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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 29 > New Series > All Because of a Scarf: Part One

All Because of a Scarf: Part One

by katchi_k

The 24th day in the month of Relaxing, in the year 3 (June 24th, 2001); one of the hottest days in Neopia, I would say. And out of all the bad things that could happen, our air conditioner broke down. It was 41 degrees C and honestly, I'm not used to anything hotter than 0 degrees C (I was born and raised in Terror Mountain); but Neopia is a little different than where I came from. It's different in more than one way, that's for sure; and if you own at least one pet, you'd know what I mean!

So anyway, there we were, all of us: Sana110, the blue Kougra; Monasooee, the green Bruce; Kareem265, the green Peophin; Cheena420, the Christmas Eyrie; my younger sister, Ravenclaw113; Ravenclaw113's blue Shoyru, Balfore and me. Ohh, I forgot about the PetPets… oh well, they were there too!

Ravenclaw113 was sitting on the couch in my living room, getting fanned by Balfore's wings. Kareem265 was constantly mumbling stuff like "if I were in the ocean right now, maybe I wouldn't be so hot!" while Sana110 complained that her new boyfriend, Firecat98, hadn't Neomailed her all day. Cheena420 was being bored by Monasooee's corny jokes and I was in my bedroom on my computer, writing an e-mail to my mum complaining about the weather.

After I sent the e-mail, I got up and walked to the front door to water my plants. I walked out and found a note on my doorstep. I opened it and it read:

Dear Wild_K,

Your shop has just sold out of everything. I suggest you buy some more items with the NP you made for Neopians to come once again.

Yours truly,

Disco Light Faerie, Kiki ~the shopkeeper

And inside the envelope was the Neopoints that I had made from selling the items.

I guess the flowers can wait, it rained a little while ago, that should hold them for another day... I thought to myself as I finished the letter. "Sana110, we're going to the shops now!" I called into my NeoHome. Sana110 came down the small entrance hall and to my side.

We walked to the shops and into the Grooming Parlour to buy what we needed for my shop. We walked in and looked around at the shelves of items and the prices. The Usul shop owner smiled at Sana110 and me as we walked in, she was a cheery pet and was wearing heavy makeup. I was just glad this place was air-conditioned!

I walked to the Northwest end of the shop to look at the nail polish and varnish. There were all sorts of colours; like red, blue, black and purple. I took one of each and then a small puff of flaming smoke caught my eye. It was coming from behind the black nail varnish on the shelf. I quickly moved the varnish bottles to see a small Fire Uber-Faerie standing on the shelf, looking at me. In her hand was a small pile of ashes.

"Hello. I was wondering if you could help me… I seem to have burnt my scarf to a crisp…" The Fire Uber-Faerie started, "I feel you can help me, you appear strong to me…"

"Hey, don't let the clothes be deceiving," I said looking at my green camouflage T-shirt and black cargo pants. The Fire Uber-Faerie just shook her head with disapproval. She placed the ashes of her old scarf into my hand.

"That's not why I have chosen you. You must go out and find me another scarf. If you accept the quest, you must bring the scarf to me and I will reward you greatly, but if you choose not to, then you must tell me so. I will be in Faerieland, waiting. Don't let me down." Before I could say anything in response to the Faerie, she disappeared in a puff of flaming smoke again.

Sana110 walked over to my side, "What was that about?" She asked looking at the small pile of ashes in one of my hands. I just shook my head and walked up to the counter to pay for the items I was holding in my other hand.

I decided to complete the quest, after all, a scarf doesn't cost that much and they're easy to find. I was just about to open the gate to deliver my new stock to my shop when the small Fire Uber-Faerie appeared. She seemed angry about something.

"NO!" She burst, that made all heads turn in my direction, "That's cheating! You cannot go into the Marketplace! You must find this item on your own!" Yet again, just as I was going to say something, she disappeared. I went to open the gate once more, and she appeared a second time, "What did I just say?"

"But I'm not going to look for the item you want! I'm going to deliver these to my shop so people that aren't doing quests can buy from me!" I snapped, "Just because I'm doing a stupid quest doesn't mean you can tell me what I can or cannot do!" I was starting to get a little annoyed with this stupid Faerie and all of her dumb rules.

You aren't allowed past this point, whether you like it or not!" She barked at me. For such a small Faerie, she sure had a big mouth! I stuck my tongue at her and she grabbed it, "You ever heard of the food, Tongue and Veggies?" I nodded in disgust, "Now you know how we make them…"

I shoved the little Faerie away from me and pinned her against the gate wall, "Are you threatening me?" I asked, now everyone in the shops was looking at the Fire Uber-Faerie and me fighting. "I could use that against you. I could tell the Faerie Queen you were threatening to rip out my tongue and serve it with veggies on the side…"

"Please, don't do that! She'll have my head if you do! She believes only evil people could do such a rotten thing, and that's why the witch in the haunted woods does it! You ever heard of the Computer Faerie?" I shook my head no, "That's because she ripped out the tongues of Neopians that bugged her when she was on the Computer… do you know what the Faerie Queen did to her?" Again, I shook my head, "Well, no one does, do they? But yet, she's not around any more, is she?"

I made a snort laugh, "That was stupid." I started to laugh again, "There was no Computer Faerie. I read a lot of Neopia books and it never said anything about her!" I laughed even harder now, "My sister could have come up with something better than that!"

"Ohh, be quiet! So what if I made it all up?" She snapped at me, "I can make you melt with my heat. I know how hot it is out here, and I know you can't stand it one bit!" She smiled at me after I stopped laughing, "Not so funny, now is it?"

"Not really," I replied, looking at her. "But nether is the fact that your pants are starting to flame…" I let go of her neck and let her put out her flaming pants. She was dancing around in the air, making pitiful attempts to extinguish the fire.

"While you are out getting me a scarf, you might as well get me some overalls too. I'll make it worthwhile. Good day to you." She scowled at me and then disappeared yet again in a puff of flaming smoke. Once she was gone, I heard everyone that was watching the fight bust out in laughter, including Sana110 and myself.

To be continued...

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