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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 88 > Articles > How to Make the Perfect Adventure

How to Make the Perfect Adventure

by beau_lis

GAMES ROOM - Move over Magax! Eat your heart out Stan the Kyrii! The Neopian Adventurers are here and now taking over!

This new and exciting game of making your own adventures is now one of the hottest scenes in Neopia. The anticipation rises as many Neopians from all over the world are getting ready to make their own adventure!

The best and maybe the scariest part of this new escapade is that others will have the opportunity to play and even rate your adventure. So how do you go about creating the ultimate adventure that will thrill your players?

Compiled from the top adventures, these are 15 easy steps that you can follow to create the best of the best in Neopian Adventures.

1) Take your time and don’t rush. After speaking with some of the top Neopian Adventurers, I’ve discovered that they had taken their time when creating their adventures. Some have even stated that it had taken them several hours to create theirs. And the general opinion is that it was well worth the effort.

2) Plan out your adventure ahead of time. Do some brainstorming. Create an outline of characters and personalities. Have an idea of what kind of adventure you want. Things like the trading cards and shop keepers are great to use! And sometimes if you get stuck they can give you ideas. Take a look around Neopia and see what incredible things you can find!

3) Take some time to play the other adventures that were created. Notice things about the adventures that you like and dislike. Was it too much writing or to long? Was it not interesting enough? Was it suspenseful or exciting to play? Was it slow going? Was it easy to understand? Was it confusing? Chances are things that you liked about an adventure will be the same things that others will also like about adventures. Take the strengths you find and use them to your advantage.

4) Be creative when designing your adventure. It may seem like an easy plan to take the ideas of plots from movies, books or even other people. However, that is not creating your own adventure. That is taking someone else’s ideas and using them as your own. Remember to do your own thing.

5) Never give up! Sometimes you may lose concentration or you can’t seem to think of an idea. You may even be stuck in a part of your adventure and don’t know where to go from there. Just walk away from it and take a break for a while. When you come back, you will probably have fresh ideas for your adventure.

6) Speak with other creators of adventures. Visit the adventure chat board. Get various opinions from others and share some of your ideas as well. Maybe even let them see some of your work. They can give you a good idea of what they did with their adventures. Plus they can offer you advice and even help you with creating your adventure.

7) Be prepared to have your adventure critiqued. If you ask for feedback, you will get feedback. Remember, none of the feedback, good or bad is personal. But it is an honest attempt to help you better create the perfect adventure.

8) Use ‘emotions’ when you write your adventure. The idea is to involve the player so they are actually ‘feeling’ the adventure. Not just reading about it. Involve such ‘feelings’ as excitement, fear, happiness, relief, anger and others you can think of. A variety of ‘feelings’ can be great. However make sure it’s balanced out so the player doesn’t end up an ‘emotional’ wreck by the end of the story.

9) Elements are also great ways to involve the players. Surprise can be easily created by adding plot twists. Humor is another great element. People love to laugh and it makes them feel good. Having the characters include the players in the plot, (‘you run down the corridor!’ or ‘we all take seats in the library’), is another fun element. Using these elements can be what makes an adventure the most memorable.

10) Make your adventure easy to understand to the adventurer. There are a wide range of ages that will try your adventure. So make it flow smoothly. Try to use shorter sentences and avoid using uncommon or large vocabulary words. Try to avoid using ‘slang’ words. And definitely stay away from anything that can be considered offensive.

11) Keep your writing simple and to the point. Stay with your topic and try not to stray from your ideas. Tangents only serve to cause confusion for the player. Don't have too many open ends to your story at once, they also get confusing. Write one path of the story to a suitable ending point, than write the next one. Descriptions, settings, narration can be helpful in setting up the plot. However too much description can detract from the actual plot and even change the focus of the story.

12) Graphics are another great way to enhance your adventure for the players. The same applies to graphics as they do to your writing. Keep the graphics on topic and make sure they relate to the text on the appropriate pages. You can search the site for interesting and relevant graphics.

13) Proof your adventure for punctuation and grammar. There is nothing more distracting than trying to read through something that has bad spelling or isn’t stated clearly to the adventurer. And stay away from abbreviations or acronyms (g2g, l8r, 4u, etc.).

14) Practice makes perfect! You can always edit your current adventure. Don’t limit yourself. When you create one adventure, test it out. See how it does. Learn from it and when you’re ready, create a new one for the masses to enjoy!

15) Most importantly, have fun creating it. The major difference between a nice adventure and the best of the best is that the creator had fun with it!

Creating your own adventure can be just as exciting as actually playing an adventure! And just think, you can create over and over again! Take a chance and become the best of the best in adventures!

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