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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 67 > Continuing Series > Time Twisters: Part Two

Time Twisters: Part Two

by too_kule

The sun was rising over the rolling hills of Neopia Central. Inside of a small house on Winding Wood Drive three Neopets we waking up. They were orphans, they had no owner. They had to take care of themselves. And believe me, with the power they had at hand, they could.

     "Breakfast!" yelled Millyum from the kitchen. She brought a plate of Hot Cakes from the stove to the table. A baby Chia named Chakeebo and a strawberry Tuskaninny named Deracko walked in. They all sat down at the table to eat.

     "So what are we going to do today? More patrolling?" grumbled Chakeebo.

     "Sorry, but we have no choice. We have these Rings of Time for a reason. We have a responsibility... remember?" Millyum reminded him. She didn't like the idea of patrolling either, it did get sort of boring.

     "Deracko went to the fridge to pour himself some milk. While he was there he flicked on the TV. A special report was being broadcast.

     "Good morning. My name is Maria Blumaroo, reporter for NTV. I have some special news for you. It seems that a Pteri and his Baby Fireball have broken into Edna the Witch's tower into the Haunted Woods! She wasn't in her tower then. Edna returned and saw the Pteri inside. She called the Haunted Woods Police Force and they arrived. They are placing the Pteri under siege. The problem is the Pteri is casting spells out of the windows! The officers have to keep away or else they'll be attacked. A Moehog and a Kacheek are currently under examination, they're limbs have been changed to jelly. NTV will keep you updated--" Millyum had just turned off the TV.

     "Guys, come on! We have to go to the Haunted Woods!" Millyum said to them as she ran out of the front door. Chakeebo and Deracko shrugged and followed their Zafara friend out of the door.


The three pets walked up to the yellow Haunted Woods Police Tape. There were officers inside of the tape dodging spells and shooting blasts with their Rainbow Guns through the window.

     "OK, now what are we supposed to do?" asked Chakeebo.

     "We have to gather information. We have to know how long this has been going on for and that kind of stuff to know if we should stop time, go back in time or go forward in time," replied Millyum. She walked up to one of the officers, a Buzz.

     "Excuse me, ma'am. I was wondering how long this has been going on for?"

     "Only about an hour," replied the officer. Millyum walked back to his friends.

     "We should go back in time. We can go back an hour and stop him," Millyum said to the other two.

     "We should freeze time! Then we should go in there and get him!" cried Chakeebo.

     "Chakeebo, have you ever heard there are no easy answers in life? That's an easy answer, which means we shouldn't do that? How about we go in the future, see what happens and come back to tell everybody what not to do," suggested Deracko.

     "Too messy. We should go back!" argued Millyum.

     "I'm telling you, if we just stop time--"

     "Be quiet Chakeebo! I guess we can go back," agreed Deracko. Deracko and Chakeebo (reluctantly) placed their hands on Millyum's shoulders. She moved the ring to her mouth and spoke into it like a microphone.

     "Rewind an hour!"

     Everything turned black except the three pets. They were standing there with their eyes closed for a few seconds until the world of colour came back. It was the Haunted Woods. The sun hadn't come up yet and it was still dark.

     "Come on, we have to be quiet," whispered Deracko. They all snuck up to the tower and they hid behind a bush. They only had to wait five minutes for the Pteri and his Baby Fireball to come up.

     "Come on Flamzo. I know we had that NP stolen but we can get it back! Don't worry I'd never sell you. We can buy our NeoHome back anyway...let's do one of Enda's quests," said the Pteri. Chakeebo, Millyum and Deracko all exchanged sad looks they waited for him to notice the witch wasn't there. "Not there! I can't stand this! First the Pant Devil steals all of our Neopoints and now Edna's not here! I can't stand it!" exclaimed the Pteri. He barged into the tower and shut the door behind him.

     "I sort of feel sorry for that guy..." muttered Chakeebo.

     "Come on, this doesn't change anything! We know what he's going to do, and we must stop him!" cried Millyum. She ran up the tower steps followed by Deracko and Chakeebo.

     "Freeze!" cried Millyum. She was getting ready to hit the Pteri with an ability of hers when the Pteri hit her with a blast from the magic wand and the others with a blast of a magic wand.


"Wha...?" mumbled Millyum. She awoke on the ground with her friends beside her. They were still unconscious. She looked around. Her eyes moved over to a clock on the had been another hour! The hour they saved by going back in time had been wasted! She looked around. The Pteri and his Baby Fireball weren't anywhere. The wand was hovering in front of the window casting random spells.

     "He must have put a spell on the wand," said Deracko. Millyum looked over to see her friends had awoken.

     "Now what do we do?" asked Chakeebo. Their legs must have been cursed so they couldn't move.

     "We should go back in time again!" suggested Deracko. This got Chakeebo mad. He got his silver ring close to his mouth and he spoke.


     Everything froze. That was everything besides Chakeebo. He dragged himself across the wooden floor. He saw the Baby Fireball guarding them. He dragged himself even further across the floor. The Pteri was sitting in a chair studying a spell book. Chakeebo grabbed to book from him and looked through it. He grabbed some power and tossed it onto the wand. It clattered onto the ground. With it he zapped himself and his friends. Their legs worked. Using the wand and the book Chakeebo tied the Pteri up and put a sleeping spell on the Baby Fireball that would take affect when normal time returned. He opened the door to the tower and walked back to where his friends were.


     Everything began moving again. The Pteri started yelling and the Baby Fireball started snoring. Chakeebo's friends looked at each other confused.

     "Sometimes the easy answer is the right answer," taunted Chakeebo. The Police ran in and arrested the Pteri.

     "Good job Chakeebo!" congratulated Deracko.

     "Another job well done."

To be continued...

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