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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 29 > New Series > Kauvara


by my_dog_is_named_sam

My name is Kauvara. Of course, you all know me. I am that little blue Kau with the witch hat who sells morphing potions. You can see my shop in Neopia Central, if you have no seen it before.

My life seems dull and boring, but it is really not. There is more to me then selling potions and collecting Arbiter Berries. I have some very amazing adventures. One of them in particular I need to tell everyone about. It is a story that I shall never forget, and I hope you won't either.

It was on a rainy day when I called my best friend, Zoe. It was almost closing time, and not a single NeoPet walked in that day. The storm outside was supposedly the worst that Neopia had ever had, or at least the weatherman on the news said that (but you can't be too sure if he is accurate or not).

The wind howled outside the door. I wouldn't be surprised if a Chia was swept with it. Lighting flashed and thunder crashed, and the rain poured down in gigantic droplets. With my shell phone in one golden hoof, I dialed Zoe quickly.

Zoe was my best friend in the days of magic school. She was an extremely intelligent Elephante, with pretty pink skin and a beautifully white smile. However, despite her looks and smarts, she was not the most popular one in school. I was not popular either. My studies kept me away from that sort of thing. Both of us, not having the high social studies, became great friends. During graduation, we went out separate ways. I came to work at a magic shop, and Zoe went off to Mystery Island to work with witch doctors. Still, we kept close in touch with Neomail and phones.

"Hi, Zoe?" I said to the shell phone. There was a short pause, then Zoe's loud voice boomed to my ear, rattling my brain.

"OH, HI KAUVARA!" she called excitedly.

"Hi!" I said again, scratching my ear.

"What's going on? Haven't heard you in a while!" said Zoe happily.

"I have been busy with the shop! However, not a single sale today," I sighed, looking out the window for any sign of a customer.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Zoe soothingly. "Tomorrow will be better."

"I don't know if I want to stay here tomorrow," I said sadly. "I need to go on holiday. . . a very long holiday!"

"Ah! The stress of working a store does take its toll eventually," snickered Zoe. "Where do you plan on going?"

I scratched my back. A crash of thunder rattled the shop, almost knocking down a shelf of potions. Thankfully, it steadied.

"Somewhere without storms!" I said immediately. "Maybe I should go to Terror Mountain."

"Terror Mountain? Are you kidding? Normal people want to go somewhere hot!" laughed Zoe, on the other end of the phone.

"Okay... Tyrannia then," I said. "That place is hot, right? I mean, it has to be hot if it has volcanoes!"

"Tyrannia? Good luck! That place is sooooo primitive that they don't even know about fast food yet!" snorted Zoe, slightly annoyed.

"Mystery Island?" I questioned.

"BRILLIANT! Come to Mystery Island! Get your sister to watch the shop, and we both can have a ball! We can relax on the beach, swim in the ocean, and maybe even try its new foods!" shouted Zoe excitedly.

"Okay!" I said, getting caught up in the excitement as well. "Let me call Allita to watch the shop. I will pack my bags tonight and take a plane tomorrow morning! Gosh, this will be great!"

Little did I know that this would be a big mistake.


I arrived at Mystery Island the next day. When I stepped off the plane, my briefcase tied onto my back, the sun immediately sizzled me and I suddenly wished that I had a glass of lemonade. I never was in a place so tropical! Yes, Roo Island (where I collect my berries) has a couple of palm trees, but never as many as Mystery Island.

Palm trees and other tropical plans dotted the entire landscape. Blue lakes of pure water were all over the area. I saw huge Tiki stones tower over buildings. I even saw a Coconut pass by, a spear in his hand, chanting in a strange language.

I met Zoe outside the airport. She wasn't easy to miss. The big, pink Elephante wave her trunk in hysteria and hopped up and down to get my attention. I ran up to her and shook her trunk.

We went over to her hut and changed into our bathing suits. Her hut is very small, and is made nothing more then dried grass and palm tree bark. I was surprised that such a thing could withstand the wind, but Zoe assured me that these huts were stronger then some brick houses.

I changed into my sky blue, one-piece bathing suit, while Zoe went into her yellow bikini.

"Tell me, Kauvara," she asked after putting it on. "Do I look fat in this?"

"Zoe, you are an Elephante! You look fat in anything," I chuckled. We both laughed. That what I like about Zoe: she isn't oversensitive and is willing to joke about herself at any time.

I dialed the numbers on my shell phone and called Allita. My sister picked up the phone.

"Hi Allita! How's the shop?" I asked cheerfully.

"Fine! I even made a sale today," replied my sister. She sounded just as cheerful.

"Really, to whom?"

"A little Aisha. She got an Yellow Acara Potion for fifty NP!" replied Allita gleefully.

"WHAT!" I screamed. "You don't sell potions for that much? Are you insane? How am I supposed to support myself on fifty NP?"

"Well," said Allita in her snobby voice. "I made a little Aisha happy today, and that is worth a million NP!"

I hung up the phone. Allita was a weird sibling. She was too much of a good citizen, and would donate an item to the Money Tree everyday, and give passer-by NeoPets a lot of NP. Some day, someone is going to take advantage over Allita. Still, she was a very kind, and that I liked about her.

Zoe was already outside, basking on the beach. I trotted into the sunlight, and took a deep breath of the fresh air. This is what I needed! No more work! Just relaxation and the beach!

That was when I felt something under a hoof. I picked up my left front hoof, and saw a piece of paper sticking out of the white sand. With my teeth, I pulled out the scrap of parchment, and looked at it.

It was a map!

"Hey, Zoe! C'mere her for a second," I called over to my friend. With her tiny wings, Zoe flapped over to where I stood, and looked at the map.

"Good work, Kauvara!" Zoe said, slapping me on the back with her trunk. "You have just found a rare item! How much do you think its worth?"

"I don't know," I said in awe. "Probably a zillion NP! Look at the markings."

The map was old and worn. There were rips along the edges. It was a map of Mystery Island. A dotted line zigzagged through the middle, and ended at a large X that was near the Island Mystic.

"Instead of selling it," I said slowly. "Let's use it!"

"Use it for what?" asked Zoe.

"It is obvious that this is a treasure map. Maybe it leads to some rare items... or a box of paint brushes... or maybe more then a zillion NP!" I said excitedly.

"Okay! Let's pack the provisions," said Zoe, running over to her hut. I followed, with the map in my mouth.

That day, I did not get the swim, but it did not matter. I was going to find some treasure!

Meanwhile, little did I know what was happening at the Mystery Island jungle. Three pirates toddled back to the beach. In the front, was a scurvy looking green Pteri. Behind him were a fat blue Bruce, and a red Eyrie.

"Grrr," said Captain Feather the green Pteri. "This be the last time we go to the beach! Tank, you be one bloomin' idiot!"

The blue Bruce blushed with embarrassment. "Sorry boss! Next time I'll sew those holes in my pocket!"

"Last time we trust ye with a map," growled the red Eyrie, named Snapbeak. "Never trust a rare item to a pea-brained blubber-bag!"

"Less talk and more walk!" squawked Captain Feather. "We must get back to the beach and find the map! Who knows who might have it now!"

To be continued...

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