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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 29 > Continuing Series > Does Free Will Matter That Much? Part Two

Does Free Will Matter That Much? Part Two

by shattaga

The Captures and The Revealing
A close popping noise startled them all, and they whipped around to see a purple Cybunny, another Shoyru, and a Krawk pop into existence. They looked as shocked and confused as they were.

"This place is weird," the Cybunny squeaked. "I wanna go home."

More popping noises echoed around the island as more pets appeared. The pets stopped coming after a minute or two, but there were hundreds all the same. Suddenly, with a ripping sound, a large white ball appeared in the middle of the hoard. The ball glowed with a grey light, and flitting around inside of it, were images of screaming NeoPets of all types. The purple Cybunny crept toward the orb, sniffing the air around it. An image played itself in Shalecasha's mind, and she screamed, "Get away from it! Don't touch the ball!"

The Cybunny poked the ball, and a mini explosion seemed to take place. Grey light flooded over the beach, knocking pets this way and that. Light washed over Starry, Scith and Shalecasha, giving their coats a grey tinge. Immediately after, almost every pet screamed and dropped to the ground, clutching their heads with the pain of another being in their minds. Starry rushed to his friends' aid, feeling absolutely nothing himself, and crouched down next to Scith, who was, by now, beside himself with the pain of forcing away the thing that was eating away at his willpower.

"Scith?! What's wrong? Why is everybody screaming?"

"My... head! Something's... trying to... take my will!" Scith screeched.

Starry looked up from his suffering friend and looked out at the mass of NeoPets. White wisps of some vapour were being sucked into the white ball in the centre. And each time a wisp of vapour entered the ball, another image of a screaming pet appeared inside. Starry looked on the scene with round eyes and a gaping mouth.

"The white stuff... it's their wills. Someone is taking his or her will power. That means they could..."

He turned to Scith, who was still screaming. Starry could see a white strand of will gathering around Scith's head, so he began to get desperate.

"Scith, what's my name?"


"What is my species called?"


Starry could see the will going into Scith's head, and Scith slowly got up, holding his head as the pain subsided.

"Now what are we going to do?" Scith said.

A sound behind them made their bodies freeze. A snarling sound issued behind them getting louder and louder each second. They both turned their heads and there was Shalecasha, snarling and growling, creeping up behind them, holding her favourite fire sword. Her entire body was glowing with a grey-black luminescence, and stood out in the brown light of the sun, and her eyes shone with a red light all of their own. Behind her, every other pet was walking in straight lines like a grotesque army. All of them had a grey glow to them. She raised her sword, growled loudly, and the masses came to a halt. Growling and snarling, she threw herself at Starry, fire sword on the offence. Starry countered with his Ice Scimitar, but barely. Scith, seeing his buddy in need of aid, swung his Attack Fork and smacked Shalecasha square on the forehead. She blinked for a minute, shook her head, and snarled even louder.

"And Warhamer told me to give her a Codestone! And this is the result!" Again she rushed Starry, slashing wildly with the fiery blade. She knocked him on his back, and tried for the hit. Scith was hitting Shalecasha time after time with the Attack Fork, but it didn't seem to even phase the Shoyru Terrified, Starry, with wide eyes, whispered: "Shalecasha... don't hurt me... please..." A spasm seemed to overtake her. She stood up, grabbed her head and screamed: "It is impossible for a mind to overtake the demon once it is inside! You cannot win! Especially over a Shoyru like that!" Shalecasha kept screaming nonsense, trying to free her mind of the demon inside. A vapour escaped from the ball and entered her head. She let out a final scream and dropped to the ground. Shalecasha slowly stood up, shaking from the previous experience.

"Thanks guys," she said.


A whirring sound behind them once again made them turn around. "Oh now what?!" Scith said, whipping his head around. A portal was opening up, and the sphere began to slide toward the hole in the air. The group stared at it, The whole of the masses stared at it. Starry took a wet snowball and threw it into the portal. One splat and a huge roar later, a figure of an upright Kougra appeared in the portal. "I think someone's coming through," Scith said.

And out popped Fortilius and Lendolin. Lendolin swept his hand toward the ball, and ZZIIIIP... it came into his hand. It hovered there, like an orb of constantly playing horror movies. With the orb in his hand, the black hooded cloak, and the teeth poking out from under his upper lip, he truly looked like the tyrant he was. Starry, Scith, and Shalecasha backed away from Lendolin, holding their weapons at the ready. He looked out at the masses of enslaved pets and smiled wickedly. Then he looked at the group of free Shoyrus, standing there like a strange imitation of a military rank.

"Well," he chuckled, looking at the three Shoyrus with amusement and mock fear. Fortilius hid behind the upright Kougra, peeping out at the scene every once in a while. "It seems that not all of the chosen fighters have come under my will." He made a mock bow to them. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lendolin, ruler of all lands under the brown sun, and soon." He gestured with a clawed paw. "With this great army, I will rule all who live under the yellow sun as well." His dark yellow eyes bored holes in Starry, frightening him to the point of dropping his weapon. Lendolin frowned. "I expected your resistance to the Will Stealer, but this is something of a twist." He turned his gaze to Shalecasha, who shook with fear from the penetrating stare. "I figured you would be the last to fall to my wills. Your kindness and love for your friends would keep you from the Will Stealer for sometime." He shook his head, tut-tuting the entire time. "Shalecasha, you disappoint me."

"You keep away from them. What do want with them, they haven't done anything," she said to the cloaked menace, each word quivering as it came out.

"Simple, my dear," he said, smiling at the shaking shadowed Shoyru, his words oily and comforting. "I sought out the most evil hearted Neopians. They had to be strong, a battling type of pet, the kind of pet who couldn't resist the idea of a faraway tournament with a priceless items as its grand prizes." Starry and Scith listened to all this, realising that they all had fallen right into his plan. Lendolin was right, Scith thought, We did go right for the idea like a Chia with a cookie. Suddenly, Lendolin shot out and grabbed Starry around the middle, and stepped toward the still open portal hole. "What are you doing?! Where are you taking him?!" Shalecasha charged Lendolin, Fire Sword held high. Lendolin, almost lazily, still hold the struggling Starry, reached into his cloak and pulled out a dagger. Black poison glinted at its tip. He threw it, the blade hitting its target. Lendolin stopped to watch his opponent, and Starry went limp with horror. Shalecasha stopped, and as if in a dream.

"Oh, meep it..."

"Shalecasha! Shalecasha!" Starry cried. He turned to his captor, well, his ribs anyway. "You stupid cat! Let me go!" And he struggled even harder. Lendolin looked upon this scene with amusement, and laughed at the wiggling Shoyru under him arm. "Now, to what I originally planned, to empty the light from your heart and turn you to our cause!" Scith watched all this, and went completely insane. He threw his Attack Fork at Lendolin. The cloaked Kougra raised his hand, and the weapon stopped, turned, and flew in the opposite direction at Scith. He shouted, and was knock unconscious as the fork struck him in the forehead. With that, Lendolin laughed once more, and jumped into the portal, leaving the injured Shalecasha and the stunned Scith in his wake.

To be continued...

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