job very well. After about 10 minutes, he stopped sorting out jelly and called to another buzz, beckoning for him to take over. Deciding the Buzz may also be a good source of information, I bustled over to him.

"Hey there," I said.

He turned and smiled. "Hi. Who're you?" he replied.

"Me? I'm nattieneos, reporting today on behalf of The Neopian Times. I hope to find some information today on the subject of the processing plant. Would you consider helping me? Who are you?"

The Buzz looked please and slightly shocked. "You wanna speak to me? I'm Jim. Cool, c'mon lets go over here." He pointed over to a pile of empty jelly crates. "So, you're a Neopian Times reporter? Well, what d'you wanna know?"

I guessed he didn't get out much. "Well, I need to find out about the proccessing plant and how it works. Does the plant damage the enviroment in anyway?" I asked, getting straight to the point.

Jim paused, opened his mouth and then shut it again. "Well, you see... I'm not really supposed to answer that, but I'll ask the giant Skeith what he thinks... for the good of the public."

Jim stood up and called the Skeith over.

The Interview
The Skeith upon hearing his name looked up. Jim walked over to him and they began talking rapidly. Soon, they both came over. Then Jim spoke. "Nat... me and Skeithy here, well, we think we should tell you why the place around here isn't the best it could be." He gulped and looked at the Hungry Skeith.

Then the big beast spoke. "You see, this place wasn't always a factory. It used to be a secret hideout for the worst criminals in Neopia, including the Bug Brothers, the Pant Devil, the Grundo leader and... Sloth." Skeithy paused. "However, the greedy theives weren't that clever. The hideout was soon discovered, and the criminals had to run for it as the Chia Police were after them.... however, before Sloth left he cast a spell on this place. The spell is very strong, and the place upon which it has been cast is destined to be a dirty, horrible place. I suppose that really is what it has become." Skeithy stopped, his face downcast and miserable.

Jim spoke up. "I've yet to find someone who can break a spell this strong."

"Really?" I replied. "I might know someone though!"

Loria Steps In!
"Hmmm... this is advanced magic," Loria muttered to no one in particular.

As I was used to her frenzied mutterings when she was concentrating, I left her to study, and turned to Skeithy and Jim, outlining Loria's plan.

"If she can find enough power, she may be able to break the spell. I hope she's strong enough."

Half an hour passed and Loria came over to me. "I'm ready... I think," she told me.

"Okay," I replied.

"Go for it!" Loria stepped forward, her face pale. Pulling out her Attack Fork, she stuck it into the ground before begining to wail an eerie chant. The fork began to hum like a tuning fork, until it vibrated so hard the fork sprang out of the ground. Loria caught it with one hand, and turned to us, smiling broadly. "I've done it. The spell's broken now. Just get a gardener around here, and we'll be done."

After saying this, she smiled and exited the factory, flew off into the blue Neopia Sky.

"Wow," I muttered to myself. "What a kid...."

Author's note: So there you have it, you know how the factory became a nicer place. As for Jim and Skeithy, they've walked very hard on the garden and now Skeithy's more hungry than ever!

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